Title: To Be a Pet

Author: Xellosalina

Pairings:in the beginning 1x2 3x4 5xvarious (6,Noin,Sally)

Rating: R for now NC-17 maybe later

Spoilers: maybe in reference to the past

Feedback: After all the hard work Dogmatix and I put in this thing.....i had better get some....(wish the pun was intended)

Warnings: Cross over with Ai no Kusabi, Hugely Yaoi, AU i am going to ignore ground zero, and this story is after Endless Waltz

A/N Huge Huge thanks to Dogmatix for the help with this fic. She's awesome.


To Be a Pet
Chapter 1

'It took us a year, but it's finally over,' Wufei thought, closing the Preventors' file. The war was over and the Gundam pilots were no longer needed. It was time to go home.


He looked from the file to see Quatre standing in the doorway. Instead of wearing his usual attire, the blonde was dressed in a black bodysuit with a short blue vest over it. Leaning as far to the side as his chair would allow him, he looked through the doorway behind Quatre to see many stares aimed at the blond.

"Wufei," Quatre repeated. He looked back at Quatre as he straightened up in his chair, half dreading what he knew the other was about to say.

"It's time to go home."

Wufei bowed his head in acknowledgement, getting up without a word to follow Quatre out of his office and out of the building.

Duo stared into his cup of rapidly cooling coffee. 'It took us a year but we did it', Duo thought, sitting at the kitchen table. Their kitchen. His and Heero's. Even after four months that knowledge still brought a little thrill of warmth to his heart. Duo tapped his teaspoon against the cup of coffee, impatient for Heero's return later that day. Even though the mission had been a short one - barely more than a day - Duo was keenly aware of how precious every moment with his lover was, and how little time was left for them.

'We gundam pilots are no longer needed. It's time to go home.' Just as he had finished that thought, the doorbell rang, snapping Duo out of his contemplative mood. Funny HE would show up just as Duo thought of him. Walking down the short hallway he opened the door to see Quatre standing there and Wufei leaning against a post on the porch, his arms crossed. Both looked serious.

Taking in Quatre's bodysuit and vest, Duo closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"Duo, it's time to go home."

"Can't I just-" Duo started to ask with a wistful, heartfelt voice.


Duo looked up, finding Quatre's expression stern and uncompromising.

"You knew the rules."

"I know but..." Duo tried again, trailing off into silence when Quatre raised his eyebrow.

Quatre’s features softened a fraction as he took in Duo’s dejected look. "I couldn't tell Trowa, you can't tell Heero," Quatre reminded him, "and Wufei can't tell Zechs or Sally or Noin," Quatre concluded, looking back at Wufei with a knowing smirk as the boy blushed bright red.

Quatre crossed his arms over his chest, "It is time to go home Duo." He repeated his earlier words slowly this time and even Wufei flinched at the tone. Duo sighed in defeat and shut the door behind him on the way out, not bothering to lock the door after him.

Quatre smiled, pleased, then turned and walked down the steps to the car waiting for them. Wufei looked at Duo for a moment and Duo looked at him. Their faces were a study in contrasts. Annoyed, relieved, and yet sorrowful. Duo took one last look at the place he had shared with Heero for four short months as lovers, then turned and followed Quatre. Time to go back to being a pet.


A year later


Une very quietly opened the door to Wufei's old office and took a peek in before entering. The room was a complete and utter distaster area. You couldn't even see the floor around the desk currently being used. Papers littered every surface avalible, and from the looks of the paper coming out of the printer hooked up to Heero's laptop, there was going to be more. Heero sat on one side of the desk typing away, the clacking of the keys the only sound in room. Across from him on the other side of the desk was Trowa, sitting up in the chair with his arms crossed and his chin resting on his chest.

"It's no use!" Heero exclaimed as he slammed shut the laptop he had been working on. Trowa snapped his head up from his short nap at the loud noise. Rubbing his hand over his face, Trowa was inclined to agree. It appeared that Quatre, Wufei and Duo had just vanished into thin air. But he would never admit that to Heero.

"We'll find them. It will just take some time." Trowa reassured his fellow pilot, standing up to go and get some coffee.

Heero was about to say something more, probably scathing, when a file was plopped down onto the desk, causing one of the many piles of paper to tumble off of the edge of the desk in disarray and flutter to the floor gently to join their brethren.

Une also wanted to find the three boys and the best way to do that was to let Heero and Trowa have access to their files without having them hack into it instead. It still pained her to remember the look on their faces when they'd realized that their lovers had left willingly. Maybe this would help them to get their mind off of that for a month or so.



"What do you mean they left on their own free will? Quatre would never leave without telling me why." Trowa ground out, leaning over the front of Une's desk, practically in her face. Heero stood next to him , his clenched fists and tense stance hinting at the restrained violence within. Earlier that week they had contacted her with the news that their lovers were missing. After asking around, she had gotten some very detailed descriptions, and lewd remarks, of Quatre's bodysuit from both males and females around the office, then the same description from Duo and Heero's neighbors. So it was up to her to tell the two in front of her the news.

Une cleared her throat as she looked down at the paper in front of her. "Apparently they did."

"NO! You don't understand. Quatre would never do that to me, there has to be something that you are missing." Trowa snatched up the paper that Une was looking at and scanned it intently.

"The same for Duo. He would not leave without leaving at least a note." Heero did not raise his voice but everything he said was forced out.

Trowa threw down the paper in disgust.

"You are missing something. You have to be." Pain flickered through his eyes and he looked away as he straightened away from the desk to stare out the window behind her chair. After a moment he softly said, "You just have to be." Heero just stared at the paper on Une's desk blankly.

"You can have use of the Preventors office and files. We, too, would like to know why they left without a word. There are three other people in this office ready to tear a new one out of Wufei, but are not too terribly worried about him." Trowa looked away from the window to her, Heero up from her desk. Une let out a sad smirk. "Apparently Wufei had his own little harem here in the office." They both blinked at her, startled. Wufei?? Then she straightened up all business. "Now, you can have Wufei's old office to work out of. The sooner you start the sooner you can find them."

**End Flashback**


"I have a favor to ask of the two of you." Une started, gesturing at the file on the desk. "We are thinking of opening relations with a newly discovered human inhabited planet. As this is not public knowledge yet, the higher-ups feel we need to conduct an investigation of it before we send in our ambassadors. The two of you are the only ones I would trust with this task."

Finished for the moment, she awaited their response. Both just looked at her as if she had grown another head, looking between her and the file sitting innocently on their desk.

"Yes I know that the only reason you are here at all is because you are hunting for the rest of the pilots, but I need you to do this. We have very little information on this planet and we need more if we are going to try opening relations with them. We were contacted by a man named Iason. Read the file and tell me what you think." Finished with that she turned and walked out leaving the two with their first mission in a year and a half.

Trowa slowly picked up the file and began to flip through it.

"You aren't seriously going to do it are you?" Heero asked, standing up. "We still have no clue where...."

"We need a break. This will help us to clear our heads and maybe even give us some ideas on where to look for them next." Trowa calmly replied, looking at the last page in the slim folder. "She's right, they don't have a lot on this planet Amol. Despite all of the pages in here, all the information tells you is that the population is mostly male and the only major export is something called class A pets. It does mention that Iason is currently residing in a city called Tanagura, but it doesn't say what his position in that city is."

Heero watched him angrily for a few minutes as Trowa talked then calmed down abruptly.

"You're right. We need a break. Now let me see that." Heero sat down with the folder, shoving his laptop to the side for the moment. As he read he raised an eyebrow in disbelief; there was very little solid information, and what was there amounted to merely the bare bones of the situation. Trowa was right, he realized, as even he couldn't find any more than Trowa had. This smells fishy.

"And they contacted us so I wonder what they want, since that info is not in here either." Heero mused out loud.

'Trowa is right' Heero admitted to himself. 'It will be easier to find them after stepping back from the problem for a while.'

"Lets go and find Une, Trowa."

Trowa nodded then walked out with Heero hot on his heels. The faster they got through with this the faster they could get back to finding their lovers and best friends.


Iason put down the phone with a smirk.

"Well?" Iason looked over at Quatre, who was seated on the other side of the desk.

"You were right, as usual," Iason admitted, inclining his head slightly in acknowledgement. "My contacts tell me that the remaining two pilots are being sent here."

Quatre gazed unseeingly through the glass walls of Iason’s office to the sprawling metropolis below. His usual haughty demeanor was softened by the sad smile that hovered over one corner of his mouth.

"Duo and Wufei will be glad to see them," Quatre commented, then let the sad smile expand to a smirk. "I don't think I’ll tell my pets that their ex-comrades will be arriving though. That would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?" He looked over to Iason. "You sure you want them both? They will take quite a while to train after being free all of their life."

Iason sat back in his chair with a confident smile. "With Riki gone for a year, it will give me something to do. And who knows, maybe they won’t take all that long to train. Surely, not as long as it took with Riki."

Quatre laughed softly in agreement as he stood up, straightening his clothes as he did. It still felt strange to have on the normal Blondie clothes. While he had gotten used to the black body-hugging bodysuit again, he still hadn’t adapted to the shoulder adornment, not to mention having the tails of the outfit sweeping against his legs. He kept thinking it would constrict his movements in a fight, which was ridiculous. The feeling was persistent though.

Quatre smiled at Iason. No longer the soft, naive smile he’d usually given in his stay with the pilots, but a slightly cooler, more superior one. "You will keep me informed, of course?" He half asked, half commented.

"Of course." Iason answered as Quatre left.

Now alone in his office, he picked up the photo album that Quatre had brought. It had taken just a single look at the casually snapped images to make him envy Quatre. Not just the time the other Blondie had spent away from their home planet, but the company with whom he had spent it.

Looking at the picture he had deemed the best of them all, he felt his lips curl into a smile. It showed the five gundam pilots standing in front of a building of sorts - the Preventors building, Quatre had told him. All five were in normal civilian clothes, relaxed and smiling as they looked at the camera. But there was no physical contact between them, even though by that stage previous photos indicated that the pilots had already paired up.

Iason had thought it strange until Quatre had laughingly told him about the Peacecraft girl taking the picture and the how close physical contact and displays of affection between males was considered by most to be disgusting, even perverse. ‘They should come to our planet,’ Iason had thought when he had first seen the two standoffish men in the picture. 'And so they will.' Iason let the album fold shut as he stood up to get some things ready for his soon to be pets.


End of Ch1