This tells pretty much the whole Arc... don't read if you don't wanna be spoiled (it is vague though)... it may be changed... depends on how I feel...

Title: The Words The Angel Spoke (poem)
Part: 1/1 (3 or 4/4 of the 'Words The Angel Spoke' Arc)(interchangable with fic 3 (sent 4th))
Date: 00-02-08 (YY-DD-MM)
Author: Willow
Fic Section: Complete
Saga: incomplete
Archive: GW Addiction, Darkflame's, Angel Eyes, and yes, but please tell me.
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Rating: G
Pairings: 1x2/1+2
Keywords: Angst, Yaoi
Warnings: None
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Notes: Follow up singfic to 'Say I' and 'A Thousand Words'
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The Words The Angel Spoke

The Words the Angel Spoke to me
Are words from Heaven, listen, see
The Words the Angel Spoke aloud
Are filled with pain, a death shroud

He spoke in Angel tones of gold
Working, weaving, speaking bold
He spoke of all he'd seen and done
All the battles he had won

The Words of Angel's life so dear
Were ones that fell upon deaf ears
For I had not heard the Angel's voice
And then, lack of knowing, made my choice

I left the Angel, pained and ill
Sitting on the window sill
His pain he howled into the night
His love, he lost, had taken flight

Oh Angel, twere it not so
If only, only I did know
I lost you, dear one
And my heart did run

You tried to retrieve a love you lost
Oh brave Angel, what the cost?
I did not let you speak the words
I turned you back, words unheard

Angel mine, has fled away
It is my fault you did not stay
I loved you, and still do I
I can't believe I thought you'd lie

Angel, love, my sweet supreme
I travel long, dream by dream
I continue on my journey, long
I keep your voice, my hidden song

Oh dear Angel, must you run?
For it is I who holds the gun
Not at you, the one I love
The one as gentle as a dove

But it is I, who is at the end
I love you dear one, my dearest friend
Let me love you once again
Let me show you we both can win

My love doeth rest now in mine arms
I'll keep him safe now, from any harm
I love you, dear Angel, voice sublime
And my love doeth grow, grow with time.