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A Risk Worth Taking by Willow
Part 4

The sun ascended to the heavens and three sets of eyes blinked open; cerulean, followed by prussian, and finally violet. Prussian blue eyes followed the cat-like stretch of the bearer of aforementioned violet eyes, his perceptive orbs drinking in the display of sleek, sinewy beauty. He watched lustfully as the lean muscles played under creamy skin. He wanted the boy and Heero always got what he wanted.

"Mmm, I'm hungry," Duo purred, a yawn stretching his features. "Got any food ready, Cat?"

"It's almost ready, Duo...." Quatre sighed, stiring the soup.

The morning went by, uneventful, and zenith approached. Quatre had figured the Soldat would be growing restless to be back with his kind, but the man seemed loath to return. 'He'd better leave Duo alone.... I don't want to have to kill him, but if I must...' He watched his friend bake himself in the sun, the golden rays kissing his soft flesh like so many worshiping followers. Duo had his shirt off and his tight black pants, cut short to deal with the heat, were pushed up to about mid-thigh, showing off his hairless legs. Quatre'd once wondered if the boy shaved his legs, but this little excursion had poven that though false. The boy just had naturally hairless legs. 'All the hair must go to his head...' Quatre thought eyeing the braid that snaked out to the side, the sun glinting off the golden and highlights.... Quatre had to admit, his friend was beautiful. Inside as well as out. Duo was just an all around beautiful person. 'There should be more like him....'

"Duo, let's ready the flitter," Quatre said, standing from his spot on the sun warmed rock they'd appropriated. He didn't really want to end their reverie, but they had to take the Soldat back.... 'or something regrettable will happen.'

"Nn, why, Q? 'S nice 'ere...." Duo murmured, his arm thrown over his eyes as he lay, soaking up the sun's rays like a feline. "Oh I, I have been good. I understood. And like a machine, they'll fix you. From the start, I'm in repair. Life that we share, I know that I'll be lost...." Duo murmured, the words from an old song falling aimlessly off his lips. [1]

'He should be nicknamed 'Cat',' Heero thought, eyeing the boy from under near-closed lids.

"Why? He needs to get back to his people.... besides," Quatre said, knowing, with Duo's draw to the man and the Soldat's fixating on said boy, he'd have to give another reason. "We need to steal some supplies.... we only -had- provisions for two, not three."

"Mmmm, fine," Duo muttered, sitting up and glaring at his friend. He blinked when he found a large calloused hand before his eyes. Smiling up at Heero, placing his hand in the proffered one and letting himself be hauled into a standing position. He found himself in very close proximity to the strong, muscular body and felt his body react to the closeness. He gupled and stepped back, hoping that Heero didn't noticed his predicament. He could still smell the strong scent of sandlewood and musk that was Heero. It was intoxicating and Duo wanted more of it. But... that wouldn't happen, he knew. He grinned at the dark-haired Soldat. "Thanks, Heero."

Heero just nodded. Sure enough, he had noticed Duo's reaction and was very pleased. Turning he walked past Quatre, casting the irritated blond a glance that said "he's mine." The boy just glared at him, contemptuously.


"The engine's busted... I'll have to rig it to get it the fly," Duo sighed, wiping his face with his arm, some oil getting onto his nose.

'Cute,' Heero thought. He reached out and wiped the oil off the boy's nose. Duo crossed his eyes, watching what Heero was doing, then uncrossed them, blushing slightly at Heero's smile/smirk.

"Eh... Ok, I'll get to work on the flitter.... Cat? You checkin' the electrical?"

"Yeah, Duo.... I need to rewire some of this, but nothing major.... It looks like some animal got to it during the night," Quatre sighed, irritated. He had a feeling that that animal was the one standing not a foot from the braided boy and this irritated him further still.


"Tweak this.... turn that.... just a little further.... ahhh, that's it.... um, this goes there... nnn, let's see.... list goes to this one and that.... oh I see!" Was the running commentary from under the hatch of the flitter's engine. Duo was hanging half in and half out of the compartment, his feet kicking a bit as he tinkered and tweaked. He blew irritatedly at the long, jagged bangs that continued to fall into his face, slinging the braid, that had managed to slither its way over his shoulder, out of the way. 'May I should just cut it!' he thought angrily, then blinked at his thought, grinning. "Naw!" he giggled.


Quatre watched Heero approach the boy hunching over the open engine panel. He saw, also, the lust and intent glinting in the prussian eyes and would be damned if he let the Soldat have his way with his friend. Without thinking, his hand came down on the crook of Heero's neck and the man collapsed in a heap. Duo spun around as the body hit the ground, surprise and shock on his face. Quatre looked at the dumb-struck boy. "He was about to hurt you," he said. It wasn't a lie, the Soldat could have hurt Duo.... hurt him in more ways than one. Quatre watched the pained look on Duo's face, but wouldn't let that bother him. He'd done what was best for the boy. Yes, what was best and that's what mattered. "Let's get him in the flitter and drop him at the Capital, before he wakes preferably."

Duo sighed and nodded, closing the panel and helping the blond to drag the unconscious man into the flitter.


Finally the flitter was ready for flight. Duo cast a glance at the prone form of the Soldat, sighing. He strapped himself into the co-pilot's seat, letting Quatre take the helm this time. The blond stared straight forward, his azure gaze intense. Duo sighed again and looked out the window as the little craft took off and flew South-ward.


Quatre landed the flitter just outside the gates, intent on dropping the body and leaving, but his intent was quashed when he rememebered that they needed supplies. Leaving the body, they were about climb out of the flitter when all hell broke loose.


End Part 4

Author's Notes:
[1] Song: 'In Repair' by Our Lady Peace. I don't know why I put that there.... it has no relevence to the fic, I just had that song playing and had to type that in. About 3 full pages (give or take a couple of lines)... I had to end there because it works for what I want to do in part 5. (How's that A-chan!)