Title: Say I
Part: 1/1 (2/? of the 'Words The Angel Spoke' Arc)
Date: 00-02-08 (YY-DD-MM)
Author: Willow
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Saga: incomplete
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Rating: PG-13
Pairings: 1x2/1+2
Keywords: Angst, Yaoi
Warnings: Dark?
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Notes: Follow up singfic to 'A Thousand Words'
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Say I

//The dust has finally settled on the field of human clay
Just enough light has shown through
To tell the night from the day//


Heero stood staring off into the distance. The sun was setting sending hues of red and orange through the expansive sky. The sky that had swallowed up his joy...

The dust from the most recient sand storm had settled revealing a bone dry desert of dead plants and the white bones of unlucky animals. He was one of those animals; dead, nothing but a pale ghost of what he once was.

The light of day only reached the surface of his façade, never breaking through to his soul like it once had. Yes, the sun had once warmed his frigid heart, but that was a long time ago... when *he* was still with him.

When Duo'd left, his sun was gone and his soul once again froze over, never to be thawed. His rock hard exterior never faultered, he never gave more than a casual, indifferent glance. Never allowed himself to think he could care... not until he recovered the shining thing that was Duo. His light, his love.

He knew it was all his fault, once he'd thought about it at least. Curse his training and untrust. It cost him so much... so much he might lose forever.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, signaling the seasonal rain. He watched the storm roll over the desert, a dark shadow showering the plains. Closer and closer it came. He could see the sheets of rain pouring down, turning the dry ground into goopy, sticky clay. Lightning flashed drawing his attention further to the north...


Deathscythe loomed over the doomed Leos, a swooping slash and a maniacal cry of triumph proceeded the flash of sliced circuitry. "Shinigami LIVES!" came the cry through the intercom.

'Hn,' he thought, 'can't he ever be serious?'

"Oi, Heero! Whaddaya say we slice'em and dice'em then get the hell outta here?" Duo said, face appearing on the screen.

"Hn. Don't get too carried away," he said, a tight expression masking his amusement at Duo's enthusiasm.


Then Shinigami was off, slashing MS after MS relentlessly. Shaking his head, Heero sent Wing after his partner and back into the frey of sparks and destruction.

*End Flashback*

'Hn...' he thought, shaking away the memory. 'I will find you...'


//We are incomplete and hollow
For our maker has gone away
Who is to blame?
We'll surely melt in the rain
Say I//



He'd been searching for months with much disappointment, but now... now he may have found a clue. Albiet a small clue, but any clue to Duo's whereabouts was well worthy the time if it led him to the elusive pilot.

Looking back at the screen of his laptop to confirm the information, Heero nodded. If the information was anywhere near correct Duo was traveling with Quatre... 'Shouldn't be too hard for me to find...'

In one swift, graceful movement Heero was out of the chair and on his way, grabbing his coat as he opened the door. 'Duo, wait for me...'

*End Flashback*

As the storm rolled along it's course, Heero stood, a silent figure, unmoving...

A clap of thunder, so close it was deafening, vibrated the air. The electricity of the lightning raced along his skin rising the hairs on his arms. He looked up into the turmoil of the hellsih sky...

'I'm coming, Duo...'


//The stillness is so lifeless with no spirit in your soul
Like children with no vision do exactly what they're told
Being led into the desert//


Heero walked toward the town on the distant horizon. Rain beat on his back, but he didn't care. He had a mission, his life depended on the success of this one all important mission.

The desert drolled out before him, teasing him... with each step the distant location seemed to fade further and further back... seemed farther away...

Suddenly all was still, not a thing moved. No rain poured from the gray sky. No sound. No sight. Nothing. Nothingness around him. Black.

*Dream sequence*

A laughing voice, childlike in it's mannerisms, calls out to him, giggling.

::Hee~ro...:: it said in a sing-song voice. ::This way...:: it whispered.

He blinked and the scene changed. The nothingness was replaced by an oasis, palm trees and singing birds filled his vision and hearing, but the sing-song voice still beckoned to him.

::Just a little further... you're almost there...::

He looked around him, whirling to catch a glimps of who it was...

*End Dream sequence*

He found himself back in the desert, rain pouring down around him. He was drenched to the bone, but he knew where to look...


//For your strength will surely fade
Who is to blame?
We'll surely melt in the rain
Say I//


He turdged on... reaching his destination just as his strength began to fail him. He rang the bell and collapsed on the mat.

When he woke, Quatre was sitting at his bedside, looking worriedly around... "Oh, Heero! you're awake!" he chirped when he saw Heero's eyes open.


"Yokatta ne..."

"Quatre... where's Duo?"

Quatre seemed a little flustered and looked to be debating with himself on something. "He's not here, Heero... I haven't see him in a while..."

"Hn..." Heero managed before he slipped back into the land of dreams and nightmares.


Quatre sighed as Heero's breathing evened out. 'Good,' he thought, 'Duo isn't ready to meet back up with him...'

Sure that Heero would be alright, he searched out his lover. He needed him right now... he just prayed that Duo wouldn't fin out about Heero being here...


//Frantic, faction, focus
The world breathes
And out forms this misconception we call man
But I don't know him
No, I don't know him
Because he lies//


Duo's eyes were frantic as he watched Rashid carry the limp form into a guestroom.

Heero. Heero'd come after him? No, not yet... not this soon... he wasn't ready to figure things out yet... no...

He clenched his eyes shut as he felt the tears well up. No. Not now!!!!! He wasn't ready... he need more time to think it through for himself... And he would not cry... he had no reason to cry... 'Damn it! I will not CRY!!!!' he screamed at himself.

Rubbing his eyes furiously to clear his vision, Duo ran. He ran as far as his legs would take him. He ran to teh edge of the large estat... he didn't give a damn about the rain. He ran, running until he could go no further. He collapsed under a gazibo... exhausted.

Then, and only then did he allow himself to think.

'Is he really sorry?'

'No, why would Mr. Perfect be sorry for anything? 'specially something he did to a street rat like you?' his mind countered.

'No, he... I thougth he loved me... if he does then... maybe he really is sorry...'

'Nope, yer just foolin' yourself... why would he want you when he could have Relena, Queen of the World?'

'Why would he... why would we...'


'No!!!! He-he said he... felt something for me!'


That stuck Duo... he never thought Heero'd ever lie to him... had he? The little voice that had countered him snickered. Duo curled up on the bench... determined not to cry over his shattered heart... determined...

Determination crumbled...

A single tear slipped down his cheek...


//Say I//



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