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Voor Jouw alleen
By: Yantee Koss

Authors note: This story is written for all those pre-readers that have helped me greatly. Yumeko and Sleipner I love you!!! This is my gift to all of you, my deepest thanks, and God bless!

“No, I can’t!”

“Duo!!” The other person pleaded.

“I told you...NO! I am not doing that!”

“Duo your being unreasonable. This is your role. You’ve done this for every show and there’s never been a problem. Why can’t you do it for this one?”

The braided man turned away from where he was packing his bag and faced the pleading other. “Because I told you that I have no problem doing it in front of an audience I don’t know. But I can’t do it for this one because of obvious reasons.”


“Yomi, I am not doing it if we’re gonna perform in front of my kids!! I told you that! That’s why I gave you a two week notice to look for someone else on this night.”

“And we did, but she fractured her ankle, and...” Duo grabbed his bag and car keys and started to walk out the door. With that the other man ran ahead of him stretching his arms out in an effort to block the way. “Fine, I’ll give you a raise and an extra bonus for this night.”

Duo lifted his bag over his shoulder in a mater of uninterest. “Yomi, that’s not the point. I’m not gonna dress like a freakin chick in some sleazy outfit when I’m performing in front of my husband, his entire work crew, and not to mention my kids!”

“But he knows you dress like that for some of the shows. It’s not like your kids don’t know that you’re a dancer.” The other man tried to reason.

Duo took a step back, “If I was dressed like a freakin guy I wouldn’t mind. But the outfit barely covers me, and plus that outfit is the most uncomfortable thing on earth! I won’t do it! I don’t feel like messin up my baby’s head with images of his father dancing around being stage fucked for a show.”

The braided man pushed his way passed his desperate boss. Yumi started to talk but all that was said was lost as Duo got into his car and drove off. Turning back to his office, the worried man phoned his secretary, “Miss. Tanuarm, do you have the phone number and name of Mr. Yuy’s husband?”


Duo looked up from where he was reading the newspaper to observe his laughing daughter and son. He smiled as he saw his little boy wave his arms around trying to reach for the coloring pencils Trinity was momentarily using.

“Wait, I’m not done yet.” The girl explained. She gently grabbed her brother’s baby hands and held them down moving her head from side to side.. “When I’m done I’ll give them back to you.”

The one year old boy made a face. Duo almost laughed as he thought of just how similar Maxyuy acts to Heero. Trinity had beautiful chestnut brown hair, long and soft like his own, that she wore in a pony tail. She looked exactly like Duo, but with a softer more feminine hold. Her eyes were cobalt blue however. That was most definitely from Heero. Unlike his sister, Maxyuy looked exactly like Heero. Even though he is still a baby Duo knows that when he grows older he’ll look just like Heero. He has the same features, the same hair, the same eyes, even a similar disposition to that of his father.

The girl finally handed the piece of paper to her brother. Realizing that it was now his turn to color, Maxyuy grabbed the pencils and scratches lines over his sisters drawing. “Noo~oo!!! MAXYUY!!!” Trinity grabbed the pencils from the startled boy. “What have you done!!” she exclaimed. Looking onto the little boy’s face she saw that his bottom lip started to tremble. Sympathy washed over her and she lifted her brother and cradled him in her lab. “It’s ok, it’s ok.” She whispered as the boy started to cry.

Duo observed how his daughter not only stopped him from crying, but also helped him to draw semi-neat circles on the paper. He smiled as he thought of just how sweet his children can play, despite the fact that Trinity is six years older than him.

Both children turned to the window as they heard a familiar car pull up the drive way. Excited, Trinity got up holding her brother as she speed walked out of the living room and to the door. “Papa’s here!!”

Duo smiled, folded his newspaper, and walked after his daughter. He stood by the door frame as he observed his daughter clomp her father when he walked in. “Hey Daddy!! I wanna show you what I’m gonna wear tomorrow!” She exclaimed as she quickly pecked her father a kiss on the mouth and then lifting her brother. Heero took his son and lightly kissed him on the forehead.

He smiled to his daughter before turning to put down his bag. Duo pushed himself of off the frame and walked towards his husband. The other man looked up and smiled. “So how was work today?” Duo said as he took their son from Heero, letting him stand next to Trinity. Heero only grunted but pulled his husband closer lightly kissing him hello. The girl made a face and picked up her brother leaving the two adults.

“That is for big people.” She said as she continued to teach Maxyuy the art of drawing circles.


“What did you say?” Duo said as he turned not sure if he’d heard the other man correctly.

Heero looked up from where he was sitting on the bed, “I said that Yomi called me today.”

Duo swallowed hard, “Well, that’s new. What did he want?”

Heero looked back to the book he was reading, “He asked me if I would mind you performing Illuminate.” Duo almost fell off of the dresser seat. In a controlled voice he managed to phrase his next question. “And?!?”

Heero looked up confused. “And? And what?”

Duo sighed hard, “And what did you say?”

With this he was awarded with a frown. “Of course I said yes. It’s none of my business what you do. I’m only telling you this because I don’t understand why he asked *me* to begin with.”

Duo got up and hastily stalked towards the bed. Once there he grabbed the book from Heero and gave him an angry look. “Are you out of your mind?!?! Do you have any idea what I have to wear?!?! And worse in front of our children!!!”

Heero leaned up and gently took the book out of his husbands hands. Duo’s deep violet eyes were almost red from anger and confusion. “What’s the difference? You’ve done this before.” He said calmly.

Duo allowed himself to fall over Heero burying his head in a pillow. In an effort to draw away the tension he promptly hit his head into the it a couple of times before looking up at his husband. He sat up and gently rested his hand onto Heero’s stomach. “Ok, Heero. Let me try to explain this. I have to wear a dress that has a slit up to here.” He demonstrated his explanation by pointing to his side two inches above his hip line. “On both sides. My freaking dick is covered by a cloth this big!!” He demonstrated by showing an opening between his thumb and index finger that was about four inches long. “The back’s even more narrow and almost looks like a freaking thong. This horrible body suit that I have to wear pulls my stomach together so that I almost suffocating. Even though the fake breasts are small and proportioned, they come in the way when I dance.” He sighed and shot the emotionless face a frown. “And worse I’m a freakin dominatrix!!” He gently lifted Heero’s hand and held it between his own. “And all of this in front of our children and your fellow workers. I don’t think so. Now do you understand?”

Heero said nothing for a moment. Finally he pulled his hand back and grunted. “I think it’s fine. You look like a real woman in that outfit anyway. I don’t see anything wrong with it.” He continued to read his book.

For a moment all Duo could do was stare dumbfoundedly at the man in front of him. He shut his mouth and promptly lay his head onto Heero’s stomach, bringing his hands up to cover his face. “Why me?!?”


“Excuse me Mr. Maxwell?”

Heero turned to the worried girl standing next to him. “Yes?”

The girl bend her fingers nervously under the stare of all the professional business men at Heero’s table. Heero who was head of the third branch in the P-K foundation, often associated with famous, intelligent people of the business industry. Even though she never truly questioned the love between Heero and Duo, she often wondered what complications a master at business must have by keeping a sacred marriage with a average day great dancer. It was no doubt that Duo was more or less dancing because he wanted too, and because he wanted to have an income of his own. But anyone could guess that this was highly unnecessary with Heero’s demanded skill and high income.

Concentrating on the task at hand, the girl cleared her throat. “We’re having some difficulty in the back. Yomi asked me to get you.” She almost winced when she received an annoyed glare from some of the people at the table. She had obviously interrupted an important discussion.

After excusing himself from the table, Heero reluctantly got up and followed the girl to the back stage area. Upon entering the main dressing room he could already hear the problem, literally.

“I am not going out there. I thought this outfit was suppose to be black. And what’s up with this?!”

Heero sighed as he turned the corner. He was about to make a comment towards his complaining husband when he stopped. His heart speed up as he observed the other man. Duo had his hair down in a lose pony tail that was tied twice with a break in between. This cascaded down on his back reaching just passed his knees. Heero had not known that Duo’s hair was that long. Even though he does see it down, it never caught his attention that it was so beautiful and full. The bangs hung loosely to the side of his gorgeous face. The tips held back with the first black rubber band. His dress was clean white hanging all the way down to his ankles. The dress, which actually looked like two sides of a dress connected by only the breast area fit the other man like a second skin. His two sides from the bottom of his ribcage to his feet were exposed.. Tied to the very top of his right thigh was a small rope for the sake of adding to the masochistic effect. Not that, that was necessary. His sleeves were loosely fitted and stopped at his elbow, where the rest of his hand was then covered by glistening white gloves. Duo’s high-heeled sandals which were rapped around his leg ending just below the knee, made the whole picture more exotic. Heero swallowed hard as he observed the other mans behind from the side. The clothing was much more narrow than the front, and really did look like a thong. It couldn’t be much wider than two inches to cover his backside. Despite Duo’s normal firm body, the body suit he was wearing gave him an incredibly delicious curve. Heero felt his head spin as he thought of how attractive and incredibly sexy Duo is, dressed like a woman. It wasn’t until Duo actually turned his face to look at him that Heero had to step back. Slightly supporting himself on the little lamp table, Heero observed Duo’s face. The overly expressive violet eyes seemed more brilliant with the shade effects, making them absolutely breath taking. His smooth skin accented his full dark lips. To make the picture even more perfect his bangs were hanging loosely to the side outlining his feminine face. Duo was the most beautiful *being* he had ever seen.

Heero was snapped out of his trance when Duo walked towards him obviously concerned and agitated that his husband was not responding to him. The dark haired man looked on as the front of Duo’s dress moved from side to side with his movements, promising to reveal that which was most private to it’s owner.

“Heero!!! Hey, are you listening?”

Heero snapped out when Duo rested his hand on his shoulder and shook him lightly. “Duo?.....”

He couldn’t speak. For a moment he was lost. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful goddess was speaking to him. “Don’t do this damn it!! I’m the one who should be faced out because of this outfit.” This time he was snapped into full awareness and his face turned into a serious scowl.

“What’s wrong with it?”

Duo thought for a moment. How was he going to break this to Heero. “Hmmm. You wanna know what’s wrong with it. Well, let’s see. I’m practically naked, I have to go out and do a show in front of the very brains of economy. My dance patterns are that of seductive luring and bondage. Our Kids are out there watching me practically get fucked by my partner dancers. And I can’t freaking breath because this thing is squeezing me tah death trying to give me a curve.”

“If you can talk, you can breathe.”

Duo almost hit his head against the wall, but his attention was brought back by Yomi. “Duo your number is coming up please be ready.”

He turned around and shot the pleading man an annoyed glance before turning back to Heero. “I can’t do this in front of your workers Heero. You know I can’t. It’ll look bad for you. And...”

“No it won’t.” Heero interrupted. “You look beautiful, and no matter what the act demands you to do, it’ll be fine because it’s you.”

Duo sighed. “Well, I can’t win this so I might as well.”

Before Heero left he glanced back at the most beautiful vision he’d ever seen. A slight pang of envy crept it’s way up his spine as he thought of how many of his workers will be drooling over the other man.


::Not again?!:: He thought as yet another man walked up to him and patted his shoulder. “I have to hand it to yah Maxwell, you’re a lucky man.”

He merely frowned and walked towards the punch table where the center of attention that evening stood. “Want some punch Heero?”

With a scowl he nodded. After handing him the glass Duo looked onto his husband worriedly. “What’s wrong?”

Heero looked up from his glass and saw that some men were checking Duo out...again. He turned his face to the man next to him and saw that the other was completely oblivious to the stares he received from the wolves. “Isn’t there something you can wear over that sleazy outfit. Everyone is starring at your legs. Their even moving around so they can get a better glimpse of your....your....”

He was cut short by Duo’s low giggles. He looked angry at Duo. The other stopped laughing but took Heero’s hand and placed it around his waist. “Hey, they’re only looking because they don’t know I’m a man. And even if they do. I belong to only you.”

Heero tightened his grip around the other when he saw yet another man undressing the already practically naked Duo with his eyes. “Yes, but I’m the only one who’s suppose to see you like this.”

Duo led the offensive man to a love seat near the wall. He scooted very close to the other, taking his hand in the both of his. “You are the only one who sees me Heero. Besides, it wasn’t me who wanted to do this. I believe you were more eager to see me than some of those men...” Duo trailed off as he saw yet another group of men checking out his legs. He shifted uncomfortably trying to cover more of his leg while holding onto Heero. He smiled softly as he turned to look at the other and saw that his face was stern and frustrated. His blue eyes were stiff as they looked onto a group of men talking and starring at Duo. Duo caught his attention as he slowly leaned forward to kiss him softly on the lips. After breaking the kiss he leaned even further and whispered soft words of reassurance. “Aishiteru, Heero. Aishiteru.”

With that the other man relaxed as he saw their two children make their way towards them. Trinity climbed into his lap, as Duo leaned forward to pick up their son.

“Ah, aishiteru Duo.”

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Authors note: Trinity was originally thought up by the author(s) of “Precious Little Angel.”