Chapter 2: The Enemy Revealed


Dark....all black that's all Duo could see as he drifted through his visions of his uncontiousness. What the hell is going on?! Duo asked himself. Just before him lie the answer. Duo was shocked. The person that stood before him was female. She had a long brown braid just like his but the tips of the bangs and ends were frosted with a golden blonde. One side of her bangs was oddly longer than the other, almost covering her left bright blue eye. Oh my god.... Duo thought. He looked at the whole figure. She wore a green tank top and white baggy pants. Those are Wufei's! and H..Heero wears that! This was too confuseing to the Shinigami Pilot. It was like all 5 pilots were put togerther into one being....but a woman! No way......not possible! Odd as it was it made sence.

"Im surprised...Duo Maxwell, You came on fast" The figure spoke.


"W..Who are you...?" Duo studdered

"Im you.....I'm All of you...." She said, pointing to Duo.


The woman shook her head "Do not deny it, I am your new enemy" Duo gasped. Duo tried to reach for his weapon but his whole body couldnt move. She shook her head again. "I am using you now Duo, you will not be able to resist..."


She smiled. "You will understand soon enough. The world is mine, you are my pawn. I will take over the universe and theres nothing you can do about it!" She laugh evilly and Duo fell through what felt like a never ending pit of blackness. Then Duo saw a white light. She was gone.


Duo could now feel his own body again, but it ached all over. His arms and legs couldnt move, his eyelids to heavy to open. It felt like he was under a ton of rubble. Duo could hear voices but couldn't make them out. Then Duo felt a warm liquid on his cheek. It wasn't blood, it was tears! But Duo was they wern't his. Duo felt his strength come back to him and slowly opened his eyes. His vision was blurred for sevral seconds but then everything came into veiw. He could see the mourning Quatre in the corner, Trowa trying to calm him down. Wufei and Heero were on the other side, arms crossed looking at the floor.They try so hard! Duo thought to himself and let out a small chuckle. What followed was an string of pain that shot through his body. Duo grunted and the four boys turned his way. A weak smile creaped over Duo's face as he saw Quatre's face light up.

"Duo!" they all yelled. The boys running to his side. "Miss me?" Duo asked trying to get something going.

"Baka..." Quatre smiled. That smile soon became a frown when Duo flinched of sudden ache.

"What the heck happened to you Duo?" Quatre asked. All eyes were on him. Duo lowered his eyes to his chest. It was heavly Bandaged with white cloth along with his torso , left arm, and his head. Duo was shocked when he saw this.

"Tell me what happened through your eyes first....." Duo asked, he was on the edge of tears. He held them back though.

"Well....." Heero piped up "When we were in class you started screaming out in pain. I wanted to help you but i didn't know how. You fell to your knees yelling 'Make it stop make it stop!'. Then out of the ordinary you were covered in blood, all through your right side, hands, and head.All i knew to do was rush you here, and thats it...." Heero quieted down during the last sentence. I looked at his profile. He had a lot of Duo's blood on his *own* body. Duo sank low in the bed he occupied.

"Now...Tell *us* what happened"

Duo sat up flinching a little. He sighed and told his story......




"No way......" Quatre gasped. Even Heero looked a bit shocked.

"How is that possible?" Wufei asked.

"Ask my head!" Duo replied. Wufei took the joke lightly and retreated back to the coerner of the room.

"She was a woman? how is that possible? if she is all 5 of us put togerther, why is she a woman?" Trowa was getting seriously P.O ed.
"I.....I dont' know!" Duo chocked out the words as the tears stung his eyes, "She said she owns me...I'm *Her* pawn....."

Heero Looked down to Duo's tear strucken form. Heero felt the strange earge to confort the lost soul. To hold him in his arms and not let go. The urge was overruleing and was about to jump out any second. What am I thinking?! Heero asked himself bewildered by his own emotions.

"Ok chill guys, lets let Duo get some rest, we will see you later ok?" Everyone agreed to Wufei's statement.

One by one they shuffled out of the room. Heero lagged for a second and returned to Duo's side. Duo looked up to the Japaniese pilot with teary eyes.

"H...Heero...." The braided pilot whisperd.Heero bent over to hear what Duo had to say;

"I...I'm scared ....Heero....." another tear escaped Duo's eye, "I don't want to end up hurting any of you....."

"shhhhh" Heero gestured as he wiped the tear away from Duo's eye. Both Heero and Duo were shocked by his actions. And both of them weren't ready for what happened next. Duo felt the warmth of Heero's Soft lips press against his cheek. Duo's eyes widened. It was so unexpected, yet soothing.... Duo felt himself relax as he sank back into his bed sheets.

"It's not your fault if it happens...." Heero whispered to Duo as he slowly drifted off to sleep....



"Oh my poor Duo, How weak you are.....I will make you strong my little one! Your friends will not see what hit them! My how the plot are weak, but clever. You found me out so soon. Now I must speed up progress my messanger of are mine!"