Title: A Risk Worth Taking
Author: Willow
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Category: AU, shounen ai/yaoi
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: eventually 1x2, 3x4
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A Risk Worth Taking

Quatre landed the flitter just outside the gates, intent on dropping the body and leaving, but his intent was quashed when he rememebered that they needed supplies. Leaving the body, they were about climb out of the flitter when all hell broke loose. [1]

-end part 4-

Something was going on, there was alot of noise and it sounded menacing. Quatre ignored it, often times distant sounds sounded more threatening that they really were. They hauled the body out of the flitter, Duo carring the shoulders and Quatre the feet. They were so busy trying to unload the Soldat that Quatre failed to notice that the sound was getting closer.

Duo blinked at the roar and nearly dropped his hold on the man's green tank top. [2] "Get him back in!" Duo yelled, panicking. 'Shit shit shit!'

They hurried to get back into the flitter, never noticing the sickly sweet gas that was permiating the air until it was too late. Duo gasped as his vision blurred and he grew heavy on his feet, collapsing as unconsciousness claimed him.


The ineffable fear induced stench of a myriad of bodies in close confinement and the hissing crack of a forcewhip followed by an inhuman scream awoke Quatre to the cyclic nightmare. He found himself wedged between a soft, sweaty body and the wall; his face pressing painfully against the cold concrete floor, his knees akwardly jack-knifed up on either side of his chin. With a groan he pushed the other body off him, his hand brushing across a familliar rope. "Duo?" he whispered, his voice cracking with disuse. How long had they been out?

The other boy moaned, unfolding himself from the position he'd been placed in. Confussed violet eyes opened, blinking in the darkness. Quatre saw the boy gag as the putrid smell hit him. Gaining control of this reflex, Duo scanned the holding cell, his eyes widening as he recognized it as a Soldat prison cell. He noted that, yes, it was dark, but not as dark as the hold in the transport vessel that had brought them to this God-foresaken planet. He wondered, briefly, if that was a blessing.

Quatre was about to get up and look for an escape when Duo spoke.

"Where's Heero?" the boy asked. Quatre froze. They were in a Soldat prison and Duo was worried about that creature?

"I don't know," he gritted out.

"Oh," Duo said quietly, sadly. Quatre felt for the boy, but they needed to concentrate on themselves right now. In fact, he was concentrating so hard on that that he nearly missed Duo's next comment. It was quiet and dripped with true feeling. "I hope he's okay."

Quatre's head whirled around at the sound of the Soldat whips snapping. The bodies around them rose swiftly to their feet and followed the line out the bright opening. Quatre hauled Duo to his feet. "C'mon," he said, pulling Duo behind him. He stopped as Duo yanked his hand out of Quatre's grasp. "What the--" he stopped abruptly as he saw the boy lean down and help one of the prisoners to their feet.

It was one of the very thin Deski that the boy was supporting. His violet eyes glowed with sympathy as he helped her - for it was female - to the exit they were being herded toward. 'Sometimes it's really a disadvantage for someone to be so nice,' Quatre thought, but he, too, went to help one of the weaker creatures.

As they neared the door, Quatre noticed the steam billowing in from the other room. He recognized this as one of the mass cleansing showers the Soldats used to cleanse prisoners. As usual there was a pause before entering where the Soldat guards, lustful gleams in some of their eyes, quickly stripped the clothing off the entering slaves' backs and pushed them forward into the hot spray.

He heard Duo yelp as they roughly ripped the clothing from him, touching the boy more than necessary, before pushing him on through into the hot spray.

The water felt good and Duo found himself enjoying the warm shower. He hadn't had one in longer than he could remember. Too bad this one would be so short.

Soon they were in the drying room, warm jets of air asailing their bodies and effectively drying them. There was a short pause as they exited the chamber and both boys were handed a bundle before being shoved into the next room.

Quickly the boys, as well as the rest of the captives, dressed in the clothing supplied. Quatre distantly wondered how they knew/guessed their sizes as he watched Duo slip on the tunic with practiced easy. He giggled as he noticed that, perhaps, the Soldat had a sense of humor. Duo's tunic was tightfitting and ended above his midriff, leaving his toned stomach muscles in plain sight.

The boy made a face as he examined the outfit; black leather pants, black boots, black half-tunic.... Well, at least it was his favourite color.

Both boys rolled up the thermal blankets that had held the clothing, tucking them under their arms.

Upon entrance into the next room, they were handed a cup and a small, air tight package... 'Kinda like an MRE,' Duo thought, looking the thing over before stuffing it into the blanket for safe keeping. They found themselves pushed toward the 'soup lines' where the furry little aliens known as Rugarians were ladling out a steaming liquid into cups and then they were allowed out into the fresher air of the forcefield-netted assemble arena.

The large Soldat walking along the catwalks cracked their whips to let the captives know that they were just that, captives. Duo didn't seem to notice as he was busy whoofing down his 'soup' at an alarming rate. Quatre chuckled as the boy finished and looked into the cup with dismay. Quatre stopped him when he began to break into the package he'd been given. "We may need these later..." He said gently. "They don't give in charity."

Duo sighed, nodding his understanding.

The doors through which they came slid shut with a metal clang. Quatre wondered what was going on. Soon, the whips were cracking in the air once again and the mass of bodies was being driven toward eight outlets. He noticed that the outlets led to ramps.... Quatre'd seen ramps like those before and his heart began to thud in his chest. Where were they being driven this time?

Duo clung to Quatre as they were forced toward the apertures. Quatre held his just as tightly. Quatre had to hand it to the Soldat, they knew how to get the averse to do what they wanted and to go where they wanted. He and Duo stayed toward the center of the mass and kept moving, avoiding the forcewhips and sticks that their captures had brought out.

They were stopped just as they were to enter the carrier. Quatre reeled back to avoid being touched by the shockstick. The carrier moved to second level and a new hatch open into which they were ushered.

They all but ran to the far wall, taking seats and watching the others file in. Quatre gasped and Duo perked up as they saw the form of the sleek Soldat, Heero, being manhandled into the craft. The man seemed to look around, taking in all or searching something out... his eyes came to rest on Duo. In a few quick strides, he was standing beside them and seating himself beside the braided boy.

The Soldat had just seated himself when Quatre smelled the sweet scent of gas and his vision clouded over. 'Here we go again,' was his last conscious thought.


End Part 5

Author's Notes:
[1] Yes, I edited what happened at the end of part 4. I like this wording better.
[2] Can't live without the green tank top! Even in an AU! And yes! Spandex will be in the fic! ^_^
[3] I took some almost direct quotes from the book Freedom's Landing ebcause they worked really really well and I could not word them much better.