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Title: Prophecy
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe

Warnings: AU, probable OOC, not much else yet

Disclaimer: *draws line* this is my half of the fic and that's your half... you stay on your side and we should get along just fine

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The forest's murky interior is a welcome relief from the harsh summer sun, the high canopy of leaves blanketing the area with shadows. A thin trail, barely visible to an untrained eye, winds its way amid towering trunks and leafy undergrowth. It is this path that I follow. Who am "I"? I would like the answer to that question as well.

I remember only three things from my pre-wandering days. My name, my age, and my prophecy. I can't remember my family, my childhood, or even my home world.

And so I wander as my prophecy foretold. I know I'm searching for something, but having no memories makes this search clouded and frustrating. Perhaps I'm trying to return to my world but there are just too many planets with too many civilizations. My life has no meaning. I have no one and those people that I do meet are destined to never remember me.

This planet seems familiar, but so does every other planet that has evolved trees. This forest is the last place I'll visit on this world. I have found nothing here that makes me want to stay, so I'll find transport tomorrow. Though tonight I plan on sleeping under this natural canopy. It is here, in forests like this one, that I find peace.

There is a break in the trees ahead that allows in the brilliancy of sunlight. The star fuelling this planet is closer than most habitable worlds, making this place unique and bright at the same time.

I come to the clearing, stopping to remove the pack from my aching shoulders and dump it on the ground. I long to remove my thick clothing but my unprotected skin would be fair game for a wicked sunburn. I plop to the grass and stretch the kinks out of my legs, watching the shadows dance as the wind picks up. One shadow in particular catches my attention. There's something off about it. I squint and look harder.

I almost put it off as a trick of my imagination until I realize that it's looking back at me. A shadow with eyes. I turn away my gaze and pretend as though nothing has alarmed me, although I reach for my pack and my knife.

A branch snaps off in the opposite direction from the shadow, my head whipping around towards it. A mistake.

Even if I had the time to look back towards that shadow, I would not have had time to react. It seemed like a high-speed black mist when it hit me full force, engulfing me and dissolving into my skin. Being set on fire would have been less painful than this experience. But suddenly the pain is gone and I feel something like a heavy weight settle into my skull, pushing around my brain.

Suddenly, seven armed men enter the clearing, surrounding me with their weapons aimed at my head. I must not be what they're looking for because as one, they lower their crossbows and the tallest one steps forward.

"Have you seen that black creature?" he asks, his voice gruff.

"No." My mouth moves without me and I become horribly aware that I no longer control my own body.

"We think he came this way. I'd advise you to leave this area. That thing has a bloodlust and is lethal. We won't be held responsible if you end up dead. You have been warned." And with that, the men file out, heading back the way they came.

I can only watch as my body stands and reaches for my pack, slinging it back on my shoulders. I feel everything, the stiffness in my muscles, the weight on my back, the sweat on my palms. It's normal but at the same time it's terrifying because I can only feel, I can't control.

The mist has invaded me and is turning me away from the men, walking me further into the woods. I hike deep into the forest at an almost frantic pace. It's nighttime before I'm being seated on the ground again, exhausted and beyond panicked. The initial shock had worn away long ago and being trapped within myself has taken it's toll.

All of a sudden, the weight that I thought would be with me forever vanishes and once again I feel ripping pain. The mist floats above me, coalescing into a more solid form, but I don't get to see it finish because I am soon unconscious.