Title : Sleeping Beauty (sequel to 3 Libras)
Author : Willow
Archive: GW Addiction, DF's, Fanfiction.net; otherwise: yes, just ask me.
Type : Sequel
Teaser : Duo's been raped and is comatose.... Heero tries to find a way to awaken his sleeping beauty.
Spoilers : None
Warnings : Referance to rape, allusion to 3 Libras by Shi-chan....
Keywords : shounen-ai, 1+2
Disclaimer : I don't own anything. I am poor... want a nickle?
Posted : 26.Nov.00


Sleeping Beauty

"He's in shock," Trowa said quietly. "They... did a lot of horrible things to him, Heero..."

Heero looked at his adoptive brother, "What... kind of things...?" He asked, not sure if he wanted the answer...

'Rape,' Trowa mouthed, not able to trust his voice. He thought of his angel and if this had happened to him, he knew it was hard for Heero... as hard, or possibly harder than if it had happened to Quatre. Trowa put a comforting hand on the kneeling boy's shoulder.

Heero once again looked on the unseeing face. "Duo, I'm sorry!" He whispered as sobs wracked his body. After a time, he controlled himself. "Trowa..."

The tall boy took the hint, "I'll come get you at dinner." he said, turning to leave.


Heero lay down on the bed beside his beloved. Why? Why had this happened to him? He'd only been away from the boy for an hour or so, but... He kissed Duo's cheek, hoping to elicit some response from the boy, but to his despair he recieved not a twitch.

"I love you, Duo... please come back to me..." he said as he closed his eyes. If all was as he wished, when he woke this would all have just been a bad dream and he could start with a clean slate in the morning. Fate was not so kind...

. . . . . .

Duo was in a world of turmoil and pain. Emotional pain, for his body was bearly recognized as existant in this world of mental pain he'd fallen into. Vaguely his subconscious registered that someone was laying beside him on what ever soft sureface he'd been placed on.

'ohgods ohgods, please not again... no no no no no no...' was all his mind could produce. He felt a feather-light kiss being placed on his cheek and nearly lost it... 'no no no no no no no no no no no no nononnonononononononononononononononono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' he wanted to scream, but his body was no longer his own, no longer did it move acording to his will.

His mind produced images that spun like an out-of-control carousel. Images of his foster parents, images of his friends, of all the people he'd ever cared for... and one image in particular... One Heero Yuy, smirking at him after winning a basketball game. Then it all went black.

[i believed i could cure it all
for you dear ]

Heero held the boy tight, wishing with all his soul that he could do something more that just be there... though, he'd read in a book somewhere that just being there and using all your soul to bring the person back to you worked better than any medicine ever concocted... He fervently hoped this was true...

'I can make you better! You will get better and come back to me... then we'll live happily ever after... Just you and me forever... I'll protect you, I promise!' He thought over and over, willing his thoughts to reach the boy lying on the bed next to him.

"Heero?" Trowa called from the doorway. In his hands he held a tray of food, which he set on the bedside table. "Please eat, it will do him no good if you lose strength."

Heero looked at his brother, "Thank you, Trowa..."

"C'est ne rien... Think nothing of it..."

"Ne, Trowa..." Heero said, looking at the sleeping boy. "Do you know of anything we could try to get him back to us quicker? I don't mean medical... I mean, something... I don't know... magical?"

[coax or trick or drive or
drag the demons from you
make it right
for you sleeping beauty]

Trowa smiled sadly, "The only thing I know of to do is to talk to him, talk him out of his self-induced coma.... That is all I know to do."

"That's all?" Heero was ready to cry. No way to help his beloved?

No. That wasn't right. Trowa had said that talking to him mught help speed his recovery. Well, by the gods, Heero would try anything to get Duo back.... He'd talk to him until his voice was gone!

. . . . . .

".... And then Quatre cracked a dirty joke and blood came spraying out of Wufei's nose, you should have been there!!!" Heero said, trying to put as much cheer into his voice as he could muster. He knew that Duo could hear him.... or at least his subconscious could.

"Heero, Trowa! Dinner!!!" called Catherine from down stairs.

"Ah, I must go.... I'll be back in about ten minutes, k?" Heero said, then leant down to place a chaste kiss on Duo's forehead.

[truly thought
i magically could heal you]

. . . . . .

"Hmmm.... 'to help a sick loved one....' no, that won't work...." Heero sighed and tossed the book back on the table. He'd been through at least ten to twenty books on magic and healing in the past two weeks and none of it gave him any idea how to help Duo.

"Ne, koi.... You know what?" Heero said, brushing jagged bangs from closed and sunken eyes. "When you awake.... I'm gonna fix you the biggest breakfast of blueberry pancakes and strawberry syrup with everything from eggs to raisin toast!"

"Heero?" Trowa said from the doorway. "We have the in-house doctor now.... Will you let her take a look at him?"

"Anything to help him, Trowa, you know that!" Heero said, looking hopefully at his sworn brother.

. . . . . .

"Well, he's in a coma as you have obviously noted.... Why you didn't bring him to the hospital immediately is far beyond me.... and if he'd died you'd be held for negligance," she sighed. "But you seem to have done a first rate job.... Where did you get medical equipment?"

Trowa blushed, "Well, see, a friend of ours if the heir to the Winner corperation and well.... He's had his personal med staff checking in on Duo ever since he showed up here...."

"Aa, I see...."

"The only reason we called for other help, is that his personel are limited in what they can and cannot do.... We needed a state representative to check him out.... on with completely legit connections."

"Aa," she turned to look at the boys. "Well, as the monitors show he is recovering, and will fully, but as to whether he will wake.... that is completely up to him now. Nothing I can do will speed that along. He needs loved ones near him to make him want to wake...."

With that the doctor turned and left.

Trowa looked at his friend. "I guess you must keep up the conversation...."

Heero nodded.

[yeah far beyond a visible
sign of your awakening
failing miserably to rescue
sleeping beauty]

. . . . . .

For weeks Heero talked to the boy. And for weeks he recieved no response.

Had his love truly been lost for good? Would he never see the boy smile at him for some unknown and mysterious reason? Would he never hear that infectious laugh come from his sweet lips?

Heero was so tired.... emotionally, not physically. He was ready to give up.... to call his mission a failure.

How could he continue this? How could he harbor the false hope that the smiling, violet-eyed boy would ever return to him?

He glanced at the sleeping beauty on the bed.

How could he? Simply because he loved the boy that much. He would take how ever long it took to wake his sleeping love!

. . . . . .

Eventually, violet-eyes did flutter open. And the sleeping boy did wake, but it was not the fairy tale that Heero'd hoped it would be.... Not at all....

. . . . . .

[drunk on ego
truly thought i could make it right if i
kissed you one more time to
help you face the nightmare but you're
far too poisoned for me]

Heero lay with his head on the bed, slumped over in a chair. Sitting up he tilted his head from side to side to help get the cricks out of it. He stretched and looked over at the boy on the bed and stopped....

Duo's eyes were once again open, but this time they were gazing about the room.

"D-duo?" Heero asked, wearily.

Duo blinked and his eyes focused on the boy sitting beside the bed, but didn't respond.

"Are.... are you ok?"

".... heero?" Duo asked, slowly.

Heero nodded. He smiled and leant over to kiss the braided boy on the forehead.

Duo froze and tried to move away from him.

"Duo?" Heero asked, forlornly.

"G-gomen...." Duo said, averting his eyes.

Heero just squeezed his hand and got up to get his some food.

. . . . . .

Trowa found him in the kitchen ranting.

"I'll kill them! I'll kill the bastards!!!!!!!!!" Heero growled as he made some Chicken & Stars™ for the boy up stairs.

"Nani? What's worng?" Trowa asked.

"Duo woke up...." Heero said, pouring the warm soup into a bowl.

"That's.... That's GREAT, Heero!" Trowa said, smiling slightly.

"He won't let me touch him.... he was even loath to let me squeeze his hand in reasurance."

"Oh," Trowa sobered from his happiness. "He'll get over it, Heero. Give him time...."

Just what he needed. More time to be frustrated. Well, it was worth it in the long run.... only if he got his Duo back.

. . . . . .

[such a fool to think that i could wake you from your slumber
i could actually heal you]

Duo sat on the edge of the bed, a frown on his brow. He loved Heero, this he knew. But he was afraid. He was afraid of human contact.... let alone.... that. That which he knew Heero wanted.... that which, at one point, he'd wanted too. But now....

Duo was pulled from his reverie as the object of his thoughts opened the door and brought in a tray of food.

"Chicken & Stars™...." he said shortly, seeing Duo's curious look, "You've been on an IV for four weeks...."

"Oh.... thank you," Duo said as he took the profered tray.

Duo ate in silence as Heero watched each movement as if memorizing it and storing it for later usage.... who knows, he probably was!

After Duo was finished, Heero took the tray back to the kitchen. When he returned he found Duo curled up on the bed, asleep.

. . . . . .

"I am a fool," Heero said to no one in particular. "He'll never be mine again.... matter of fact, he never was...."

"Don't be so hard on yourself, brother," Trowa said, sitting down next to him on the front porch. "Like I said, give him time. . . . Do things with him, take him places.... Make him fall in love with you all over again, then see if he is healed enough to be with you.... The body heals faster than the heart, I'm afraid. Be patient with him, don't let your libido rule you, blood-kin."

"I wish it were that simple, ke'chara, but.... I dunno, the more I see you and Quatre drooling over one another, the more I long to have that myself. You and he have a lovebond, that I thought I had with Duo...."

"Ah, but, brother of my heart, you do.... this is just a test! You'll pass it, but this kind of soul-trauma, it is hard to heal and takes love.... that of which you can give him in abundance, no da!" Trowa said, smiling just a little too broadly. [1]

"You've been reading those silly stories again, haven't you!?" Heero accused. "Bah! You and your fantasy books or your fanfictions!"

Heero felt a little better as he and his blood brother teased one another, he only hoped he would feel up to helping Duo heal.

. . . . .

[sleeping beauty
poisoned and hopeless]

Duo tossed in his sleep.



His insides.


He couldn't see, there was a dirty rag tied over his eyes.

Flaring white hot pain.

Then nothing.

Duo sat up, his breathing was quick and his body was covered in sweat.

"Oh gods!" he hissed as he drew his knees to him. "Please.... oh gods, I can't even get away from them in my sleep!"

"Duo?" Heero said, stepping into the room. "Daijoubu ka?"

Duo shook his head.

"Aa.... nightmares?" Duo nodded. "It's about noon, wanna go someplace?"

"I guess.... Better than moping about here...." Duo replied caustiously.

They walked to the lake in the park. Heero wanted Duo to see the fine spring day that it was. There were sleek white swans gracefully sliding across the lake and small ducklings toddling after their mother. It was beautiful.

'But it's all put to shame by his beauty,' Heero thought as he watched the boy who was kneeling to pet a stray dog that had wandered over to him.

Heero placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. Wrong move. Duo froze and looked as if he were going to bolt. Heero removed his hand murmuring 'gomen'.

"Eh.... gomen, Heero, I just...." Duo looked pleadingly at him.

"Shh, I understand, my fault for not remembering, that's all."

Duo cast his eyes out over the lake and sighed.

. . . . . .

[far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
failing miserably to find a way to comfort you]

"I don't know, Trowa, it seems that whatever I do I never seem to reach deep enough to bring him back to me...."

Trowa looked sadly at him and hugged his koibito closer to him, seeking comfort from his sworn brother's pain.

"I'm failing.... but it's not just me I'm failing.... it's him! He's not getting better because I am failing him!" Heero continued to berate himself.

"Heero-kun, all you can do is be there for him.... show him that not all love hurts.... He's been hurt by everyone he's ever loved and this, while different, comes close to that.... He's Catholic, you know? He believes sex and love come close to one another.... sex is a tool used to express love, but this abuse of that tool was purely for the offender's pleasure.... he doesn't see it that way.... He fears that all love expressed through sex will be just like that.... show him NORMAL love, then show him SEXUAL love, but only when he is ready," Quatre said.

'He's still as talkative as usual, but he does have a point.... how ever inflated he made it....' he thought, nodding in agreement.

. . . . . .

[far beyond a visible sign of you awakening
hiding from some poisoned memory]

Duo avoided Heero as much as he could. When not in class or at meal he hid in what had been their room.

Since Duo's awakening, Heero'd shared a room with Trowa, letting Duo sleep alone and away from human contact.

"I can't be with him.... not just protecting myself.... I'm not worthy of him...." were where his thoughts revolved, spinning further into self hatred and depression with each loop.

Finally, after hours of agonizing over his on worthlessness and self hatred, he fell into a fitful sleep where he relived that hour that had changed his life, over and over again in slow motion. Each movement vividly clear and painful in his mind. All asailing him until he were to wake.

[poisoned and hopeless sleeping beauty]




[1] Pour tu, Aurore-koi! Trowa (*snickers* Trois) est 'immitating' tu, ma petite amante.