Chapter 4: Swords Dance


"Trowa...." The pilots stood in shock, looking at the small globs of red liquid in the center of the circus ring. Trowa's blood. The last thing they saw before he vanished into the air.Quatre slowly sank to his knees, the tears that clung to his cheeks and collar slowly thickening.

"" Quatre held his head in all his despare as painstrickening images filled his mind and heart, the images of Trowa suffering to the bitter end. No one stood there to confort Quatre for that job *was* Trowa's. Quatre couldn't believe he was gone, in the hands of the enemy. The enemy they knew so little about. All exept Duo. He seemed to have the connection with this evil. Unluckly the connection leaves Duo weak afterwards, almost like it drained his energy from his body or something. He was in pain. Duo clenched his fist tight and closed his eyes.

"It's all my fault, I shouldnt have let Trowa so this....." Duo proclaimed. He was almost on the edge of tears as well. Trying to take the blame. Heero looked up at the braided pilot and proceeded to walk towards him.

"I..It's noy your fault Duo...." Heero managed to say. Duo looked up at him with beaming eyes, "Trowa did what had to be done....he..." Heero couldn't finish what he was saying. He looked at those wide violete eyes. Once he saw the look in them, he was gone. So much despration but no end to it..... it was like he was screaming out but couldn't show it. So he held it back.Duo what secrets ar you hiding from me? Heero thought. It seemed like Duo knew what he was thinking somehow.

"Heero...." Duo whispered. His eyes suddenly flooding with tears as he grabbed hold of Heero, hands around him in a tight bond. Heero flowed with the corse of action, it seemed to feel normal to the "Perfect Soldier". Who knew what that meant anymore.....

"Heero, Im sorry...."

"Sorry for what Duo?"

"Sorry for the things Keruguri will do to you.."


Heero and Duo let go of each other, now both surpried at what they were doing.Wufei and Quatre were stuck in a dumbfounded stare. Duo almost gaged at the sight.

"Keruguri" Duo repeated, "The name I gave our new enemy for she had none of her own"

"Why Kerugari ,Duo??" Heero asked.

"Heh, glad you asked" Duo couldnt help but show one of his dumb grins. "I named her Keruguri after the deadly move Karaguri (note: karaguri is a sumo move meaning sweep,pull,knockout) I find her saying and moves deadly like karaguri for she proclaims to be twice as strong as us five put together"

Quatre drooped his head and began to sob "four now...."

Duo frowned. "Aww hell, he could be still alive, I have this eerie feeling like he is"

Quatre looked up, "Hope our instincts are right...."

"Still, Keruguri doesn't look so tuff" Duo laughed, "She still needs to put on a lot more weight to live up true to her nick-name!"

Heero snorted and they all laughed, all exept Wufei who looked down right serious and pale.

"What's wrong Wu?" Duo joked "You looked like you've see a ghos........t"

Duo froze. He looked like he was suddenly paralized. He began to twitch all over.

"Duo?!" Heero looked at the stiff shinigami pilot. Duo's eyes were now fogged and black, the familliar trademark of an earlier attack. Duo twitched more.

"No! its happening again!" Heero yelled as Quatre and Wufei ran toward Heero and the helpless Duo.

The familliar black began to take place in front of Duo's vision. Here we go again! Duo thought out loud as the force that was holding up his feet gave way.Duo fell. The fall continued for the longest time,making the butterflys fly and explode in his stomach. For a while Duo thought it was fun but he knew the real meaning of this all. Duo hit the surface of the ground hit against his feet and his body in a loud thud. Surpriseingly enough, he felt no pain, just anger when the familliar figure came into view.

"Keruguri...I like it Maxwell, you did well finding me a so called "name". Still your sence of humor toward it is quite displeasing"

Duo grinned then turned serious, "What do you want from us now!? you took Trowa! Now who's life are you going to ruin!?"

"Haha! you have it all wrong Maxwell."


"Oh he's not dead....yet"


There in the lightly dimmed ared on his knees, was Trowa. He was hurt badly.

"Trowa!" Duo yelled,

"Duo help me!" Trowa said as he cried out in pain. Duo reach out to Trowa but he vanished again.

"What have you done to Trowa Keruguri!" Duo boomed

"Not much, But i can make a deal with you"


"You bring me the next Game Player, If he wins, you get your friend back. If he looses, I take him captive along with Mr. Barton here"

"......Who's the game player?.." Duo sounded like he had just gave up something that he never intended to give away. Keruguri smiled.

"The Game Player is this;

They clash and sway through the night,

Gleaming and glowing with the eerie light.

The cries of blood,screams,and terror hey sing,

The Sword's Dance...So bewildering"

Not another damn riddle! Duo thought. Gritting his teeth and letting out a little growl, Keruguri found his frustration amusing. She smiled again.

" Meet at the highest point of the meadow at sundown, this is where we play the game. I wish you luck Maxwell, your friends will need it" And with that, Keruguri vanished back into the darkness. Duo felt himself return to his body once again.

Duo's eyes snapped open. He found himself in the craddleing arms of Heero and Quatre.

"What did she say this time Duo?" Heero asked. Duo winced

"Abother Game player and a riddle......"

Heero grew silent, awaiting Duo's message. He told them everything from his vision.....


"I'm up" Wufei told the three other pilots.They all stared at him. Wufei drew his long silver blade from it's case. The light bounced off it like fireflys.

"The sword's dance.....that says it all"

They all nodded. They all left the circus ring together, the horrible memorys left behind.


"It's sundown.." Wufei's voice shallowed.He looked pretty nervous. Hell, who wouldn't be after the "performance" at the circus ring. Trowa practically sold his soul over that useless game. Games, all of it. Keruguri has cause too much suffering to the Gundam Pilots. It seems it only thickens everytime Duo recieved those attacks. They knew when Keruguri would strike by the look in Duo's eyes.Black, Lifeless,cold....dead almost. It made Heero and all the other pilots shudder when they saw the ghostly look.Wufei closed his eyes, thousands of thoughs swirled and filled his mind. Pull yourself togerther Wufei! he thought You must free Trowa! You cannot fail! Who knew what Keruguri was doing to poor Trowa. Wufei thought of nothing positive in the outcome.Duo looked at Wufei and sighed "You can't loose Wufei...." he whispered silently

"I appologize for my late entrance....." They heard Keruguri's voice loom from the wind. Instead of seeing Keruguri on the meadow, they saw a complete and total image copy of Wufei. Still, the copy had large green slashes on his wrists and under his eyes. It almost looked like a form of aragato. The copy had the trademark cold lifeless stare of the original Wufei. But the copy's seem almost as dead as the ones that attacked Duo.

"Chang Wufei, the rules are simple. You win, I give you back your friend...." Trowa appeared again. Duo was shocked. He looked more beaten and weak then before. A small stream of blood ran down the side of his head.

"" Trowa managed to choke out again as he vanished. Quatre gasped, his eyes filling with tears. It pained him to see Trowa like that. All the time that this was happening, Duo angerly stared at the Wufei copy. I know that is you Keruguri! Why do you not show yourself!? Duo thought. The wufei copy contined to finish the sentence, "But if you loose, I take your life aswell. Shall we begin?"

Wufei nodded nervously. He drew his silver blade once again, letting the sun brighten the tip. The copy's sword already in hand, stood in a fighting position. It smiled evilly. Not expected, the copy lunged forward screaming at it's opponent. Wufei retaliated as the swords clashed loudly. The copy began to strike Wufei with great force. Meanwhile Wufei was dodgeing the attacks. It's fast! Wufei thought, trying to take advantige of the attacker. The copy showed no sign of exaustion or a place for Wufei to take the upperhand. As Wufei stepped back with each hit, the swords shimmered brightly as the overpassing sun took it's set. All the while the other three pilots followed everymove with a quick eye.

"Not bad Wufei, your skills are superior!" The copy said, taking breaths within each word. "That's ...why ..I ..the..part ...of me..that's you!"

"Nonsence! .... *I* am the only me!" Wufei yelled. This conversation made no sence to the other Gundam Pilots. They stood there blanckly.The copy smiled again,

"Not anymore!" The copy stood to a hault as he jumped backwards and ran towards a nearby tree. Wufei followed. There is no honor in this battle! It plays no purpose but suffering!Just another endless war! Wufei thought. His eyes grew wide when he overlooked the thought. That's it! She wants to start another war! Wufei was furious and lunged after the copy in the nearby tree.

"Clever Chang Wufei, very clever! You thought me out! We all need another war! Total world DOMINATON!"

"I won't let that happen!" Wufei screamed as they both commenced into on going battle again.

"Oh really? You forget Wufei...I am stronger than you! stronger than all of you put together! you are the weak one now not me!" The copy yelled straight out loud so that all could hear. The swords now clashing in the new backdrop of black. The battle still raging on through the night.

"Give it up WUFEI! You CANNOT win!" the copy yelled,

"No way!" Wufei screamed back, sweat pouring down his face. Now Wufei made a grieve mistake. He let hid guard down for a split second and the copy took ahold of it. A stinging sensation filled Wufei's cheek. The dark crimsom liquid slowly oozed from the newly laid strike. Wufei staggered back a bit from the shock and held his cheek. When he lifted his fingers they were dripped wit blood. Wufei couldn't move. It all was happening too fast.

"It's over! YOU LOOSE!"

"WUFEI!" The pilots yelled as they saw him sink to his knees,


Is it over? Wufei thought,Is this my fate? a loss to a c..copy? it can't be!

Face it, its over Wufei,

No! I wont let it end this way!

You have no choice

This is impossible! this clearly cannot be my destiny

Ask it yourself Wufei, it's standing right in front of you


Wufei's mind raced with his argueing thoughts. He refused this loss to be true. Yet it fought back. The copy lifted Wufei to his feet by grabbing his tank top.

"WUFEI" the pilots yelled out together again as they heard a faint scream in the distance. The pilots ran to the center of the battleground. Wufei was gone. All that was left was the shadowy image of the copy in the darkness.

"My how the swords danced tonight. They hold the treasure of this battle. Maby they will dance again...." The copy quoted.

"It will see you again" The copy smiled and vanished into the wind. The pilots stood there bewildered. Duo clenched his fist hard.

"The swords did dance...." Duo said. Heero lifted his head up to Duo, meeting his sorrowfull eyes. Right Duo Heero thought., but it wasn't their final performance......