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A Risk Worth Taking by Shi-chan
Part 2

Quatre watched as the two stared at one another, glancing back and forth between the two. Both sets of eyes, cobalt and violet, were riveted to one another and Quatre could feel a twinge of the red thread of destiny in this meeting. He sighed and coughed slightly.


Heero stared deep into the amethyst orbs that sparkled with inner strength and beauty (although that was also external, he noted). He continued to stare at the human infront of him, a mere boy... young and appearing to be untouched. 'Exquisite...' he thought to himself. A cough brought him out of his reverie.


Duo could not move his glance, he was too caught up in the ocean eyes that were fixed upon his own violet pools. Quatre's discrete cough drew him from his stupor.

He blinked at the blond as the Soldat affixed the small boy with an icy glare.

"Duo..." Quatre began. Then stopped as the Soldat mouthed the name, tasting it and his face going contemplative before he turned back to stare at the boy of said name.

"Duo...?" he said. Duo nodded. "Hn."

Duo looked at the still-prone figure, curious. "What's your name?"

"My name?" the Soldat repeated. He stared at Duo as if trying to decipher the data. "Heero," he said finally.

"Heero," Duo repeated. 'How appropriate,' he thought, then frowned. 'What the--?'

Quatre was speaking again. "Duo, we're too close... if he finds it he could turn us in..." he hissed at the braided boy.

Duo paled and swallowed thickly.

"You've helped me... Honor requires that I return the gesture," Heero said, his voice nasal as he pronounced the English as precisely as possible.

Duo nodded then turned to look at the blond. "We need to find a safe place to hide...."

"The flitter....?" Quatre asked.

Duo nodded. "Yeah."


The trio trudged through the thick undergrowth, Duo in the lead, Heero behind him glaring intently at the swinging braid, and Quatre brought up the rear. He watched the Soldat closely, knowing that he was important to their destiny and sensing his fixation with Quatre's braided comrade. Quatre sighed mentally, 'Duo doesn't realize that this Heero has his eyes on him... literally as well as figuratively....'

As they staggered on, the oppressive heat of the Baltinine summer wrapping its thick blanket around them smotheringly, they came across a small river. The river was fed by a mountain stream in the form of a waterfall. They stopped momentarily to cool down.

"I feel like a dip!" Duo cried out, stripping off his shirt and tossing it to the side. He was oblivious to the flash of lust that clouded prussian blue eyes, but Quatre was not.

Quatre walked over to the Soldat, giving him a meaningful glare. Heero raised an eyebrow in inquiry. "Don't even think about it, Soldat. He's pure and I intend to keep him that way.... no Soldat is gonna lay his grimey hands on him. Be warned."

Heero surprised Quatre by smirking slightly before replying. "And you, a puny human, could keep a Soldat elite from what he choses to take?"

"I may be small, but I swear, by Allah, is you lay a finger on him, I will fucking kill you...." Quatre hissed.

"Hey! Guys! Coming in? The water's great! Kinda cold though!" Duo called out. He hadn't heard their conversation due to the roar of the waterfall and was currently happily treading water like a pup.

"Don't worry about your friend, human. I wouldn't hurt him nor force him into anything he wouldn't want...." Heero said, his face impassive, unreadable. Quatre hoped he was telling the truth.


End Part 2

Someone guessed and I think I'll mention it here. This fic is based of a book by Anne McCaffrey (Freedom's Landing). Not a normal fussion for me, ne? I am enjoying this one! ^_^ OK, well, I have plans for the rest of the fic, but I have no clue how long this will be. I wonder if I can get it done in 15? ::grins:: Thanks very much for the the numerous replies to part 1! Eleven replies to one part is very very encouraging! Ok, I'm beginning on part 3, now. I know that the parts are short (3 pages), but I'm just ending them where I feel it best to end them. Thanks again.