This came to me after reading too many fics where Duo lets his hair down and the author likes to bypass reality. The reality being that long hair is a pain in the ass and doesn't always like to stay on your head. Enjoy!

Title: The Hairball
Author: Yokatta, formerly Pepe (though still a Pepe at heart)
Warnings: AU?, OOC, weirdness/stupidity/silliness, me trying to be funny (aka humor)
Pairings: not really, but I guess it could be 1+2

Disclaimer: *draws line* this is my half of the fic and that's your half... you stay on your side and we should get along just fine

Notes: I can't tell you how many times I've had this same exact argument with my mother, minus the humorous-y bits.



"Not again!"

Duo looked up from his newspaper as he heard Heero's angry shout and watched as the Japanese boy stormed into the kitchen.

"How many times to I have to tell you?" Heero growled.

"What?" Duo asked innocently.

"Come here." Heero whipped around and marched in the direction of the bathroom. Duo followed cautiously, peering into the small room to see Heero pointing into the bathtub. Duo rolled his eyes.

"It's just hair, Heero."

"But it's huge!" Duo sighed and moved past the boy, leaning into the tub to grab the so-called huge hairball from the drain.

"It's not like it'll gnaw your arm off."

"How do you know?" Duo rolled his eyes again at Heero's question.

"It's normal for a person to shed. You know, you leave hair all over the sink in the morning and have I ever complained? No, not once."

"But Duo, your hairballs could eat small mammals, given the opportunity."

"I know. You've reminded me several times already. Which is why I make sure to get most of my hair into the trash, but this morning I must have forgotten."

"I swear I saw it move."

"Argh! You love my hair when it's attached to my head, but the minute one strand comes loose you think it's suddenly spawned a brain and has the desire to kill everything in sight."

"Look! It moved again!"

Duo just sighed, rolling his eyes yet again and wandered out of the bathroom, all the while thinking that bald people had it easy.