Gundam W-15 Final Act:

Phantom Gundam


Chapter 1: Raising the curtains once again


I thought it was over. For 3 years I thought it was, The whole universe seemed at peace, the stars gave off a brighter glow than normal, The planets and colonies aligned perfectly in the total state of relaxation and beauty. Those endless battles long gone and the wars took their final tolls then vanished. But something was not right. Something in my mind, in my soul that ached and pained me until I could just scream out but be unnoticed. It was like a black hole in my heart that would never go away........

Duo sat on a large mound of grass on the edge of a meadow, overlooking the sea that stretched for miles and miles around. So
Peaceful... Duo gazed into the starry night as those little specks of light decorated the sky. The braided Shinigami pilot thought restless thoughts about the war. It's finally gone! no more killing! he said over and over again. But still something was
missing....some eerie feeling that shot shivers down his spine and through his mind, clouding his vision at once. It was like a extra shadow followed him around. Something not to be overlooked.


What followed this was endless nights of no sleep. Nightmares. Strange visions of his fellow Gundam pilots.... They were like shadows under a blood red background, over veiwing a field of dying people. The pilots were grinning and there was furious
laughter between all of them. What's wrong? what the hell is up with you!? Duo would scream out to them endless times but time after time they would turn to his attention and then, everything would go black. Duo would wake up in a cold sweat,
breathing hard.What is it trying to tell me? Duo would ask himself. No answer would appear before him though......



"QUATRE!!!!" Duo screamed, "Are you done yet!?!"


"JUST A MINUTE!" The blonde Sandrock pilot screamed back, Duo could sense a little annoyance in his tone. Sheesh, I'm
starving! what's that baka up to? as if on cue, Quatre made his entrance. "Sorry guys! I was just tidying up a bit and if
SOMEONE wasn't calling my name every ten seconds it would have been done sooner!" Duo slumped far back in his chair, red in embarrassment. Quatre sweatdroped. Wufei poked his head up to see Duo sitting far back in his chair and Quatre giggling.
He raised one brow and shook the feeling off.Wufei lowered his head again to the table.


"AAAAHHH! MERCY!MERCY!" Trowa cried, Heero grinning evilly. Thus that ending their 3 hour thumb war marathon. It
seems that all the Gundam Pilots took on new lives after the war, after the endless waltz was interrupted and the dancers were
dismissed. Trowa still fussing with his now swollen thumb, Quatre whining to Heero telling him to "be nice", it all seemed
normal to them now. Heero has changed a lot. It seemed like Heero was a new man, Reborn a child almost. He would take
part in everyday activities like everyone else, and he seemed to have a good time. But alas, nothing was more thrilling to Heero than war, than battles, the Gundams... The Gundams were now long gone. Destroyed. Since the war was over, there was no
need for them. So they sent them to space where they self -destructed. When that event took place, you could almost see a sight
of sadness or sorrow in Heero's eyes, yet he showed no emotion at all.Heero.... How could he be so cold.


"Hey! I have an idea!" Quatre chirped. All heads turned his way. "Why don't we...spend a night on the town, pick up some
hookers and have some fun!" The pilots were shocked. They weren't expecting that to crawl out of Quatre's tongue. Wufei
lifted his head again, "Nah, I did that last night" The room was silent. Wufei turned pale then a crimson color red and sank
lower in his chair than Duo. Everyone sweat droped and chorused,



"Master! we have jus received a transmission!"


"On screen...." a dark voice from a looming shadow replied. The sentence lingered to the poor tormented soldier like a bad odor. The soldier shuddered violently and ran back to his post. The large screen monitor flickered on as a Tall, handsome looking man appeared on the screen.

"Is it ready?.." the voice called out again. The man nodded, "You should be receiving them by the hour" The man replied.

"Good.... you have done well my faithful Lt., You shall receive your just rewards. End transmission!"
Then man bowed respectfully and the screen flickered off in a trail of soft light. Now part of the form from the shadows was visible. You could make out a long braid and the anatomy of a woman. A evil smile spread across the woman's lips.

"Soon my pilots, soon.... The curtains have just been raised, now the final act begins"


Part 2

"Heeroooooo!!!! baka! we're late!!" Duo grabbed Heero by the hand and dragged him out of the door into the streets. It was the beginning of a new school year and yet they once again transferred to a new boarding school.Heero and Duo found themselves running down the hall at a fast speed. Duo didn't look at where he was running and crashed into another as all three fell to the floor. Duo looked up to see an elder form. The older man cursed lightly as he lifted himself up. Heero and Duo still sat on the floor dumbfounded. Hey, that man looks familiar... Duo said to himself. Yes! he was one of Oz's Lt.! Heero must have sensed it to because he didn't let that man out of his sights until he couldn't see him no more.

"H.Heero....did yo...?" Duo was cut off half sentence by Heero's nod. Heero shook it off and helped Duo to his feet. All of the sudden, something shot through Duo's mind like a piercing arrow. It hurt. The pain. Duo held his head and flinched at the sensation.

"You okay?" Heero asked, there was the slightest bit of worry in his eye, undetected by the people around them.

"Yeah I'm fine" Duo replied, "I guess I took that fall harder than I thought I did" Duo shook his head, he was relieved from the pain that faintly lasted only a few seconds.....

"K'so!" Duo muttered under his breath as he and Heero stood in front of the class and were lectured for their tardiness. The boys would have to serve detention after school. I told Heero to hurry up but noooo! Duo thought, We had to get detention! Mumbling, The boys took their seats. Duo started threatening Heero as their fellow classmates giggled and laughed at them. The teacher droning on and on about some kind of meteor and astrology. Duo was paying no attention to him whatsoever, taping his pencil against his empty note pad.Duo took this time to relfect on the war. He had this feeling that it wasn't over yet...that it never will that time the pain struck again, this time harder than before. A vision a shadowed woman standing before the red background danced before his eyes. Duo cried out in pain as he held his head once more.

"Mr. Maxwell!" the teacher called turning his way. Duo looked up at him with one eye, "Are you alright?" the teacher asked. This caught Heero's attention aswell as everyone else in the room and people in the hall passing by. "Yeah, I'm fine.." Duo replied, flinching once more as he lowered his head.

"Very well then" The teacher said, beginning to drone off again about astrology history. "Duo!" Heero whispered, Duo looked up. "Whats wrong?" Heero asked again ,"I...don't..know..." Duo closed hid eyes, trying to rid the intense pain. Heero still looking apon Duo like he was a bird with his wings just clipped. Instead of the pain going away, it thickened. Duo grunted in pain as new images filled his mind. The dream...... All four gundam pilots looking over the feild of the dead. Your mine! a voice in his head screamed as the pain intensified. Duo was almost screaming bloody murder. Make it stop! Make it stop! Duo called out.

"MAXWELL!" The teacher yelled now seeing the braided boy on his knees, screaming in agony. "DUO!" Heero cried as he ran to the Shinigami pilot's side. Duo was now crumpled on the floor moaning in pain as the visions shot through his mind, peircing him like a thousand knives. Help me! Duo wanted to cry out Make it stop! Duo couldn't even move! Tiny little black dots threaten to cut off Duo's vision. Duo looked up weakly he could see many students surrounding him now. Heero by his side trying to confort him. Duo looked down at his hands, they were streaked with blood! Nevermind his hands, his whole side dripped with the dark crimsom liquid.

"Some one get a doctor!" he could hear the faint voices louden. His contiousness threatening to give way. can't end like this! whats happening to me!? Duo's mind screamed It will all be over soon.... Duo heard a second voice in his own thoughts.Who are you!? Duo asked but Duo wasn't going to get an answer. The last thing Duo could remember was when Heero was holding him, rushing him to the hospital. "Dont give up on me!" Duo could bearly make out the words. Then his contiousness left him, everything went black.