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A Risk Worth Taking by Shi-chan
Part 1

Duo dropped a fruit down from his little alcove in the dense green foliage of the tall tree. Quatre, sitting on the limb below, caught it with ease. Duo sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Was it ever anything but summer on this planet? The humidity thickened air hung about with an ominous prescence, just waiting for... something. He didn't know what, but he felt as if something was going to happen.... and soon.

"Na, Quatre?" Duo said, poking his head down below and pausing to bite into the fleshy fruit he held. "Are we safe?"

Quatre's brow creased in concentration and the blond held very still. After a few seconds, he relaxed and smiled angelically up at his friend. "Yeah, we're safe.... for now."

"Good!" Duo said, biting into his fruit again. As he chewed, letting the sweet juice dribble off his chin and down his throat, he thought about the risk they had taken in escaping. They new next to nothing about this planet, only what they had gathered during their enslavement (which was next to nil but enough to survive). Sitting up, Duo glared through the canopy, watching the sunlight stream through the breaks in the cover like so many beams in a lazer show.

Suddenly, a black dot flitted across the light followed by another. At a distance, Duo heard the roar of engines and machine gun fire. He paused on his perch, listening.


Heero cursed at the control panels as the power began draining, leaking out from the damaged core. His strong hands danced across the keys in rapid sucession, trying, in a desperate plight, to keep his little vessel from taking a sudden nose dive into the lush forrest below.

The shuttle behind him fired again, targeting his thrusters and knocking them off-line.

"Damn," he hissed as power ceased and the little ship began descending very quickly.


Quatre jumped, nearly falling off the branch, as the boom of the crash reached them. He nearly toppled over again as Duo swung down gracefully and danced his way, limb to limb, down the tree. He watched as the braided boy hit the ground running, his speed like that of a Terran panther.

Shaking his head, and slowly climbing down, Quatre muttered to himself. "Panthera, Panthera, Panthera.... heedless into the thick of it, as always." Once on the ground, he too took off after the source of the thunderous noise.


Duo crept toward the downed Soldat ship, his eyes glancing about the demolished canopy for the chaser ship. Careful not be be in viewing range, Duo slunk through the shadows to the side of the ship. He slammed his hand on the hatch mechanism (the Soldats were far stronger than humans, therefore their machinery was built to compensate and not break under their force). The door slid open with a ear-piercing screach of metal against metal.

Duo peaked in, unsure of what he could find therein. What he encountered froze him in surprise. There, against the console, a thin trickle of blood oozing from a cut on his forehead, was a man.... "Soldat...." Duo hissed, looking the body over. The muscles fairly buldged with strenght and his features were hard and expressionless... even in unconsciousness.

Duo looked up sharply as he heard the whine of flitter engines overhead. He was about to high-tail and run, but one look at the man hunched over the dead controls stopped him. He stood there for a moment, brow creased with internal conflict, then slowly he stepped into the small ship and began pulling the body from the wreckage.

Quatre skidded to a hault beside the shuttle, his breath coming in gasps as he bent over, winded. "Duo..." he said between intakes of the sticky air, "they're coming! We have to get out of here!"

Duo looked up at him, then back at the body. Quatre looked at the man Duo was dragging and nearly fell over. "S-soldat!" Duo nodded and continued to try and pull the body some ways away from the crash location. "Duo! We have to save ourselves! Let his own people take care of him!" He began to walk off, sure Duo would come to his senses and follow him. "He's one of them! Leave him!" Quatre yelled. When Duo did not answer he turned around, eyes widening. "Duo!" He squawked.

"I can't, Quatre..." he said sadly, looking down at the fallen man. "I can't just leave him for them to get him... Look, they were after him - they don't go after their own kind without reason! He could be a help to us." He pulled the limp arm over his shoulder. "C'mon, let's go before we're all caught!"


"Why, Duo!?" Quatre hissed as Duo bandaged the dark haired Soldat's head wound.

"You're supposed to be the compassionate one, Quatre. You tell me?" Duo said quietly. He ran his eyes over the chiseled features of the young Soldat that lay on the ground before him. The dark hair and tanned skin 'statue' was something akin to the ancient works of Greek and Roman sculptural art of old Terra, chiselled and perfect.

"Duo, you know he could kill us.... Soldat, unlike humans, don't have that quality of compassion that makes us think before we act...." Quatre said, sitting on the ground.

"If I recall correctly, Cat, not all humans possess said quality either," Duo sighed. And the two sat in silence for a while.

"Nnnn," drew the attention of the two humans as deep prussian eyes fluttered open.

'Kirei,' was all Duo could think as the deep oceans focused on him and prussian blue locked with violet in a searing gaze.


End Part 1

1) 'Soldat' is French for soldier ^_^ I thought it appropriate.

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