Part 1 - World Turning

//Everybody's trying to say I'm wrong
I just wanna be back where I belong//

"... they'll come for me... I know they will... either to rescue me or kill me... but they'll come..." Duo mummbled.

"Yeah, kid, sure. You just keep on thinking that," laughed a guard.

"Awe, Jeeves, why ya humorin' him? Look, kiddo, no one's comin' for ya," the other guard said solomnly.

"But, 's fun to listen to 'em... 'e sounds so sure of it..." the first, Jeeves, said.

Duo slunk back on himself, thinking of the others and hoping against all hope that they'd show.


"We've gotta get him out!" Quatre demanded.

"You're right, he's a liability. He must be... taken care of."

"Heero! That's not what I meant! We have to save him..."

"Quatre... Fine, I'll try and... rescue him, but if anything at all goes wrong..." he left the comment unfinished, as they all knew what would happen then.


<thunk, thunk>

Duo looked up at the door.


The door swung open and a figure appeared. It was too small to be one of the guards, so who was it...

"Get up, we're getting out of here..." came a gruff monotone.

"Heero, you came to rescue me..." Duo choked out as he tried to stumble to his feet. *Tried*. His broken leg and concussion sent him back to the ground.

Heero grunted and walked over to place a supporting shoulder under the injured boy's arm.

"Come on, we've got to get out of here."

Duo nodded and they were on their way.


Somehow they got out without incident.

When back at the safe house Quatre was hoovering all over him, tending his wounds.

"Duo, I glad you're pretty much ok..." Quatre glanced down at Duo's injured leg and paled.

"Duo..." Heero grunted.


"Brace yourself... I'm gonna set your leg"

Duo's eyes went wide as his already pale skin somehow paled further, but he nodded and grasped the sides of the matress and waited for Heero to finish.

//World turning
I gotta get my feet back on the ground
World turning
Everybody's got me down//

Duo lay on the bed, dozing. He was alone in the safe house, for the other pilots were out on missions.

<click, pause, click>

Duo roused slightly as the door shut.

'Oh, someone's home... good...' he thought as he drifted into a deeper sleep.


Heero stared at the boy asleep on the bed. He wasn't tosing like he had the night before. Heero walked over to the bed on silent feet and placed a hand to Duo's forehead.

'Good, the fever's gone,' he thought as he dropped his hand and walked over to the computer.

Duo was doing better, and that was good, but he still needed someone to watch over him until he was completely better. Woefully, they had to leave him alone for awhile, when they were sent out on a mission.

Heero's part had been small and easy, just a quick hacking job, so he'd been able to get back to the boy quickly.

'He probably thought everyone was leaving him... he doesn't like to be alone...' Heero thought as he glanced over, checking on the boy, 'How do I know so much about him?'

'Well I have known him a long while...' he countered himself.

'Ah, well... he is my only best friend after all... he seems to know a lot about me too... he can read me... he can anticipate when to quit bothering me...' Heero didn't like where his thoughts seemed to be leading, so he stopped it right there.

//Maybe I'm wrong but who's to say what's right
I need somebody to help me through the night//

Heero heard a muffled noise and looked over at the rooms other occupant.

Duo's brow was furrowed in a deep frown. He was having a nightmare.

Heero made his way over to the bed. He had to find some way to comfort the other boy. A thought from earlier came back to him...

'... he doesn't like to be alone...'

Heero blinked... 'Does he think he's alone?'

Duo turned onto his side and made a small whimpering noise.

Heero looked at him, he couldn't take the look of pain on the generally cheerful face.

Mission: End the nightmare.
Parameters: Don't wake subject.

'Ninmu Ryokai...'

Heero slipped into the bed beside Duo and gathered the slumbering boy to him.

At the contact, Duo seemed to relax a bit and the frown eased.

'Ninmu Kanryou...'

Heero was about to move away when he thought better of it...

'... he doesn't like to be alone...'

Heero figure if he left the nightmare would begin again, so he stayed.

Part 2 - I'm So Afraid

//I been alone
all the years
so many ways to count the tears
I never change
I never will
I'm so afraid the way I feel//

Arms. Strong and comforting. Wrapped around his waist. A warm body pressed against his back.

Duo awoke to find himself not alone of the bed. He tried to turn and look, but he already knew who it was. Just why?

"H-heero?" He whispered.

"Hn..." Heero grunted sleepily.

"Wha..." Heero let go and moved away.

"You were having a nightmare..." he said as he made his way to the computer.

"Oh... thank you..." Duo said, why did he feel disappointed?

He stared at Heero's back as he clacked away on the computer. What was this odd feeling? Why did he feel upset that it was just to stop a nightmare?

Then it hit him. 'Oh my god! I'm in love with him! I'm in love with Heero 'I'm a cold, unfeeling, self-destructive bastard' Yuy...'

Then he thought again. Cold maybe. Unfeeling, no. He had comforted him, he couldn't be unfeeling if he'd recognized Duo's anguish. Duo looked at him again.

'If he finds out I'm gonna be in for a very painful, tortured, and elaborate death.'

//Days when the rain and the sun are gone
Black as night
Agony's torn at my heart too long
So afraid
Slip and I fall and I die//

Everything began to fall into place for him. The times when Heero'd gone on solo missions and he'd paced restlessly around the room until the Wing pilot'd returned. The times he'd just listen to Heero type away, or grunt, or anything.

He'd thought it was friendship, maybe at first it was, but somehow it'd developed into something deeper, something that left Duo longing for more that just friendship.

He sighed and tried to heave himself off the bed. His broken leg came painfully into contact with the bedpost. He howled as the pain spasmed up his leg and drove tears to his eyes.

Heero's head shot up and he was out of his chair in an instant. He leaned the boy back on the bed and went to the bathroom to get a cold press. He returned and placed the press firmly on Duo's leg.

Duo bit back the tears that were threatening to spill from his eyes as Heero gentled his menestrations. The pain slowly resided into a dull throb.

"T-thank you..." Duo choked out around the tears and the tightness of his throat.

"Hn. Baka," Heero said, but it was different, kinder, and Duo could swear that he was smiling.

Duo blinked and Heero almost laughed at the confused look on the boys face.

'Yes, baka, I'm smiling... I can do that to, I just usually chose not to,' he thought, 'Hmmm... I wonder what would happen if...'

Heero leaned forward and kissed the boy right on the lips.

Pulling back he was rewarded with a look of surprise. The violet eyes glittered at him with happiness. He looked down on Duo and said, "Go to sleep..." and thought, 'Sleep well...'

Duo blinked and closed his eyes, 'Did I just die?'

Part 3 - Over My Head

//You can take me to paradise
And then again you can be cold as ice
I'm over my head
but it sure feels nice//

Once his leg was healed, Duo took every chance to be around the Wing pilot. Not having to worry about hiding his feelings from him. Quatre knew, he'd known for almost as long as Duo'd known himself.

Every chance he got, Duo'd find some reason to touch Heero. Small things like wiping grease off the other's nose or pulling grass out of his hair. Anything that meant that he could put his hands on his love.

At first Heero just tolerated it, but once he got used to that fact that the others didn't give a damn (in fact Quatre was even more entusiastic about it than Duo) then he relaxed and began to return the gestures.

"Hee-chan..." Duo said smiling at his beloved.

"Hn... don't call me that..." Heero grunted.

"Why not?"

"I said so..." Heero looked at him, "It's childish..."

"Hmmm..." Duo made an adorable pouty face.

Heero just smiled and shook his head. Duo was just too tempting to ignore for long. Heero wanted him, and he was going to make him his tonight. He had it all planned out. Tonight would be their night.

//Take me anytime you like
I'll be around if you think you might love me baby
and hold me tight//

Duo walked into their room from the shower.

"Oi, Hee-chan, I was wonderi--" Duo looked around, Heero was no where insight. He walked over to his bed and noticed a note pinned to the pillow.

It read:


Meet me at the far end of the compound.
I have a surprise for you.


Duo smiled happily and dressed as fast as he could. Heero had a surprise for him. He smiled a slight hentai grin as he left the house, maybe it was...


Heero spread out the blanket and waited for his love.

Duo walked up behind him and placed his hands playfully over Heero's eyes.

"Guess who?"

Heero decided to play, "Quatre, I told you not to follow me around..."

Duo slugged him playfully on his shoulder, "Hidoi!"

Heero grabbed Duo's chin in between his fingers and kissed him thoroughly.

"Hi..." He breathed.

(lemon/lime start)

Duo's eyes were glowing with excitement and love as Heero kissed him again. Running his tongue along Duo's lower lip and pressing firmly, asking admitance. Duo opened his mouth slightly and Heero's hot, wet tongue darted in and began the sparing match.

He pulled the boy down to the ground and rolled on top of him, never breaking the kiss for an instant.

When they finally had to break for air, lest they asphyxiate, Heero began dropping wet, nipping kisses down Duo's partly exposed chest. As he got down to where the buttons began on the shirt he began to undo them. Frustraited when it took too long, Heero just ripped the shirt off of Duo and continued to the pants.

Between the fingers and the lips, Duo found himself growing very aroused. He wanted Heero inside him, he wanted to feel his love thrusting into him relentlessly. He wouldn't have to wait too long.

Duo now lay completely naked and aroused. Just the sight of this lovely before him made Heero grow hard in anticipation. He pulled his own shirt off and tossed it aside, he followed suit with his shoes, pants, and underware.

"Heero..." Duo breathed as said boy ran his slightly cold hands up and down his inner thighs teasingly. He moved from teasing thighs to teasing Duo's shaft that practically sang from the contact. Heero eyed his prey hungrily before he lowered his head to take Duo's whole arousal into his mouth.

Duo threw back his head as his whole body rose to meet those warm lips and hot mouth. Pleasure rocked him as Heero slowly and diliberately moved his mouth up and down his shaft.

Heero swirled his tongue around the tip and nibbled delicately at the underside on his way back down. He watched as he teased his beauty close to ecstacy.

As he felt himself about to cum the mouth was suddenly gone. He made a small whimper at the loss then he felt a coated finger slowly being inserted into his anus. He tensed at the sharp pain. That pain was soon replaced by pleasure as Heero's finger brushed against something deep inside him that rocked his world.

Slowly Heero slid another finger into the now writhing beauty. He slowly stretched him to accomadate his length. When the muscled ring relaxed Heero knew he was ready. He removed his fingers and coated his now completely hard shaft.

Slowly penetrating and thrusting he brought both of them into ecstacy.

(lemon/lime end)

As they lay there, slowly and reluctantly giving into sleep's call, they held one another, neither willing to let the other go.

Neither caring if soemone caught them there. To hell with the pride of soldiers. To hell with the rest of the world and space.

They slept dreaming of one another.

//Your mood is like a circus wheel
you're changing all the time
sometimes I can't help but feel
that I'm waisting my time

Think that I'm looking on the dark side
but everyday you hurt my pride
I'm over my head
but it sure feels nice
I'm over my head
but it sure feels nice//

Part 4 - Warm Ways


//Sleep easy by me side
Into gentle slumber you can hide
I, I'm waiting for the sun, to come up
I can't sleep with your warm ways//

He's asleep. He's so warm. I've never felt this way before. Is it love? Is that what this feeling is? The feeling that I never want him to be away from me? That I want to take him away from everything and spend forever?

I can't sleep, not with him here. No, he's just to beautiful and I want to watch him until I have to sleep.

I'm watching the sun rise now. Did you know that, Duo? I stayed up all night, again, watching you sleep. Only this time you're in my arms and not across the room.

From this time, and from now on, I'll always be near you. I'll protect you, I'll be your guardian angel... <laugh> Death's Angel...

Death is an angel... When did you fall from heaven?

I feel so warm, inside and out, when I'm with you. You fill me and make me whole. I want this to be forever.

Forever love
Together love-//


//You made me a man tonight
sleep until the morning light
I, I'm waiting for the sun, to come up
I can't sleep, with your warm ways//

Your awake. I can feel your eyes on me.

The sun is coming up, did you know that, Heero? Are you watching it too?

You know, it feels so good and so right to be here in your arms? I want to remain here with you forever.

I wanna be with you no matter what. I love you so much, did you know that? I'm yours. Can you accept that? Forever. I promise.

Did you know that I've seen you watching me? Every night when you think I'm asleep. I feel your eyes on me, I always do.

I open my eyes and you seem startled, but you cover it up.

"Ohayo..." you say as you kiss me.

"Ohayo, Heero-koi," I say.

You wrinkle your nose at that, but then you laugh. This surprises me. It is a real, heart felt laugh.

You continue to amazed me. Maybe that is one reason why I love you.

Forever love
Together love//

"Forever Love..."