Chapter 3: High Wire Blitz


"OOOOUCH!" Duo screamed as one of the doctors was examining one of his head injuries. "Hold still and shut up.." The doctor said as he applyed medication. He could be a little nicer... Duo rolled his eyes No! now im making up words! he thought. It was like his mind belonged to someone other than himself. Duo flinched. It did...... He recalled the earlier trail of events. The dream, the pain, that woman...... Who was she? And I think she found a way into Heero's and Wufei's Wardobes too.....Heh, the nerve.... Duo chuckled to himself as he thought these things up.

"Your all set kiddo! I'll se you later" The doctor got up and left the room, his words trailing behind him. Looking forward to it..... Duo thought in annoyance. Just as the doctor left, 4 familliar people entered the room. None other than the other Gundam Pilots. Quatre was wearing that Odd pink colored Turtle neck accompanied by a black vest. Trowa looked very stylish in his leather jacket. Duo looked down at the two, they were holding hands. Duo grinned. Wufei was in his every-day-im-not-trying-to-make-a-point outfit holding what looked like a small parcell. Duo turned towards Heero and almost fell off his bed laughing. His leather Jacket, pants,and shirt looked do iddentical to Trowa's that it was scary. Heero seemed to give his deathglare to Trowa shooting off "Mines better than yours!" vibes.

"Hi Duo! you feelin' better?" Quatre asked as they made their way to Duo's side.

"Yeah kind of,the continuous throbing of my entire body so that I cant move is gone. Is that a sign?"

"Baka" Heero noted, still shooting evil looks at Trowa. He returned the favor. It looked like the two were going to get involved in a serious cat fight any minute. Wufei walked over and stood in the middle of the two boys looking a bit annoyed himself.

"Anyways, we just wanted to come over and keep you company for a while.You will probably be out of here in a couple of days! isn't that great Duo!........Duo!?" Quatre almost fell over When he saw Duo's face.

"Duo!?" Duo seemed to be staring at point blank not moving. His eyes were totally fogged and dead looking, he started to twitch.

"DUO!" The Gundam pilots soon took note of Duo's state. His eyes shifted from a violete purple to a black. He twitched more.

"Duo whats wrong with you!?" Heero asked. He grabbed hold of Duo's twitching arm. It was cold.... It was so cold Heero had to let it go as soon as he grabbed it. What the hell is wrong with you Duo?!


It was all black. Oh no! not again! This place was now so familliar to Duo's uncontious self. She appeared again.

"You......" Duo said in a shallow voice.

"Oh, your surprised to see me? You shouldn't be. You will get to know me better soon..... Now, on with buisness. Listen good Maxwell unless you want your little friend to die."

Duo was shocked. She's going to black-mail me!K'so! He knew this wasn't an enemy to be taken lightly. Duo waited fo the message;

"In 48 hours you will be released.When the time passes to the 48, the clock strikes 7, thus giving you one hour before these people will die..." The woman showed an image of a very large crowd of civilians. "unless..... The Game Player shows up. If you cannot find who The Game player is, I will carry out what I have just stated" Duo growled in frustration, not knowing what to do. The woman smiled an evil smile.

"The Game Player is this;

We see them dance, we see them fly

Colors of the rainbow on their faces

who make childern laugh and cry

On the high wire, he will never fall

Untill he is challenged, when he could lose it all"

"Good luck Maxwell, the hour is near" The lady let out an evil laugh and dissapeared. Duo was regaining contiousness....


Duo woke up. He saw 4 faces hanging over him, all with a look of concern.

"Duo...." they all chimed. They were relieved. Duo sat up again and looked at all of them. Even Heero looked worried this time.

"Damnit....." Duo muttered lowering his eyes to the bedsheet. Quatre inched toward him

"Duo what happenned?"


"Duo please, Maby I can help you"

".....she's back..." They all stood there in silence. Wufei spoke up,

"what did she say this time?" he asked.

"She threatned to kill civilians unless i find her "Game Player" within the 48 hours I'm here and the hour after" The room was silent once again. Quatre was the first to break the silence.

"Did she give you any clue of who this "Game Player" is?" Duo nodded

"A riddle" Now they were all intrested in what Duo had to say, he told them the riddle that the lady told him in the vision.......

All the pilots were in a serious state of thinking, all exept Trowa. Trowa looked like he saw a mouse or something because he looked a bit pale.

"Trowa?" Everyone looked at him,

"...It's me..I'm The Game Player..." Trowa's vioce was more shallow than his looks. Quatre sqeaked.

"We see them dance, we see them fly Colors of the rainbow on their faces who make childern laugh and cry.... A clown" Trowa stated. Heero slapped his head. Why didn't I think of that!? He asked himself silently.

"On the high wire, he will never fall........" The pilots nodded. They all know of Trowa's exellent acrobatic and tight ropeing skills. "Untill he is challenged, when he could lose it all...." The room was silent yet again . They knew what they had to do...

"She's late!" Duo hollered, tapping his foot against the orange colored band stand.

"You sure this is the spot Duo?" Heero asked.

"Uh-huh" Duo imintated her voice, "Be at the circus ring or be dead!" He had the largest scowl on his face as he immitated what seemed to be a bad immitation.

Wufei raised his brow. Suddenly they heard a large crack on a side board. All the poilots looked that way. The ring was dead silent.

Out of nowhere the spotlights lit up a shadowy figure in the corner.

"No way......Impossible...." Heero chocked out as the figure stood in view. Standing right in front of them was a living image of Trowa Barton. But the so called copy had 3 large blue and red slashes on eather side his cheek bone. The copy smiled evilly.

"You found me, I'm impressed. Your not as dumb as you look Maxwell."

Duo growled. He knew who that was,

"Um Duo? thats not a woman!" Trowa yelled,

"I know! She wants to play a game with you!"

"A what!?"

The Trowa copy laughed "Another point for Maxwell! The Game is simple Trowa Barton. You Win, The people dont die and you shall win what was rightfully yours" Out of the corner of the room loomed What looked like a large MS. Trowa gasped. There stood the faithfull Heavyarms Custom. It was destroyed though! Trowa thought as he turned his attention to his copy.

"And if you loose, the people will be set free but, I take your life. Its that simple Mr. Barton, you ready?"

Trowa swallowed as large beads of sweat started to form on his face. He nodded. The copy smiled.

"We will do this on the highwire, you fall off, you lose! lets get this on!" The copy ran toward the high wire pole. Trowa followed.

"Beat him Trowa!" Quatre yelled as the pilots gazed in awe as the two Trowas asended the high wire. This is nuts! Trowa thought What the hell is that *thing* over there trying to proove!? Trowa and the duplicate inched toward each other. "I might add....." the copy started, "That I am two times stronger than you will ever be, ever than you all will be! face yor superior Barton!" Trowa grunted and stared in anger. By this time the two colided and were on an all out war,trying to push each other to the ground ever so far from their feet. The copy had the upperhand. K'so! that copy wasn't bluffing! all of the sudden Trowa felt a hot warm liquid run down his arm. Trowa flinched, it was his own blood. The pain intensified as he began to loose his balance.

"TROWA!" all the pilots chorused at once.

"You loose Trowa loose.." The copy whispered into Trowa's ear as the wire under his feet left him. Trowa cried out in pain. Just as Trowa was about to hit the floor, he faded away.

"?! TROWA!!!" they all called out again. The copy stood there smileing.

"YOU!" Duo yelled. In a Rage of laughter the copy vanished away with Trowa, leaving the pilots at the ghosly ring.