Title: Heat
Author: Wolfy-chan
Genre: I really dont know...
Rating: G
Archieve: If you like it *That* much then be my guest and post it!
Warnings: No warnings...
Notes: This is in Heero's POV if you havent noticed yet!**sweatdrop**


Scorching heat
The maker of sweat
that flows down my body;
Blazing inferno
Fire within me
Fire that used to be locked away inside my heart
But it still shined bright
waiting to be set free
To be free, would mean destruction
a wild fire consumes everything in it's path
That's why I hid it for so long
too long....
It is now unleashed apon the world
I have never felt the fire rage like this
deadly warmth showered with the colors
of blood and sun
Oh fire fear not to blaze before thee,
Soldiers can withstand the heat....