Title: A Risk Worth Taking
Author: Shi-chan (utenakat@yahoo.com or
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Rating: PG-13
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A Risk Worth Taking

Heero climbed up the bank of the river effortlessly. He watched the blond ('Did they ever tell me his name?') try to pull his shivering friend up the steep bank. He sighed and walked over to two. Pushing the blond out of the way, he hauled the braided human up with ease.

"T-t-thank y-you..." Duo said around chattering teeth, smiling at the Soldat. Heero just nodded. Duo looked around for his shirt only to find it pop up in front of his face. He blinked at the black material, then up at the person holding it out to him. "Thanks, Heero...." Again, Heero nodded. Duo pulled on the shirt and they were once again on their way.


"We'll take you back to the nearest colony...." Quatre said as he readied the systems for take off.

"Hn," Heero replied.

"Systems up, Cat?" Duo asked from the back where he was fiddlin with the engine.

"Yeah, Duo. Up and waiting..." The sound of the engines wailing to life drown out the rest of his sentence.

A grinning Duo bounced in and plopped himself down in the pilot seat. Quatre just looked at the happy boy and rolled his eyes. Sometimes Duo was just too happy for him.

Heero took his seat behind the two, glaring at the blond. 'Cat? What kind of name is that?' Heero thought as he watched them begin take off sequence. The two boys looked very small compared to the seats they sat in, Heero noted.

"On 'three,' Quatre...." Duo said.

'Quatre... so 'Cat' is a... what do the humans call it? Nickname?' Heero thought to himself, filing the information away.

"One.... two...." Duo poised his hand over the thruster switch. Glancing at Quatre then back at Heero... he almost forgot to finish the sequence, but caught himself. "Three!"

Two hands slapped down on the controls and the flitter began to shake as the engines revved and the little craft slowly began ascending.

"Where are we headed?" Heero asked over the roar of the engines.

"The Capital... this thing won't make it much further...." Duo said, adjusting some controls.



"Oi, Heero...." Duo called back as they crusied toward the capital. "Why were those other Soldats so bent on catching you?"

"I was forced to kill their wing leader," Heero monotoned in that gruff, nasal voice Duo was growing to enjoy listening to. "He failed a mission set to him by his superiors. His failure caused the deaths of 15 other of his class and one of mine. Justice had to be exacted. Enraged, the other members, without knowledge of his crime, took after me. So I fled."

"Oh..." Duo mouthed. "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day..." Duo chirped the age old cliché.

"Hn. The next day..."

"Nani? Er, what?!"

"The next day.... they have 1 day from the time I killed him to kill me, or the chase is null and I am free," Heero stated.

"Oh.... weird system, but hey! Whatever works!" Duo grinned back the the scowling Soldat. "Looks like, then, that we need to set down and wait'er out, ne?"

"As long as I am not caught, I do not care what you do...." Heero said. Quatre caught the slight, almost undetectable, inflection in the Soldat's voice. The intonement of 'but I'd enjoy doing you...' Quatre scowled and concentrated on finding a safe place to land.


The trio sat around the blazing fire, the flames licking the logs, causing the sap to crackle and pop, filling the air with the sweet, spicy scent of cinnamon.

"So tell us about this one day fight business..." Duo prompted, still curious.

"Like I said before, the members who have a quarrel with the accused, in this case me, have 1 day to find and kill the offender... after the end of that time, all bets are off and the person walks.... free and clear of the accusation/crime/whatever."

"Even if you killed their leader?" Duo asked.

"It was a fair fight," Heero grunted.

"I didn't know you Soldat fought fair..." Quatre said in a near growl.

"We do," Heero grunted in reply. His face was stony, then lit with realization and he smirked. "You don't think it's fair that we took over your planet...?"


The Soldat sat up from his possition on the ground to stare at the indignant blond. "Your planet was defenseless. It was all too easy to subjugate...."

"You take over many planets that way?" Duo asked, getting kind of irritated by the idea that the Soldat did this as often as implied.

Heero nodded and reached for the fruit beside Duo's leg, 'accidentally' brushing against him in the process. Duo felt a thrill run through him at the contact. Quatre noticed Heero's little 'slip' and fixed the Soldat with a glare.

Unperturbed, Heero bit into the fruit... sensually licking the sticky juice from his lips and casting a glance at the braided boy....

Duo was entranced by Heero's actions and when the Soldat licked his lips, ohhh he almost fell over. The Soldat was like a great lion, sinewy and sleek and very, very snesual. Duo wanted to be near him, but didn't understand how.... He'd lived a very shelted life on Old Terra....

Quatre felt Duo's draw to the strong and handsome Soldat.... He was beginning to be afraid for his friend. He knew the Soldat was playing off the boy's youth and innocence, but he couldn't do anything about it if that was really what Duo chose... He was in a bind.


End Part 3


Author's Notes:
Ok, that was a little longer... it didn't want to stop! ::growls:: I hope that is clearing up some stuff and that that end was clear enough... ::sighs:: Ok, so now we know that Soldat is a race not of Earth, right? They took over and enslaved the population. Heero's on the run because he exacted justice ::snickers:: for a crime and now is in the sights of the dude's fellow pilots. Next chapter we'll get to the Capital of Baltinine and go from there! ^_^