Title: Who could resist? (Part 1)
By: Willow
Started: June 12, 2000
Type: shonen-ai (mostly 1+2 - some 3+2 some 4+2 some 5+2 in later parts)
Rating: PG-13(ish) (for now)
Song: (not really part of the fic just BG music) "Where did it all go wrong?" Oasis. **...** music from the stereo.
Scenario: Everyone wants Duo. Get it?


Duo Maxwell waltz out of the ajoining bathroom adorned in nothing but a towel. Water glistened off of his milky skin. His hair, down and wet, clung to his backside and thighs acting as a living curtain. The boy's head bobbed in time with the music sending sprays of water when his hair followed the movement.

**You know that feeling you get,
You feel you're older than time...**

From the corner, the unnoticed observer drank in the vision before him like a man in the desert drinks of water from and oasis. As he watched the boy lip-sync with the band, each graceful movement etched itself into his memory to be replayed later.

The towel dropped from Duo's waist and the boy began to pull on a pair of black silk boxers. Picking up the towel, he towel dried the long glistening tresses. When he was satisfied with his work, he sat and began the ritual of comb the shining mass and braiding it.

**And I hope you know,
That it's touch and go...**

The shadowy figure made no move to either leave or make his presance known; he sat, waiting, memorizing every movement, every inch of the fey creature before him. True, he himself was often considered fey (and by more than one definition was it true), but this creature, he was beyond dreams. Too beautiful and astounding for words. So frail, so otherworldly.

Duo picked that moment to look around the room. His observer was careful not to be spotted as he watched the smile spread across the boy's face at his freedom. No one (at least no one he was aware of) was in the room, besides himself.

The onlooker was unsure as to how to proceed. Did he remain hidden or expose himself? He decide to follow his instincts and chose the former.

When Duo'd finished his hair and tied off the braid, he moved to the bed. Sliding under the sheets, he switched off both the radio and the light and proceeded to go to sleep.

When he was sure Duo was asleep, the silent boy slunk out of the shadows pausing momentarily by the bed before drifting out into the hall.

Once outside, Heero heaved a sigh of relief and frustration. It was terribly hard for him to control himself around the braided boy.

As he headed back to his room he caught sight of a certian uni-banged pilot heading the direction from which he'd just came. He raised an eyebrow.

/Nah,/ he admonished himself, /Quatre's room is that way too... Surely that's where he's heading too.../


Title: (was 'Who can resist?') Who could resist? 2/??
By: Shi-chan
E-mail: maxie_angel_02@yahoo.com
Started: June 13, 2000
Type: shonen-ai (mostly 3+2 - some 1+2 some 4+2 some 5+2)(some OOCness)
Rating: PG-13(ish)(for now)

Trowa headed down the hall, his target was locked and he would be damned if he was detured from his mission. The door was in sight. He looked around to see if anyone was nearby, only to hear the click of a door shutting. Heero's to judge by the direction the sound came from.

Objective 1: Reach Target's Room

Objective complete

Objective 2: Infiltration

In progress

Trowa pushed the door open just enough to let his slim form slip in. /Soon.../ he thought as he made his way to the bed, /Soon I will no longer have to content myself with mearly looking.../

He gazed donw at the lithe boy laying tangled in the sheets. The sheets were pushed down to about his waist and his long, graceful legs shown in a tantalizing patern. The boy's hair had come lose from it's braid and some of the tresses fell in a chestnut waterfall off the side of the bed.

Trowa stood in awe of the beauty before him. Duo was fey in more than one sense of the word, which made him all the more beautiful and enticing. Yes, Quatre held similar beauty, but in that cute, innocent sort of way that was not to be spoiled or tainted. Trowa knew what Duo'd been through, he could see it in the boy's eyes sometimes. They were alike in that aspect, both of them ruined yet somehow this beauty was not spoiled or soured by it. Maybe that's one reason he was drawn to the open, kind, trusting, truthful, albeit talkitive, American.

/They say fimiliarity breeds contempt. Not always true. Sometimes it's the common bond that binds the soul to another... And, too, don't they say that opposites attract?/ Trowa thought as he gazed in wonderment as the dreaming boy smiled, his featured highlighted in the moonlight.

The boy before him, although smiling, was not the Duo Maxwell, with the manic grin, he knew. No this was a creature of another world. Some lone, lost forest or water nymph, perhaps. Maybe one of the beings that rode the moonbeams to Earth...

Absently Trowa noted that it was quite late and there was a new mission tomorrow, With reluctance, he silently bid his beloved farwell, resisting the urge to kiss the boy, and made his departure.

As he slowly made his way back to his designated room, he noted a silent figure up and about.

"Quatre...?" Trowa said, "What are you doing out so late?"

"I could ask you the same," came the cheerful reply, "Just needed a walk..."

Trowa noted that the blonde's cheeks gained a fair amount of red to them when he spoke this, but decided the boy'd probably had a dream (AN: *cough cough*) or something and decided to walk it off.

"Goodnight, Quatre..." Trowa said entering his room.

"Oyasumi nasai, Trowa..." Quatre said, walking on down the hall.


Next: It's Quatre's turn... Who will get the boy? Who will win his heart? <evil grin>

AN: The things about the many definitions of 'Fey'...
Fey /fa/ adj. strange; otherworldly; whimsical (OE {Old English}: doomed to die)
Fay /fa/ n. A fairy; elf. (OF {Old French}: fae, faie)(F {French}: fée)
Fay /fa/ n. (Archaic) Faith. (OF: fei {see FAITH})

The spellings are interchangable... just thought I'd let you know what I was meaning... <smiles>


Title: (was 'Who can resist?') Who could resist? 3/10 Part 3
Author: Shi-chan (maxie_angel_02@yahoo.com)
Archive: GW Addiction
Category: shonen-ai, some OOCness
Rating: PG-13(ish)(for now)
Pairings: mostly 4+2 - some 1+2 some 3+2 some 5+2
Notes: This sucks IMHO... but whatever. please C&C.


Quatre looked back to make sure Trowa was out of sight, then slunk into the room.

On the bed lay the object of his affection, Duo Maxwell, tangled up in his own hair. Quatre smothered a giggle. Duo looked so *cute* when he was asleep. Not to say he didn't look cute at other times, but... well...

Quatre drank in the Holy vision before him. /Allah be it, he will be mine!/ Quatre thought with a smirk. Yes, *he* would be the one to get Duo. /Besides,/ he reasoned, /we're the most compatible... Trowa and Heero are just soooo unfeeling and Wufei prefers women, no matter how much they annoy him... I'll win him,/ then as an afterthought, /Trowa, you're out of your league.../

Then he was engrosing himself in the boy before him. Oh, how he wanted to make the boy his then and there, but he daren't. No, if he were to try that he'd lose the boy forever... best not to try anything just yet. For now he would settle to just look and dream.

Duo sighed in his sleep, turning slightly. The moon glistened on his moist lips and eye lids, also catching the highlights in his hair...

/Ah, a heavenly body... lovely.../ his thoughts came at random, /What creature are you? You who are so captivating? You who might put Allah to shame?/

After a time he noticed the moon slowly, ever-so-slowly, decending from the heavens. /Moonset. I'd better be off, best not to be caught.../

Leaning down to brush a whisper of a kiss across Duo's forehead and whispered, "Soon, love, I'll make you mine soon enough..."

Unbeknowest to him, two pairs of eyes followed his retreat. Both emerald and cobalt filled with rancor. Both formulating plans to make the boy suffer for his treachery. And make the violet-eyed one their own. Neither knowing of the others plan or resentment of one another.

Three doors shut almost simultaneously, but not before the occupants noticed a fourth walking in the direction of Duo's room.

The exotic boy walked on padded feet, silent as the falling moon. All eyes turning to their rancor at this new target. All making the same resolves: Eliminate all opponents.


Next: Wufei's turn. What will happen in the morning? What are the rival's plans? Will Duo choose one of them? Who will he choose?