Title: Emotion
Author: Wolfy-chan
Genre: Angust
Rating:...I dunno **sweatdrop**
Warnings: No severe warnings, no yaoi **snaps fingers**
Notes: woohoo! I LOVE angust! I am crazy...my fave genres are horror, gore, angst, or anything that has a bloody scene in it and someone dies..I deserve to be slapped..Oh and guess whos POV this is coming from


One and only Shinigami
The only thing I believe in
Sacred black robes grace and flow
down the invisible form,
Such a horrid figure
can only beseen beautifull

In the Eyes of one...
Scythe in one hand,
Destiny in the other.

Oh black and wounded night,
I mourn for thee
Scarred shadows of darkness and despair
Broken black wings hang over me.

I am darkness itself
Immortally wounded from the high pressures around me
I live drenched in blood and pain
Endless to my part.
Nightmares within me burn my every emotion

I do not want to trouble the ones around me
The ones I love
It's a pity to see them die at my feet

I had no regrets
I had nothing to turn to

Oh kind and unforsaken soul,
lend a shoulder for Shinigami to cry on....