Title: A Risk Worth Taking
Author: Willow
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Category: AU, shounen ai/yaoi
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: eventually 1x2, 3x4
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A Risk Worth Taking

Duo woke feeling as if he'd been rung through the wringer and been left out to dry. All his muscles protested any and all movement. His eyes and mouth were dry and his stomach so empty he was nauseous. He felt the press of warm bodies around him, but, he noted, the air was fresh, free of the horrid stench it had held before... and his lungs welcomed this. Subconsciously he noted the familiar prescence of Quatre close-by.

After a time, he fought to open his eyes, what he saw made him close them immediately thereafter. They were lying in a field of bodies; front, back, left, right, bodies everywhichway. Also he'd noted, in the brief second he'd held his wide violet eyes open, they were no longer on Betelgeuse; the pale lavanderish sky attested to that. [1]

Duo heard the stirings of angry, or at least irritated, voices somewhere off to the right... male, they were definately male voices.... accompanied by some odd snorts and grunts. There was also a lot of moaning and groaning going on, which told him he wasn't the only one coming around.

With a muted groan, Duo forced himself to move. He managed to get himself propped up on his elbows, enough to take a better look around. He ignored the protests of his stiff muscles, and continued to look at the 'castaways'. He almost giggled as he watched the men he'd heard earlier contesting the possession of a line of crates. A few of them had climbed up onto the large containers and were brandishing knives, the metal glinting in the sunlight. The ones on the ground were mainly aliens: the goblinesque, squatty Turs (Duo didn't like them, they were an unpleasent lot), some hairy Rugarians, and the green-skinned Ilginish. [2]

'We weren't given knives before they manhandled us here...' Duo thought, pushing off the ground. His body was slowly beginning to move more fluidly under his control. 'Why do they give them to us know?' Duo looked around for the Soldats that were running this encampment... only to find that there were none in sight, not even Heero and Duo knew he'd been dragged along for the ride.

He stepped over to Quatre and helped the now-conscious boy to stand. "Thanks," Quatre muttered, his voice dry and cracking.

"No prob, man," Duo said cheerfully, his voice, too, grating slightly. He wrinkled his nose at hearing it. Quatre laughed, looking around them.

One of the humans at the crates was yelling at the aliens surrounding him. Obviously, even though Duo could not make out the words the man was saying, they were dealing with the knives for the alien, a Tur, was waving one in, what looked like, a demanding way.

"You got t'ree now!" the man said in Betelgeuse, "Go one. Get outta here! Beat it!" that last was said in English.

Duo smiled, which made Quatre wary, and almost ran over to the men. 'Americans!' Duo thought gleefully.

Quatre held tight to Duo's arm. "Wait for the other creatures to leave, they look hostile..." he said. And who wouldn't be after the trip they'd had? Quatre was right, and the group finally dispersed, leaving the men to guard the supply box. Then, and only then, did Quatre let go of Duo's arm and allow the boy to take off in the direction of the box.


Quatre sighed as he watched the boy walk over to the men and begin talking at a rapid pace. Shaking his head, he decided he needed to find water to quinch his, and Duo's, thirst. He looked around and noticed a stream. He headed up stream to where he knew the water would be fresh and clean, dipped his and Duo's cups in ('Amazing how we still have these,' he thought) and carried them over to the chattering boy, snagging their ration bars and blankets in the process ('AMAZING we still have THESE!')

"... where we are?" Duo was finishing asking as Quatre came into earshot.

One of the men began recounting items in the crate, obviously one of Duo's previous questions (that he'd rushed at them) was about the crate. "Knives, hatchets, some med kits with basic bandages and that orange stuff the Soldats pour on anything that bleeds." Quatre watched the man; he was in his early twenties and had the look of a military man. Quatre figured this man would be the one to take control, probably further than he had already with the crate situation.

"You in charge then?" Duo asked, his voice flat as he sipped on his water.

The man gestured to the man next to him, who jumped down and extended a knife in Duo's direction, handle first. "Can I show you how to use it, beautiful?" he leered.

"You mean -- like this," Duo said, taking the knife, testing it's balance before flicking it into the nearest crate, which penetrated only enough to hold firm.

"Whoa!" the man jumped back, falling into a semi-defensive stance. "Didn' mean to offend ya..."

"None taken," Duo said, retrieving the knife and checking the tip for knicks. "Good steel..."

"It's not steel," the military man said. "Nice to see a woman--" he stopped as Duo fixed him with a glare fit to kill. He blinked then looked the boy over. "Sorry, it's the hair...." Duo just crossed his arms and let the man finish. "Eh, Zechs Marquies."

"Army?" Duo asked before Quatre could press the word from his mouth.

"Marine," Zechs replied firmly.

"Duo Maxwell. Where'd you get taken from?" Duo asked.

"Reciently or on Ol' Terra?" Zechs asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Both," Duo said, taking a seat on the grass. Zechs hopped down and leaned against the crate.

"Let's see... on Betelgeuse some fools stared a riot at a 'slave discipline assembly'..." He growled low in his throat, looking down at the ground. His long white pony tail trailed over his shoulder as he did so, the silky strands catching the sunlight and glittering like spun silver. "So some of the poor dumpheads were Terrans, humans, that were getting beat to death by the Soldats..." Duo shivered, thinking of what Quatre had mentioned before about Heero. "But they were damned stupid to attack any of those huge Soldats." He grunted in disgust. "Idiots." He looked at Duo. "Ol' Terra.... Libbock, Texas."

"Denver," Duo chirped, smiling. He poked Quatre in the ribs. "He's from Denver, too."

"Oh?" Zechs raised an eyebrow. "You're boyfriend, eh?"



End Part 6

Author's Notes:
[1] I liked this sky color so I used it.
[2] No, I didn't feel like making up new aliens. :-P
[3] A few choice lines were taken from the book, if you can't point them out (without looking in the book) then I'm not telling! But sufice to say, they aren't mine.
[4] About the end there.... ::cackles:: Mwhahahahahaha! I just -had- to do that! It just.... fit. ::shrugs:: I thought it was funny. ::continues cackling::