Title: Love Like We Do
Author: Willow [song by Edie Brickell]
Archive: http://members.xoom.com/riouka/gwfics.html
Category: Vidfic, Sap (or is it more fluff?), Yaoi (or is it more like shounen ai?)
Rating: PG-13 (Implications of Adult Situations)
Pairings: 1+2, 1x2(?)
Notes: Nothing is mine! I am poor and those lucky bastards own the G-boys.


Life is better than the days behind, what's mine is yours and what's yours in mine.

[Heero gazes at the sleeper on the bed. Duo layes stretched out like a cat, blacket discarded at the foot of the bed. Heero gets up, walks over, and pulls the blanket up to cover the sleeping boy. 'Mine' he mouthes as he moves back to the computer.]

No aggrivation that we can't get through, a situation for the lucky few.

[A day or so later, Duo is pacing about the room, yelling about a mission that Heero's recieved, alone. The boy is almost in tears. Heero steps up and places a callaused hand to Duo's cheek. He whispers something and Duo slowly nods his agreement.]

And everyday is just a little more, of the time together to be happy for.

[Heero comes back from his mission and is greeted with a bundle of chestnut-haired, violet-eyed energy. For what seems like and eternity they trade unhurries kisses.]

I'm happy even when times are rough, 'cause anytime with you is good enough.

[A mission gone wrong, both boys lay in a cell, battered and bruised. Heero goes over to the braided boy who is slumped against a wall. He wraps his arms around him and they fall asleep in eachother's arms.]

When we, love like we do.

[A long time after, Heero kneels before a very astounded Duo holding a small black velvet box. Tears of Joy and Love stream down the young man's cheeks. He has his hand to his mouth, at a loss for words. Heero pulls the ring out and shows him the inscription: 'Forever Our Love, H+D'.]

I don't believe in hatred anymore, I hate to think of how I felt before.

[The two lovers lay entangled in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Heero listens to Duo's breath even out into a sleep pattern. He then gets up and makes his way over to the table. On it lay a couple of index cards. He grabs one and writes something down: 'Never the hatred, always the love...']

When anger overwhelms your very soul, it's hard to realize you'll ever know.

[Just a week after the wedding, Heero is assigned to guard Relena for a week or two. Duo gets mad and locks himself in their bedroom. Heero stands with his head to the door, trying to talk some measure of calm into his love.]

Love like we do.

[Duo opens the door and looks at his love. Sighing in resignment he appologizes and they kiss sweetly letting all their love and understanding flow into the kiss...]