Authors note: This is a Yaoi fic involving Heero and Duo. Though it is not a lemon, the guys are kissing and married. If homosexuality or guys kissing guys offends you don’t read. This is an Easter fic and involves having the guys going to church. If you think this is blasphemy, don’t read. No Relena bashing, cause she’s not in it.

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Like it Use to Be
(an Easter fic)
by: Yantee Koss

“Daddy, can we make some Easter eggs?”

A young girl looked at her father’s sleepy face. Duo covered his eyes from the early morning sunlight and observed his daughter. “Ne, sure Trinity.”He replied before turning over, burying his head in his pillow and attempted to go back to sleep.

The young girl frowned, walked to the other side of the bed, and jumped on with all her weight bouncing her father off. “TRINITY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” An annoyed face looked up from where the nude body lay sprawled over the floor.

The girl’s frown disappeared with a look of sadness as she bit her trembling lip to keep it still. “I-I wanna make Easter eggs.” she whispered.

With a sigh Duo got up and searched for some boxers. “When it’s Sunday, I’m not a morning person,” he mumbled to himself. He turned to the sad girl on the bed and smiled, “let’s call your father and get him to pick up some eggs and decorations, ne?”

With that the girl smiled as she hopped of the bed and skipped out of the room. Duo observed his daughter, “I hope this one is as sweet as her,” he said as he ran his hand over his swollen abdomen.


“Mr. Yuy, telephone for you on line one.”

The dark haired man looked up from where he’d been looking at some company plans. “Hn.” He replied and turned to answer his call. “Yuy! “ came the forceful answer. He did not like to get calls in his office. Being head of the third branch in the Peacecraft-Khushrenada foundation, he either received settlements or bargains.

/”Ne, mushy-mushy! It’s me, Duo.”/

Upon hearing this his voice softened a bit. “Nani, I’m still at work.”

/”I know, can you go to The QuickieMart and pick up some eggs and Easter decorations for Trinity.”/

With that the silent man *almost* sweatdropped. Because it was Easter and the business would close early, Duo had invited Treize Khushrenada and Zechs Peacecraft over for church and dinner. Heero dreaded the thought of stopping by such a rat trap to pick up some Easter eggs and decorations.

“Duo, why didn’t you think about getting that stuff yesterday.” he asked, slightly annoyed.

/”Well, I forgot to get some. I’m gonna cook soon so I don’t have time. Plus I need to wash Trin’s hair and get her ready for Church.”/

After a moment of silence, /Onegai, Heero?/

With a frustrated sigh the dark haired man agreed, “All right, I should be home around one.”

/Honto arigato Heero. Hurry up though, church starts at two-thirty, and you have to get ready.”/

After hanging up, Heero carefully considered what had just happened. He had a stack of papers still to check, his husband invited the other two managers and owners of this foundation for dinner and church, even though only Duo and Trinity were Catholic. The afternoon mass would probably be the busiest, and he had to stop by an Indian grocery store to pick up some Easter eggs and decorations for his daughter, while his two working partners were with him. Heero’s head became awfully light, and he leaned it back looking at the ceiling, “why me?”


“Trinity have you picked out a dress yet?”

Duo yelled from the bottom of the stairs as he was drying a plate. A pair of cobalt blue eyes peeked out from behind a lavender dress with yellow flowers and bunnies. “Haaa~aai, this one Daddy! How’s it look!”

Duo glanced at the dress and smiled, “It’s perfect.”

Glancing at his watch he gasped and walked back to the kitchen, “Pap’ll be home any minute Trin, get ready.” he said as he walked out of the living room.

He glanced around at all the food he’d prepared. “Hmmm, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, Pee-king duck, soi-chicken, marinated pork, ham-chow, and steamed broccoli with cheese.” He praised his orphanage days where he learned to cook such delicious food. Though he never really cooked prior to marrying Heero, he was always said to have that hidden talent. He walked to the fridge and observed the beverages and his daughter’s attempt at decorating his strawberry pound cake. The cake was bombashed with whipped cream and cut strawberries. Duo smiled as he remembered his daughter’s sad face and chants of apology.

“Not even Heero wouldn’t smile at her sweet attempt to help out.” He thought as he turned to put all the food in the oven to store till they came back.

“The table is set, Trinity is almost ready, my hair has been washed, Heero’s suit is ready to wear, and I’m heading for the shower. Can this day be any better.” Duo thought as he walked through the living room. His eyes briefly caught the crucifix hanging right above the fire place. For a moment his heart leaped.

It’s been so long since all three of them have been to church together. He’d almost forgotten the feeling of going as a family. When he was an orphan he always felt a sense of warmth and peace as he went to church. Back then he was surrounded by the very people he could consider family. No, not consider. They were his family, his friends. Going to church had always been something special for him. When he was younger at least. Now he’s barely got time to go to church every Sunday. With Trinity’s Japanese classes being on the same day, he often went alone.

Holidays were always suppose to be spent with the family. But Heero was always away on some sort of business trip. This was the first holiday in a long time that he’d be able to spend with his *whole* family.


He glanced at himself in the mirror. With a satisfying nod he moved to the dresser and began braiding his hair. He was wearing a loose silk burgundy shirt with baggy black khaki’s, held up by a shimmering belt right bellow his evidence of pregnancy. The very top buttons of his shirt were undone revealing his silver crucifix. He smiled as he braided his hair, “who said that pregnant people couldn’t be sexy?”

“You look nice.”

Startled, the long haired man turned around and observed the intruder with the low voice standing at the door. “Heero, when’d you get home?!?”

Smiling, the dark haired man walked over to where Duo was sitting and thoroughly kissed his moist, parted lips. After a breath taking long kiss, he drew back and ran his hand over the other man’s stomach. “Not to long ago. Are you tired?”

“I’m fine. I’m really happy we’re doing this Heero.” Duo said as he turned around to resume his braiding. The dark haired man observed his husband and smiled, “Ah, me too.”


As expected the Church was very busy. Due to the limited amount of seats, all five of them had to stand in the back. Duo didn’t mind though. Heero had observed his husbands face as they neared the church. The closer they came to the church, the more peaceful the other man became.

Trinity was silently leaning against the back church pillar. Duo had taught her how to pray, and she was now saying soft prayers as the preacher gave his homily. The braided man had closed his eyes and lovingly carresed the life growing inside him. Heero’s breath caught as he observed the beautiful man standing next to him. For a moment everything around him went silent, and there was only Duo. As the sun’s rays danced upon the soft femine features of the others man’s angelic face, Heero thanked whatever God there was to allow him to be near this haunting perfection. He thanked him for being a part of this enchanted creatures’ life. His heart expanded even further for this beautiful man whom he already loved so deeply.

The serene picture was finally completed as the angel opened his beautiful violet seas, enfolding Heero in a soothing warmth, he’d never want to leave again. Heero felt a sense of peace as he fell hopelesly into those beautiful eyes. But all stopped when a single tear escape the angels’ orbs, trailing down over the smooth milk soft skin.

Feeling the weight of the other man’s look on him, Duo looked directly at Heero. Cobalt met violet, and all reality came to a halt. The two stood there looking at each other, neither breaking the contact, neither wanting to. Even though they were only separated by no more than a foot, it was as though they were a mile apart. It wasn’t until Duo broke a soft smile that Heero regained himself and moved closer to him placing and arm around his waist.“You’re so beautiful.” Heero whispered more to himself than to Duo, but the other man smiled softly and rested his head on the silent man’s shoulder leaning into the embrace. Treize who had been leaning against the back wall of the church had quietly observed the two bounding souls. The corners of his mouth lifting, if only by a little, “Such is the beauty of love.”


Duo paused in his brushing and smiled as he observed his quite husband. He’d never seen Heero and his working partners together. After dinner Heero had opened a glass of champagne and all four men sat out on the verandah. Most of the conversations had involved business in some way or another, and Duo had often felt uncomfortable. He admired the conversations between the three leaders of the P-K foundation, but he felt very average compared to the three of them.

His unease had not gone unnoticed though. Heero had moved his seat a little closer to Duo, and had gently taken his hand interlacing their fingers, ever so often caressing the braided man’s wedding ring. Duo had observed Treize to be just as cool headed as his husband. Zechs on the other hand was more relaxed, and had even asked Duo of his pregnancy.

It turned out to be a fun evening in the end. Duo and Zechs had lead most of the conversation with jokes while Heero and Treize just observed and grunted at the laughing sprees.

Duo sighed, “yes this truly has been a wonderful evening.”


He looked over to where Heero had paused in undressing himself. “Daijoubu Duo?”

Duo blinked for a moment. What could possibly be wrong, then he remember. “Oh that. In church you mean? I’m fine.”

He smiled as he remembered this wonderful Easter day, and resumed brushing his hair. Heero settled next to him on the bed and gently took both Duo’s hands in his looking into his softy eyes. The room was dimly lit by the bed lamp on the table next to Heero. Still Duo cold see the concern and love this man held for only him. With an almost unatural kindness Heero asked his concern. “Duo? Why did you cry?”

Duo smiled at his husband, the man he loved more than his own life, and moved closer so Heero could put his arm around him. “It’s just that I was so happy that we were finally able to do things together as a family. I was thanking God for all the things that have happened to me. For Trinity, for our unborn baby, for my life, but more importantly...for you.” He placed a small kiss on the nape of Heero’s neck.

“When I was still an orphan, things were so different. Going to church meant an hour worth of boredom. But over the years, especially after starting a family with you, I see those moments as something more. It was a time for family. My heart had taken pictures of those times. Pictures that I never knew it had taken. Pictures that are very valuable to me. And today, standing there with you and Trin, my heart took a picture. And for the first time I could think like a little kid again. I could see myself praying as Trinity was. I could smile at the memory of what exactly I had been praying for. That mass would end soon and we’d be able to go to supper. I could remember...”

Both men positioned themselves so they lay flat on the bed. Heero wrapped his arm around Duo’s bare waiste, pulling the other man closer. “Aishiteru, Heero. Don’t worry, I was happy....cause things were like they use to be.”

Heero smiled as the man he held close that night drifted of to a deep sleep.. “Aishiteru, Duo.” he whispered and reached over to turn of the light.


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