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Chapter 5: Tears

Pain. So much pain.... How could this have happened.... No one was ready for the overpowering hell. It's my fault.....I'm too damn weak.... Destiny struck him like a hard slap on the face. So many lives are depending on me....why...TELL ME WHY! He couldn't take this anymore...Duo screamed. The cry shattered the silence that engulfed them all. He sank to his knees in agony. Phisically and Mentally hurt. Wufei was gone. The other two, Heero and Quatre could only watch, they were still overcomming this new loss...

"She took Trowa...now Wufei....I can't take this.." Duo was already in a mental breakdown. The crying and pleading images of trowa and Wufei swirled through his mind as he tried to fight them away. "Help us.....please...help...." The wounded men cried. The pain that all of them were going through was more then they could handle. Innocent lives could fall to this woman if she wasn't stopped. Endless tears soaked Duo's face. "It's all my fault...I let you down...Forgive me Wufei..."

This is TOO much! Heero thought. To see the braided pilot cry and blame himself for what was happening was heartbreaking. Even for Mr. Yuy. Heero tried to gather as much of himself as he could, then walked to Duo. Such tears aren't needed..... He bent down to Duo. Stop blamming yourself...you are only killing youself slowly that way. He grabed Duo into his arms and tried to coax him. Duo as well latched himself onto Heero, still crying.

"It's all my faul....It's all my fault!"

"Shhhh....No it isn't....it is no one's fault.."

"...No one's fault but mine..."

"Stop it...."

Heero held Duo's shoulders to give him a good look. He looked so defencless and ashamed. Violet orbs filled with tears. Boys don't cry.....screw that! Maby it would help Duo let it out. Maby afterwards make him feel better....what the fuck is he thinking then. Heero stroked back some of the hair that was hiding Duo's face. Heero just stared. Let me help you..... Heero felt something. Something he had never expirienced before. Heero looked into Duo's eyes again. There. There it was again. "Help...help us!...please..do something......" Heero was shocked. He could hear the crys himself now. Oh my god Duo......Why didn't you tell me..? Heero took Duo into his arms again and held tight. Duo was shivering. You're afraid....Heero realized why Duo was acting like this now. He wanted to do something but they were so out of reach. They would cry out in his mind over and over but Duo could do nothing but listen. Listen to them suffer.Pure Pain, thats all it was.

I cant watch you suffer like this..... Heero's whole perspective of this issue was changed that instant. Who is next? what will happen? Is this the end? You saw all this all along... Heero did what he thougt was right. He kissed Duo. It came as a shock at first but Duo was not fighting. He is kissing me back! As their lips departed, lust filled the air. They kissed again. Duo's tongue demanding entrance to Heero's mouth. The whole world around them spinning faster and faster. What is this feeling..? It felt so good Heero never wanted it to end. Tongues entwineing as hands roamed around each other's bodies. Gasping for air both of them let go and came back to reality. Both of them remembering the little blonde who was a part of their company. Oddly enough Quatre did not look shocked or angered.


"No, I understand"


"No need for appology, you two need to figures out yourselves"


"Basically Heero, you are going through something you have never had before. Duo is overwhelmed by pain and needs conforting. You are learning how to do so. I have no need to become jealous or angered."


Quatre was so sure about all of this. Ever scince Trowa was taken he slowed down. for a long time everyone knew about Quatre and Trowa's "relationship". Quatre was almost going throught the same emotional pain as Duo. But Quatre knew how to controll it. He lived with it throughout his whole life. His whole life.... "Thank you Quatre..."

It started to rain. They didn't care. Heero still held onto Duo who both looked at each other in need. "you two need to figures out yourselves" The rain drenched the two boys in all their heartache. Quatre was right. They *do* need to figure out themselves and make this clear.They would fight to the bitter end if they had to. Only when they do figure it out, will they be whole.


In the safehouse Duo stared outside. The rain fell down hard and the large trinkleing rythm was the only thing heard. So lifeles..... Duo felt so empty. What used to be the walking talking annoyance was now the most miserable man alive. As much as he didn't want to be depressed, the thoughts still filled his head. His own self-hatred grew. His hatred for Kereguri. His hatred for the world. Kereguri....that godamned Onna ruined thier lives. But she was something more then they had ever imagined. "I am all of you..." This was an enemy they had never come across with before. She had taken down two of them and if they are not carefull, maby all of them, maby the world. As corny as that sounds it was true. She had power. Not thekind of power most of their enemies had. The rain began to slow down pace and Duo was fighting to stay awake. He did not want to go to sleep for fear that she would come to him again or painfull nightmares would inflict onto him. So much was needed of him at the time and he could do nothing at all.

Helpless.Weak. A single tear found its way rolling down his cheek and onto the desk he was sitting at. Duo lifted his hand to the window. So cold...... Duo thought. Just like me...... A noise on the other side of the room made him spin around. Duo's emotionless face turned into a large frown.

"Kereguri ... I dont want any of your crap....you've caused me too much grief.."

"Oh really Maxwell? Now you can expirience pain..."

"For what damn reason?!"

"For my own pleasure."

Duo clenched his fists. "You stupid onna! get the hell away from me and my friends!"

"Temper, temper Maxwell...You don't want me to do anything harsh."

"You wouldn't....."

"Oh yes.."

Some one was walking down the hall. Duo could hear the footsteps louden as the person entered the room. it was Heero.

"Duo? Who are you screaming at?" Heero was about two inches away from Kereguri.

"Can't you see..?"

"See what?"

Duo's eyes widened.

"He cannot see me Mawell, I only exists in your mind and body right now.."

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Duo screamed as he tried to lash at the woman. Heero's face shown much worry as he saw the Shinigami pilot take these actions.

"Duo?! What are you doing?!"

"Kereguri is here!"

"Duo I can't see her"

"Believe me! You are not supposed to see her!"


Kereguri smiled. "Good Maxwell, you took the words right out of my mouth."

Heero was flabbergasted. Throught his eyes all he could see as an angered Duo thrashing at nothing. What do you mean I can't see her...? Is Duo going insane? Heero couldn't decide. He wanted to believe but the things they had been through already and the unthinkable held it back.

"Heero you believe me....right..?" Duo asked questionably.




Kereguri's wicked smile widened. She was enjoying what was going on between the two boys.Kereguri walked towards Duo and whispered into his ear. "Heero's faith is qusetionable ne Duo? That's why he can never see me...."

Duo's eyes widened. He doesn't believe me.... It *is* true..... Duo sank to his knees.My only friends don't believe me.... The self-realizeation made a button trigger in Duo's mind.Why fight it.....

"I give up...."

"Hm?" Kereguri raised her brow.

"I said I give up....kill me now, there is no use for me to fight it..."

"Duo what are you doing?!" Heero asked when he saw Duo fall on his knees.

"If you cannot belive, then there is no use for me to keep on fighting.."


\\"If you cannot believe, then there is no use for me to keep fighting" Heero was shocked. Duo....What is happening to you? You are just giving up, just like that? Why...is it because of me? Yes it is.....It is me...I am sorry Duo...I want to believe but I can't....That face....That face you have...Those tears.... I can't stand to see you suffer like this.... Can I believe? Duo tell me if it is safe for me too.....fuck that. I don't care If I die doing it, I am ready...// That is what set it all off. The once thought up insanity that overstruk Duo in Heero's mind was gone. Belief was a hard word for any of them to understand or trust anymore.Heero fought to believe. As corny as it sounds it was true. Reality was a thing in the past. Nothing or anything seemed real.

" Duo.....I can see.."


"I can see...I can see her...she is right in front of you Duo..."


Duo was...How can i say...Happy? No...Sad? No...Relieved more in ways... Yes that was it, He was relieved. The so said to be "Perfect Soldier" was no longer blind to the trickery Kereguri played on his mind. Thank God Heero.... He was no longer blind, he was never unsure about who to trust now. He could see Duo's heart. Nothing but love could see that....\\what..? H....He loves...me?..... // Was it true? Duo was unsure. This was more then Kereguri planned it to be. He saw straight through the illusion! I am going to have fun with this one... With the flick of her wrist Heero was out of that bewildering trans. His whole body tensed up and completley froze. \\I cant move!// Heero thought. Kereguri smiled. \\He will pay for his doings...//


<Quatre's POV>
\\ Why is everything like this? My space heart was
speeding up almost sending me into shock. Duo...It was Duo...He was giving up! He was slowing down....Heero was unsure of himself. We all were not sure of ourselves, thats why Trowa and Wufei were takin away. Heero had to fight it. He was not weak. Thank Allah he did. But that wasn't the answer, what else was bothering Duo? Why do I feel so tense and afraid.

There is still something wrong. I couldn't just sit here Listening and feeling them suffer. I had to do something. These were my only and good trusted friends, I could't let this happen to them as it did to Trowa and Wufei. I can still feel their pain...I don't know how they survived most of that torture but they are still alive. They are still fighting. I can feel it....Huh? I can feel something else..Duo is crying! What for?.....Heero! Damn I gotta' get inthere! As I entere the next room, the scene I saw almost made me collapse. I had never seen such a thing before. A shadowy figure in the corner was moving it's hand in an awkward position. Heero was on the other side...He looked paralyzed. Struggleing to move and even breathe but some unpenetrable force denied it. Duo on the other hand was malmost in the same position but was thrashing about violantley. This is too much... Without thinking I took the situation in my own hands. I tackled the figure to the floor, sending its concentration off. Heero fell to the groud aswell and Duo gasped for air. As I did so my mind exploded in fury. Pain overstruk me after first contact. I looked back down at the figure I was holding to the floor.No way.... It was me! I had myself pinned to the floor...it maked no sence! It hit me again. Pain. I cried out and the image me took the upperhand. I foud myself in reversed position. The only thing about the copy is that it had a Blue type streak that went fron the forehead down to the cheek bone on the left side.

Shit! It was Kereguri! "Very smart..." The copy replied. Pain hit me again now sending a fresh red liquid run down the side of my head. My sight blurred for a couple of seconds untill I got it back. I looked at the other side of the room where Heero lay uncontious and Duo was trying to reach me. He was stopped by some kind of invisible wall. "Quatre get out of there!" I could bearley hear Duo scream as the copy continued to torture my mind once again. So this is what Trowa and Wufei went through..... It hurts so much but I can do nothing. My sight then was cut off almost like someone splattered black paint accross my eyes. I began to drown in a pool of darkness. I tried to fight it off but the more I did, the more it swallowed me. My body went still, My mind went blank. Everything began to go dark. With my last ounce of strengh I screamed out for help. Then it went black.....//