::grins:: this is odd... I came up with this idea by browsing through Jade's fics... I saw her title of 'If Music Be The Food Of Love...' I think that's the title... but it gave me this idea (this is not anything like her fic).

Title: Sadistic Pleasure
By: Willow
Pair: ::cackles:: It's a Surprise!
Rating: R
Catagory: POV, yaoi
feedback: YES DAMNIT! FEED ME!


I watched him gyrate his body to the pulsing beat of mellow rock music that flowed like honey from the stereo speakers. I've never seen him move like this, never. Slowly he twists his form sensuously, unconsciously doing his damnedest to make me pin him to the floor and bang his brains out, most pleasantly that is.

I swear I'm drooling as he strips off his thread-bare t-shirt and tosses it to land on the potted palm in the far corner. His toned muscles glisten with sweat as he slowly moves to the beat. He must have been doing this for sometime before I took notice... How did I not notice? Oh, right, I was out on an errand for Quatre.

He thrusts his hips seductively and I swear he's doing it to torture me, that he knows I'm here -- hidden behind the curtains -- and watching every twist and turn of his gorgeous body as though my life depended on it.

He lifts his hand to his face and puts a finger in his hot mouth. I nearly groan as he sucks on the digit before releasing the now slick finger and trailing it down his muscled chest and to the rim of his faded jeans. He unbuttons them -- did I mention that he's not facing me? -- and oh god! He slides the zipper down and releases his swollen and dripping erection. I feel my penis pulse with desire as he wraps his fingers around the hard limb and slowly pumps.

"Oh," he breathes and again, my own arousal pulses in response to him.

Sadist! That's what he is! He must know I'm here and watching him... why else would he be putting so much attention into pleasuring himself?

/Unless he's acting out a fantasy,/ my mind supplies and I have to give it credit... he could be acting out a secret fantasy... but then again, he could be torturing me.

I draw my attention from my thoughts as he throws his head back and groans, spilling his milky seed into his hand and the floor. Sated, he slumps to the floor.

After a couple minutes he cleans up his mess and searches for his shirt. I decided to see if he's the sadist I believe him to be and come out from behind the curtain.

"Do you do that just to make me suffer?" I ask him.

He smirks That Smirk and I know he knew I was there and he took pleasure in torturing me. See? Told you he's a sadist.

"Gah, Heero, couldn't you at least acknowledge that I was there so I could join in the fun?" I whine, I know I'm whining. I do that for a reason... because when I whine I always get what I want.

"Hn. I like it when you suffer..."

"Sadist," I mutter, but he ignores me... or doesn't hear me... Most likely he's just ignoring my comment...

"Means the sex will be at least twice as hot."

I chuckle and pull him to me, kissing his luscious lips. "Damn you, Heero Yuy... you know /just/ how to turn a guy on."

"Hn. Only the one I love..."

"See! There you go again!" I feel all mushy. Hell, I think I might let him take me this time, I feel so giddy and sappy.

"Hn, baka..."

"I be you say that to all the braided men."

"Only the ones that can show me a really good time."

Looks like I'm top... oh well... maybe next time.

"That would be me, then, wouldn't it?" I chuckle, nipping at his ear.

"Yes, Duo... that would be you," he says dryly, but I hear the laughter beneathe the monotone. He tries, he really does... and I'm working on him. This kinda stuff takes time.

"Glad to know I'm appriciated."

Clothes are now obsticals for someone else....

To trip over.