Authors note: This is a yaoi fic involving Heero and Duo. You’ve been warned so don’t bother flaming.

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Dorama Kisu (The Drama Kiss)
By: Yantee Koss

I doubt Heero would’ve even done this stupid play if it wasn’t for Relena “ordering” him too. As Queen of the World it was always handy to use her position to seduce him. It was based on an old earth’s play written by some guy named Shakespeare. “Romeo and Juliet” was the name I think. It was about two star-crossed lovers. Heero was stuck with the part of Romeo and Relena was Juliet....big surprise there!

Heero and I hadn’t exactly been great friends. Besides trying to kill most of the time, he overall ignored my existence and beat me up when I wouldn’t let him. Our missions were genially the same, but this hard-head was too perfect to work with me. Oh no, not with the laud mouthed American that’s for sure. I guess he’ll always hate me for being pared with him. Not that I could help it. I mean it wasn’t my decision. Staying around the guy cut my estimated life-span in half as it was. But I guess he’d end up hating me either way.


“So how was practice today?”, I asked as Heero stormed into the room. “Hn”, was his only response. Judging from his attitude they had to practice the kissing scenes that day. The last time Heero and Relena did the kissing scenes, the blond insisted on it *not* being a drama kiss. “It has to be as realistic as possible. And Heero can’t even do a drama kiss.”, was her excuse. I laughed my butt of after seeing Heero desperately attempt to keep it to skin contact only. Of course Heero beat the living shit outta me later, but it was worth it.

“What happened? Get into a mouth lock?”, I asked jokingly. But only moments later I was pinned face-down onto the bed. Holding me in a death grip Heero used his own body weight to literally squash my frame into the medal springs of those cheep dorm beds. I tried to move around but Heero moved his hand to my arm instead. With the skin to skin contact it was impossible for me to wriggle free. Damn this!

In a low angered voice Heero threatened to kill me...again. But maybe because I was forced into the bed, or perhaps because it was mid summer; or just the sound of his low voice, I could feel my face warming up. Then the thought hit me, we were touching! Heero’s never allows anyone to touch him! Hell the only skin contact you get from that boy is when he busts your face in. But as I felt the heat radiating from his body, I gave way to an entirely new sensation. One I hadn’t felt for so long I almost forgot it’s name.

But what the fuck?!? I’m a man. And hell I went with women. I dated a couple while we moved from mission to mission. But a man? And worse, this ass hole?!? I’m not one to deny the truth. I can’t say that I’ve been entirely pleased with Relena’s obsession over him. In a broader term I could consider my disposition one of jealousy. But fuck, that would mean that I want the same thing she does....Heero?!?!

Damnit, why did things have to be so complicated. Here I am attracting myself to that bastard, when he has someone like Relena. Even if he was to chickin-shit to admit it, he was attracted to her. If it’s not love, than it’s got to be admiration and respect. I think that they’ll probably end up hooking it after the war. And where will that leave me. I laughed a bitter laugh. Like I even have a part in this. I don’t and never will have the fortune or political shit she has. Hell, I guess yah can say I’m a nobody.. A loud mouthed American trying to fight for a better tomorrow, while selfishly getting revenge for yesterday. Hell to him, I’m a lost cause.

Heero finally let go of me and I turned around to stretch. He had an angry-serious expression on his face that I failed to see earlier. “Oi! Heero! What’s up?” I moved to sit next to him on the side of the bed. He looks up and his blue eyes reflect a sense of trouble.


He started to sit up, but I know what’s bothering him. Mr. perfect-soldier-guy here has finally found the one thing he can’t do. Probably thought t’was a liability and weakness for his missions. What I say next stopped him dead in his track.

“It’s the kiss isn’t it?”

Well, I could either be a smart ass, and have the shit beaten outta me. Or I could help the guy, and make a chance at friendship possible. I went with the later. “Heero listen. All you’ve gotta do, to do a drama kiss, is grab her face in both your hands, put your thumbs on her mouth and press your lips against your thumbs. That way it’ll look like your actually kissing her, but your not even making any skin contact.

Do you get it?” His eyes betrayed confusion. “Ok let me show you.” With that I was rewarded with a look of kill. I sighed, “I’m not gonna kiss you! Look all you do is take her face in both your hands like this”, I demonstrated. I could feel Heero tensing, obviously holding his reflective self-defense instincts from acting upon me. I hesitated at first but when I finally put my thumbs on his lips I noticed that they were soft and smooth

“And now I’d press my lips against my thumbs making it” The last words came out kind of breathlessly. What the hell was that?!? First I’m admitting to myself that I like this kid, and now I’m actin all girllie on him. Geez he must think I’m a fool. Too embarrassed to say anything I break the contact and lie down on the bed, my back facing him.

“Do you get it now?” I ask with a tone of annoyance. Damn him!

After a long silence he speaks up, “Do you think it’ll work for the bed scenes?”. Damn why isn’t he gone yet! I clear my throat and answer in an amazingly controlled voice, “I think so. I mean all you have to do is lie next to her and give her a kiss right? Their not gonna let you guys get more intimate than that I don’t think.”

Heero was quit for a while, and I thought he left. But his sudden voice told me otherwise, “Can I practice the kiss on you.” What the fuck’s with this guy. Now he’s turned into a smart-ass. Well fuck him! He thinks he can mock me, he’s got something else comin! I turned around, ready to give him a piece of my mind when I see the seriousness in his face. I guess I failed to realize just how much this bothered him. Making a fool of off himself in the privacy of our shared room is less embarrassing than looking stupid in front of everyone else.

I took a deep breath, but nodded in agreement. He shifted on the bed and lied down next to me, resting part of his body on my chest. He hesitates. “Just remember your not really kissing me, so it’s not like your kissing another boy.” I managed a big smile, but relaxed as he took my face in both his hands and places his thumbs on my mouth. We looked at each other. We’d never been this close before. I can feel his breath on my lips. And in a short moment the distance between us goes with the last thought of logic.

In that time wars could have been started, space could have collapsed, but we just lay there. One boy on top of the other. Skin touching skin. In a small room where no one else could see, two souls shared something almost real. Almost...

All reality stopped however when Heero moved his thumbs and allowed his lips to explore my mouth. My eyes snapped open as I gasped opening my mouth.. Heero only took this as an inviting and tilted his head to cover my mouth with his. As he shifted his body between my legs he thoroughly cleaned my mouth with his tongue swallowing more than I could give. I tightly closed my eyes as he firmly rubbed his tongue against my own mixing our hot saliva’s in a sensual dance of tongues. What the hell is he doing?

Before I was able to respond, Heero jumped up and jolted to the very end of the bed, face flushed. I pushed myself up and into a seating position, never breaking eye contact. He was breathing heavy, and a look of complete fear and confusion was in his eyes. “What the hell was that?” I asked as I raise my hand to touch my lips still swollen and wet from our fierce kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity of staring, he spoke up. “Duo....I...” He was speechless. At loss of words, I didn’t think that was possible. I could no longer bare the expression of fear in his eyes and I speak to break the silence.

I move over and sit next to him, “Heero, I find it surprising that you’d do such a thing. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were foolin with me. I mean I’m really nothing more than a clumsy, unworthy, American. And Relena, well she’s.......”

“I might think of you as more of a friend Duo”. I stopped and looked at him. “I know you have Hilde but I think that I at least like you.”

I was speechless. Was this guy attracted to me. And what about Hilde? When the hell did she get into the picture? “So what are you saying? That you me?!?!” With that I was rewarded with a smile. Mr. Perfect-Heero-Yuy actually smiled. My breathing came short, the smile made him look even better than I anticipated.

“Hai, I’ll even be your partner on missions”.

I laughed as he put his arm around my waist to pull me closer. “Geez even want to be my partner. Next thing I know, your gonna ask me to marry you.” He leaned over and kissed me. As he broke away from the kiss and pulled me into his lab, I could feel a slight bulge dig into my hip. “I will”, he said , and kissed me before I could say anything.