Another weird ficlet... with this one, I'm trying to vent because my computer is the spawn of satan! If I could I would smash the hell out of it. *grumblegrumble*


Title: Die, computer, die!
Author: Yokatta
Warnings: OOC, short, weird, venting
Disclaimer: GW stuff not mine, but the computer from hell is... *glares at offensive machine*
Notes: I made it a point to avoid language because every other word would be f*** you... *ahem*



"No! Stop doing that!"

"What's the matter, Heero?"

"I told you to stop!"


"Why are you doing this, you piece of worthless crap!?"


"This can't be happening! I just fixed that! No! Don't do that! Not again!"

"Heero, what's going on?"

"This thing just hates me!"

"Heero, it can't hate you."

"Yes it can, and it does! What did I ever do to it!?"

"It won't respond to your questions, you know."

"Maybe it'll respond to this!!"

"Heero! Put the gun away!"

"Fine… can't I at least kick it?"

"Not if you want it to hate you even more."

"Duo, I thought you said it can't hate me."

"Well, if you kick it, it just might start."

"Argh… stupid computer."



Eh... *sigh*

I do more than just yell at my puter... I scream and swear at it... I haven't kicked it yet, oh but I'm getting there.



*wondering why I ended up with the demon computer*