Title: Life, Love, and Other Mysteries... (Songfic Trilogy)
Author: Willow
Archive: GW Addiction (http://www.geocities.com/fenris_wolf0/) and if she will, Darkflame (http://members.xoom.com/riouka/gwpage.html)
Category: Yaoi (m/m), Hetero (f/m), Lemon, Lime, Angst, Sap, Death, Sad, just about everything...
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2, Rx1 (just read it, it's part of the plot), 3+4/4+3
Warnings: Sad, depressing, sweet and sappy, all warnings I guess...
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: GW, nor the songs I used, are mine nyahhhhh!
Feedback: Yes please.

NOTES: Anou... just read it and don't be turned away by the Rx1... it is part of the plot and is not very big... this is a very sad and sappy 1x2 fic! Dedicated to my cousin, who died of cancer in 1990, my 'nee-chan, who has encouraged me in my writing, my imouto-chan, who criticized me to a point that I want to kill her, my many friends who have repeatedly delt with my suicide attempts and have helped me through with support and push me to write about things that mean stuff to *me* not what everyone else wants.
This if for you, Derik, may you rest well in heaven.


Life, Love, and Other Mysteies...
Fic 1
Title: Desperately Wanting
Author: Shi-chan (maxie_angel_02@yahoo.com), [song by Better Than Ezra]
Archive: GW Addiction
Category: Yaoi, Sad, deathfic, lemon, sap
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 1x2
Notes: Prequal to 'Don't Close Your Eyes'. Nothing is mine! I am poor! [lemon begin] and [lemon end] indicate lemon for those who don't like it.



//Past the road to your house
That you never called home
Where they turned out your lights
Though they say you'll never know//


Quatre looked in on the small boy sleeping in a overly large bed. The bed was usually meant for two, but the second... well, he was no longer here.

Heero hardly ever stirred from the room anymore. Never turned on the lights, nor the laptop that now sat crusted over in dust.

Quatre sighed softly and began to close the door.

"Quatre?" came the soft, hoarse voice.

"Yes, Heero?"

"Could you -- could you talk to me for a while? Please?" He asked, his voice filled with pain and loss... and suppressed tears.

"Hai, I'll stay for a while..." Quatre walked over to the boy who was now sitting on the bed. When he was an arms length away, Heero reached up and pulled the blonde ex-pilot to him.

"I-I miss him..." he cried, "I miss him so much... I--" He faltered.

"I know, Heero, I know. We all miss him, but..." now Quatre's voice began to catch, "but he's gone, and he can't come back..."

Quatre knew Heero had changed since he and Duo had been together and this show of unrestrained emotion showed Quatre just how much of an impact the braided boy had had on him.

When Heero had exhausted his tears and himself, he slept. Quatre ventured forth from the room, seeking sanctuary in his own. And he purged *his own* grief.


//I remember running through the wet grass
And falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting//


Heero slept deeply and dreamed.

~~ooO@Ooo~~ [lemon begin]

"Come on! Hurry up, Heero!" cried the vibrant boy as he ran toward *their* spot on the shore of the lake.

Heero shook his head and quietly followed his energetic lover.

Out of nowhere, Duo was beside him, "Come on, Heero! Lets race? Please?"

Heero opened his mouth to reply, but Duo was already off at a dead run. Heero took off as fast as he could. 'How does he run through this stuff at such great speed...' he thought as he fought the grass clinging to his skin, '... and so gracefully...' as he tripped over the root of a tree.

Duo stopped and came to his lover's rescue... and pounced him. His lips covering Heero's. His hand stroking the muscles in Heero's back. Passionately... desperately... as if clinging to Heero as a life-line.

Duo let up his hold on his icy lover and Heero took advantage of the small release to get the upper hand.

He rolled them over and pinned the lithe boy to the ground and pressed his lips teasingly to the flesh of his neck.

Duo moaned at the contact and his back arched, pressing them closer together.

Heero slowly, tauntingly removed Duo's thin button down and began to move his lips down his torso leaving a trail of fire.

Duo groped for the fabric covering Heero's upper portion. Desperate for them to be rid of the nuisance.

Both rid of their shirts, Heero pinned Duo's arms down and gazed at the beauty before him.

The soft violet eyes practically glowed up at him from under the fringe of jagged pangs. The soft, pouty lips, swollen from their intense kissing, begged to be taken. Moving his gaze down to his torso, Heero took in the pale, sweat beaded flesh and semi-hard nubs of nipple.

Heero let go of Duo's wrists and moved his hands to fumble teasingly with the button of Duo's too tight pants. He heard the boy moan in frustration, and smiled.

"Heero... please..." Duo panted as Heero began to slowly make downward movement with the zipper. Heero nodded, deciding he'd teased the beauty enough and feeling his own need testing his control.

He finished stripping the boy of his clothes. He leaned forward and kissed the pouty, panting lips and ran his fingers over the now hard nipples, driving the boy beneath him mad with need.

He leaned hack enough to move his mouth down the torso once more, looking up at his moaning love when he came to the upright angle of his arousal. He grinned and took him into his mouth.

Duo's body jolted at the contact and the feel of Heero's warm mouth surrounding and teasing his member. His body rocked as Heero drove him close to ecstasy, then all too soon, the heat and pleasure were gone. He whimpered, unable to form coherent thought.

"Shhh..." Heero murmured as he slipped out of his pants and pulled a tube of lotion from the pocket. Heero lubed his neglected member and sank back to his knees in the soft grass.

Duo tried wrap his legs around Heero's waist, trying desperately to push himself onto the other's swollen arousal. His efforts were in vain, for Heero kept a firm fold on him, preventing him from meeting his need before Heero dictated.

"Shhh..." Heero soothed as he inserted one finger, then a second into Duo's tight, hot cavity, "I don't want to hurt you... patience..." he said as he wiped the sweaty bangs from around his lover's pleading eyes.

Heero inserted a third finger, heard the hiss of pain then the gasp of pleasure as Heero's fingers brushed against something deep inside him. When the tight look on Duo's face receded, Heero judged him ready and removed his fingers.

Duo looked up at the withdraw, but saw Heero poised behind him and felt the thick tip of his member brushing his crevice. He let out a moan of pleasure/pain as he felt Heero enter him gently.

Slowly, Heero inserted the rest of his member and began to thrust. He pulled Duo's legs over his shoulders and brought his hands around to the boy's neglected arousal and began pumping in time with his thrusts.

The thrusts sped as he began loosing control. He fought to regain it, wanting to delay the climax until the very last moment.

He felt Duo's arousal swell as he came. That was the cue he'd been waiting for. He sped his thrusts and felt his seed explode into his lover's lithe body.

As the aftershocks subsided, they lay together on the sweet smelling grass, the wind having whipped the musky scent of sex from the area. Soon there after, they fell asleep.

~~ooO@Ooo~~ [lemon end]

Heero sat up in the bed. His body covered in sweet and the room smelling bitingly musky.

He grimaced and let himself fall back against the pillows. Letting sleep claim him once more.

//When they pumped out your guts
And filled you full of those pills
You were never quite right
Deserving all the chills//



Duo sat on the bed, rocking back and forth, complaining of a head ache. Heero looked over at him, concerned. This wasn't the first time, and they seemed to be coming to him more frequently.

Heero'd taken him to the doctor, who had given him some migraine pills and sent them on their way.

The pills had worked at first, but then, for no apparent reason, they had stopped working.

Now, Duo lay on the bed, feverish with pain and passing in and out of consciousness.

Heero knew something was terrible wrong, but what they found was never what he'd expected.

Cancer. And it had spread to the brain. They said they wouldn't know how bad it was until they ran more tests, but that it didn't look good.

Heero'd done the only thing he could and called the others. Quatre and Trowa had arrived within the hour and Wufei shortly there after.

"Heero, I-I--" Quatre stopped, finding no way to console him, and refusing to give into the nagging little voice that told him there wasn't much hope.

Heero looked up at him, "It's alright, Quatre. He's going to be fine. Just watch. In a few weeks, maybe less, he'll waltz through that door and demand that we go rollerblading... right?"

Quatre knew that Heero was just trying to keep himself sane, so he nodded, "Right, Heero. Duo'll be back at 110%!"

But it was not to be. As the next three weeks passed, Duo's condition became worse and worse. Quatre knew that once Relena found out she'd be at Heero's side trying to catch him in his grief so as to be the heroine and comfort the fallen soldier.

And his prediction was true... to a point. Yes, Relena came to the hospital as soon as word got out, but she didn't try to force her way into Heero's heart. No, quite the opposite. He stayed away and helped from a distance.

Heero refused to let Duo's be alone lest something change and as he became more and more weary and fearful of loosing him he refused to be moved from the room. The nurses informed him that if and when Duo got better, he'd need Heero at his strongest. Heero's refusal had driven them to sedating him.

Over the next few weeks, the ex-pilots took turns watching their friend and hoping for the best.

As Duo's life drained away, Relena often offered herself up for bedside vidual, giving the ex-pilots a break. Never once did she try to mend Heero's aching heart.

As Duo showed no signs of recovering, the doctors all but gave up hope. They'd stopped the progress of the cancer, but the extent of the metastasis left it up to Duo's will and body, to try and recover now. It was beyond them.


//They say the worst is over
Kicked it over and ran
Then they ask what went wrong
When they turn you on again
They turn you on again//


Duo showed *some* signs of improving and the doctors decided to see if he could breath on his own.

"If he holds on like he is, he should be just fine..."

He did fine for a while then something went wrong.

"He's flat lining! Get the doctor!" came the scream of a RN as the boys rushed into the room.

"DUO!!!!!!" Heero screamed as the doctors piled in. Trowa and Wufei had to restrain him from rushing over to his lover's side.

"Let them work!" Wufei yelled.

Heero watched in horror as the doctors hooked him back up and began to try and revive him. No matter how much he wanted to he couldn't tear his gaze from the pale ghost of a boy that lay on the bed, dying he was sure.

Heero sank to his knees, he felt faint. The room became nothing but a roar of pictures and sound.

"Nurse, get that IV to me now!"

"Doctor! He's regressing fast!"

"I can't get a pulse!"

Then all of the sounds left. All but the one that meant the end of his happiness.

The long, shrill whistle of the flat lining heart monitor permeated the silence that had fallen over the room.

Heero sank even further in on himself as he watched the doctor pull the sheet over his love's face.

As Duo Maxwell died in body, Heero Yuy died in soul.


Heero's eyes popped open and he wiped furiously at the tears running down his cheeks.



//I remember running through the wet grass
And falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting//


Heero slowly walked back toward the lake where his fondest memories were made... with him. He took it all in.

The tire swing hanging from the large tree that leaned out over the water. The little dock and the dingy that he'd often taken Duo out in for a romantic picnic or surprise. And the small garden that he and Quatre had dug and planted at the head of the fresh grave.

He kneeled beside the small grave and strung the necklace through the cross on the headstone.

The sun glinted off the piece of silver jewelry, catching on the letters engraved there.

The cross was a gift from him to Duo on one of those romantic boat rides on their first anniversary.

"Duo..." he croaked out, finding that his voice would not strain to work. His throat was tight and he was choking back tears that he didn't notice were there until now.

He walked over to the dock and sat on the end, gazing out over the lake.

A breeze blew, making Heero's mass of unruly hair sway, much as it had back then, and making ripples in the water.

Quatre had followed him to make sure he didn't go and do something stupid. He found himself also gazing helplessly out over the lake.

Nothing could bring him back, but they could always remember the good times. And that was just how Quatre wanted it to remain.

Heero stood up stiffly, he'd been sitting there longer than he'd though. He began to slowly walk back to the estate, savoring every small part of the place that was Duo.

He came upon Quatre, still gazing out over the lake.

"Quatre?" he said, startling the boy out of his reprieve.

"H-heero, sorry... I wasn't spying on you... I just..." he stopped and looked at him, letting his face express all he couldn't say.

"I know, same here... this is where we made some of our fondest memories."



//Kick them right in the face
Make them wish they weren't born
And if they bring up your name
Well they'll say you won the war//


Relena and her 'goonies', as Duo'd called them, were at the main house. Heero was *not* in the mood to deal with her right now and made as to go in the back way when Quatre stopped him.

"She helped with Duo... you own her some..." Quatre winced at the look of distaste in his face. 'Since when did he get so expressive?'

"Fine," was the monotonal answer.

Inside Trowa and Wufei were trying to 'entertain' Relena and her crony driver.

"Hello, Heero," she said as he entered the room.

"Yo," he said looking down.

"Heero, can I ask you something?"


"The others, Trowa and Wufei, were telling me about how you've been... no don't get mad at them, I asked to know... but they said you were moping about and everything... and I was wondering if you, and please know this is to help you, please come and stay with me. I know that I am not Duo, but I do want to see you happy. *And* I made a promise to Duo, upon my honor, that I would try my damnedest to make you happy..."

Quatre looked at Heero and suddenly became weary.

Heero was a dark red, and he looked as if he was trying to hold back rage.

"You'd... have... me... dishonor... my... promise... to... him... and memory... of him? So... you... YOU.... can have... ME? After all this time and you still don't get it!?!?!?!"

Trowa and Wufei leaped across the room to hold the ex-Wing pilot back from whatever wrath he might have wrought.

"He was a hero of the war, hell with out him we couldn't have won it! He won the war!"

"Heero, I--"


Relena scuttled out of the house as quickly as her legs would carry her.

Back in the house, Trowa and Wufei had let go of Heero and he now sat slumped on the floor, shoulders shaking in silent sobs.


//Baby burst in the world
Never given a chance
Then they ask what went wrong
When you never had it right//


Quatre followed Relena out the door, like the good host he was.

Once outside, he turned to her, face fierce, "What makes you think you had the right? Especially so soon! He spent the day at his grave you know. He spent the whole day remembering and memorizing everything that they ever came into contact with that made him happy!"

"I thought-"

"No, Relena, you didn't think. That's just it. You want and never give. What you *do* give is to get what you want. Did you know that Duo gave all unconditionally? He gave everything he could to Heero, and never... NEVER asked a single thing in return..."

Relena looked like she was going to cry, "Let me speak, Quatre. I wanted to keep my promise to Duo! I promised Duo that I would take care of him."

"Relena, did you think that we couldn't do that? That was always our promise... if one of us died to take care of each other."

"I... I didn't know, but I still wanna help... somehow..."

"Maybe someday, but right now, he needs time to heal and deal with his own demons. You can't just move on after a soul-mate dies..."


"Yes, I could feel it... my uchuu no kokoro told me so... like Trowa and I..." He smiled, "I must get back in. Just give him time, Relena."

"That I will... Just don't let him go and do something stupid..." she smiled and got in her car and drove off.

Quatre reentered the house and got glares from the other three occupants.

"She's gone, and she won't bother you, Heero. Not for a while, at least."


//I remember running through the wet grass
And falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting//


Trowa and Wufei helped Heero up to his room.

Once the door closed, Heero sank to his knees and let the tears flow once more.

"Duo... I wish..." he dropped off into another dream filled sleep.


"Heero... hmmm..." Duo said in his sleep.

Heero looked over from the computer. What did the baka want... but Duo was asleep.

"What could that mean?" he mused to himself.

"Heero... I..." Duo turned over, still asleep, "I... lo--" he stopped speaking and looked like he was in terrible pain.

Heero got up and walked over to the bed.

"No!" Duo shrieked, "Heero, save me! Oh God!"

Heero shook him awake, "Duo! Wake up..."

Duo sat up suddenly. He blinked at the boy in front of him, "Wha..."

"You were having a nightmare..."

"Oh...." Duo looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"Want to talk about it?"

"N-not really..."

Heero looked skeptical. Duo was now shivering. Heero saw his chance to break the shell that surrounded Duo Maxwell.

He leaned forward and drew the boy to him, wrapping his arms around him.

"You can trust me..." He lifted Duo's chin to where their eyes met. Heero leaned closer and kissed those imminently plunderable lips.

Duo was tense at first, but as the kiss went on he slowly relaxed.

Duo looked about to cry, "I -- Heero, I..."

"I know..." he said kissing him again, "Tell me about your nightmare..."

Duo told him and Heero held him tight as he fell fast asleep in his arms.

"I love you, Duo. I care too much... How did you make me care?" Heero said as he looked down on the now soundly sleeping boy.



//Oh the letters have dropped off
though they say you got them all
I finally figured out some things you'll never know
Take back you life and let me inside
We'll find the door if you care to anymore//


Heero awoke at first light and began to rummage through his and Duo's old stuff.

About 9 o'clock he came across a bunch of letters that Duo'd said were from an old friend along time ago.

He was right about along time ago. Some of them were dated AC195... when they met...

He opened one and read:

Dear Heero,

I know being the Perfect Soldier and all that this would terriblly piss you off, but I just had to say it. And considering you'll never get this it doesn't matter.

I love you. Yes, I know considering that A: we're both boys, B: you're the Perfect Soldier, C: this is war, and D: you probably hate me, you can never return this feeling, but I can't help it. I love you and I think, I always will.

I know that you have Relena-san and all, but if I can even be your friend that should be enough for me... for now.

I will forever love you.

Love Always,

Heero gaped at the note. This is how Duo'd always felt. He'd never know, until just a little over a year ago.

Duo'd never know just how much this meant to him.


//I remember running through the wet grass
And falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting//

'Memories remain and I will always love you and no other! Ai shiteru, Duo.'

Heero picked up the phone and dialed, " 'Yes, can I speak to Relena? Yes, this is Heero Yuy... Relena... I accept your offer...' " He hung up the phone and packed all that he had. Everything that belonged to him and Duo and everything that reminded him of the violet-eyed boy.

'Forever... I'll love you forever... Duo...'

Owari Fic 1

Fic 2
Title: Don't Close Your Eyes
Author: Shi-chan (maxie_angel_02@yahoo.com), [song by Keith Whitley]
Archive: GW Addiction
Category: Death (sorta...before the fic...?), Angst,
Sad, Yaoi implications
Rating: PG-13 (Implications of Adult Situations)
Pairings: 1x2 (before fic), Rx1
Notes: //...// song, /.../ imphasis, '...' thoughts, "..." spoken, --...--
flashback, and of course, nothing belongs to me...

//I know you loved him
A long time ago
Even now in my arms
You still want him, I know//

Relena looked at the man who lay beside her. No longer a boy, he was even more handsom than when they had met some ten years before.

She loved him dearly and had hoped, for a time, that he would truly reciprocate the feeling. Especially since...

-- She was no fool. She knew about him and Duo. She knew how strongly he'd felt for the energetic, loud mouthed American pilot. And at the same time, she'd realized that he'd never be hers. So she'd contented herself to be happy for them. And they were.

Then, something changed that happiness forever.

'He wasn't meant to die. They'd survived the war. The bombs, the self-detionation, everything. For him to be taken out just after the end. Just after they began their life together. Just after Heero began to be happy and open. And by something he'd had the whole time, but knew not of,' she thought.

It had been cancer. Avanced and metastasis. It had been eating him alive the whole time.

She'd known him to be an accomplished actor, but for him to be able to hide that kind of pain... He hadn't known what had plagued him until too late.

When she'd realized what it all meant, that Heero'd be left all alone, her first thought was 'Duo's gonna die before they can find real happiness!'

It struck her as odd to think that, but reminded her of how much she'd grown up in the last two years.

She wanted to help, at least comfort Heero... and also care for Duo. She didn't know why exactly... maybe out of appreciation... appreciation of Duo giving Heero happiness. --

And now, as she looked, at her love's sleeping form, she caught the gleam of the small bead of liquid pain rolling down his cheek and realized that even after all she'd tried over the last eight years, he still wasn't hers.

//But, darling, this time
Let your memories die
When you hold me tonight
Dont' close your eyes//

After a time he stired. He blinked and looked at her, realizing where and when he was.

She leaned over to him and he blinked at her again. Sighing, she lay back against her pillow.

He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down on her, "What's wrong?"

When she didn't reply, he closed his eyes and leaned down to kiss her with passion and need.

But she knew that neither were for her. But /him/.

"Please," she pleaded, "Please, don't close your eyes..."

He looked at her oddly, "Why not?"

"Please, Heero... I know you still love him - I know you will always love him, but can't you love me too?" Is your heart not big enough for both him and me? Can't you let it be me your with and not him? Just once?"

He leaned back and turned onto his side, back to her.

She heaved a sigh, "Just think about it, Heero. Your pretending won't bring him back... no matter how much we all want it..."

//Don't close your eyes
Let it be me
Don't pretend it's him
In some fantasy//

Heero always dreamed. Ever since he had come to live with her, not a night went by that his sleep was peaceful and dreamless.

Eight long years. She couldn't - and wouldn't - forget the boy, but you have to move on. Couldn't Heero see that?

All she wanted was for him to love her a little bit.

"Heero," she said, "Do you love me?"

No answer. Was he asleep?

'That should be answer enough for me... but...'

"Please, Heero. I know you love me some... since you've stayed with me these eight years."

"Aa, Relena, some... but it's not the same -"

"It never is! Every love is different!"

"You're right," he kissed her forehead.

"Heero, do something for me..."


"When we make love... love me, not him. Please?"

Again no answer. But she knew he'd think about it.

//Darling, just once
Let yesterday go
And you'll find more love
Than you've ever known//

She looked at him again. She wanted him to know what he would find if he let himself love /her/.

"I love you..." she murmured as she began kissing his stomach. She made progress upward with her mouth. Stopping to kiss and tease his nipples.

She slowly seduced his body, willing him to let it be her if only this once.

With each movement, each rhythmic beat of love, she made it known to him just who he was with and how much /she/ loved him.

But that wasn't how she wanted it to be. She wanted him to willingly let it be her, but this was a good start.

//Just hold me tight
When you love me tonight
And don't close your eyes//

Afterward, they lay together. Relena looked up at him to see his eyes open, but distant.

'Maybe he's thinking over what I've said,' she thought.

But a little voice nagged at her, 'Nah, he's thinking about /him/. Longing for /him/...'

'No, I made him see that it was me!'

'It's just sex with you, not love... just a release... not a pleasure...'

'NO! No he loves me... just not like he loved him. All loves are different! They were soul mates, yes, but he can move on and see just how much /I/ love him...'

'We're right and you know it...'

She looked at him and saw a light in his face... a light that only shown when he thought about the long haired pilot he'd loved... still did.

'Told ya...'

'Shut up! It's not true... yes, he's thinking about him /now/, but not then...'

'Yeah, not then... because you /forced/ him to see you... That's not how you want it... is it?'

//Maybe I've been a fool
Holding on all this time
Lying here in your arms
Knowing he's in your mind//

'It's true... oh gods it's true... everything I tried... all this time... and he still can only see him...'

Relena lay watching him sleep.

Conceded, his arms were draped possessively about her, but she knew he was dreaming of Duo.

She would be there and console him when he woke. For the sweet dreams always, /always/, turned into nightmares.

Yes, Duo was on his mind, but where as Duo was no longer here to make him happy... Relena was. And she had her chance to make him happy.

She vowed, on Duo's memory, that she would make him happy or die trying.

Yes, she had time to make him see her. And she would keep trying until he let it be her.

//But I keep hoping someday
That you'll see the light
Let it be me tonight
Don't close your eyes//

~Owari!~ fic 2

Fic 3
Title: With Arms Wide Open
Author: Shi-chan (maxie_angel_02@yahoo.com), [song by Creed]
Archive: GW Addiction
Category: Vidfic, deathfic, sap, yaoi, reincarnation, lime-light
Rating: R
Pairings: R+1 (at first), 1x2
Notes: Sequel to 'Don't Close Your Eyes'. Nothing is mine! I am poor! I altered one lyric to fit the fic!!!


/Well I just heard the news today/


[As the music begins, the camera focuses on the gray sky. The gloom clings to everything and everyone, not a stone is left untouched by its melancholy. Gray, brown, and green mix together in a artist's nightmare of desolation and death.

People mull about in a mass of emotional pain and misery.]


/It seems my life is going to change/


[Camera singles on an individual person.

Relena stands silent as she watches the casket being lowered into the ground. Not a tear makes its way past the lids of her eyes, though the pain on the passing is evident in her strained features.]


/I closed my eyes, begin to pray/


[As the priest reads the verse, she clasps her hands in silent prayer.]


/Then tears of joy stream down my face/


[The clouds part briefly, admitting a single ray of sunlight to cast itself down upon the casket.

Seeing this, Relena smiles and the tears begin to track their way down her flushed cheeks.]


/With arms wide open/


[The camera begins to follow a unseen person, soaring high into the clouds and far into oblivion.]


/Under the sunlight/


[The tops of the clouds glow from the light of the sun as the camera soars far and high away from the melancholy of the funeral to something far and beyond.]


/Welcome to this place/


[As the camera descends it pans out and around until we see the transparent figure set foot on one of the clouds. He smiles and the camera swivels around to focus on the boy running to meet him.

Heero grabs the boy up and swings him around, planting kisses along the cord of his throat. Feathers swirl, blocking out the scene.]


/I'll show you everything/


[The feathers swirl away to reveal a indigo-violet eyed. The violet then morphs into cobalt blue and the camera pans back to a view of the two boys staring hopelessly into one another's eyes.

Duo mouths a promise to Heero and Heero nods, smiling.]


/With arms wide open/


[Duo releases him, the camera follows him as he moves away then pans to Heero. Then back again as Duo backs to the edge of the cloud and spreads his arms wide and he falls back off the cloud.

In a rush of wind, the camera returns to Heero who runs and makes a flying leap off the cloud.]


/Well I don't know if I'm ready/


[The camera zooms in to Heero's face, for a brief instant he seems fearful, indecisive. The camera zooms further in, falling into the deep pool of Heero's left eye.

The scene floods with color then suddenly goes black.]


/To be the man I have to be/


[The scene slowly fades back in and we see a dark haired boy sitting at a desk, surrounded by girls. The boy looks unsure of what to do. He glances to the side.

The camera follows his glance to center across the room on a boy with chestnut hair and violet eyes.

Sakura swirls...]


/I'll take a breath, take him by my side/


[... and the scene changes to the chestnut haired boy sitting on a bench in a park, reading. He looks up at a noise. The camera pans to the approaching boy, his dark hair falling in his eyes as he looks up at the violet-eyed boy.

Their eyes meet. The screen splits to show violet eyes up top and cobalt eyes below and a spark goes between the two boys: recognition; connection; belonging.

The screen fades out then to a view of both boys. The violet-eyed boy lays his book down and runs to the darker eyed boy, his eyes glowing with love and happiness.

They reach one another and embrace.]


/We stand in awe, we've created life/


[The camera zooms closer as they look deep into each other's eyes. All they knew of one another and their past love being conveyed in that soul seaching gaze.





/With arms wide open/


[The scene changes to a later time and place. Duo runs ahead of Heero, he stops in the middle of a grassy field and begins to spin in circles with his arms thrown wide.]


/Under the sunlight/


[Heero smiles at his whimsy and walks from under the tree, blinking, into the sun.

He calls Duo to him and the energetic boy runs to him, nearly knocking him down with his enthusiasm.]


/Welcome to this place/


[Heero leads him to a small lake at the edge of the field.

Duo gasps in recognition of their 'special place'.]


/I'll show you everything/


[The camera does a sweeping view of the field and lake.

The tire swing still hangs out over the lake from the big on the bank.

The graves... one beside the other... fresh flowers on the graves.]


/With arms wide open/


[The camera refocuses on them as Duo buries his face in Heero's shirt. Heero hugs him tightly, whispering promises of love.]


/Now everything has changed/


[Duo looks up suddenly, then over at the graves. The camera swivels to zoom in on the graves...

Only then do we see that there are actually five graves. The camera then pans to Duo.

His face is pained as he realizes that their friends are not around anymore. Tears start at the corners of his eyes. Heero gently brushes them away and Duo looks up at him.

The camera follows to rest on Heero's face which holds love and comfort.]


/I'll show you love
I'll show you everything
With arms wide open/


[Heero kisses him gentle and promises him that they will meet with them again.

They sink to the ground, lips seeking flesh, hands rediscovering what they so longed to touch... the scene fades to black.]


/If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he's not like me
I hope he understands
That he can take this life
And hold it by the hand
And he can greet the world
With arms wide open.../


[The scene opens to a hospital room. A twenty-something Duo sits on a chair at the bedside.

The camera swerves to Heero laying on the bed. His features a white and frail looking. He is dying and he knows it. He looks up, the camera follows to rest on his friends lining the wall of the room. Then to Duo. He looks at the tear streaked face and lifts a frail hand to wipe them from his eyes. Duo clasps the hand as though it were *his* lifeline.

Heero begins to speak and he leans into hear. He tells him that he will be waiting for him... for the next life.

Duo fights tears as Heero's hand goes limp and the heart monitors flat line.

As he loses the battle (now crying on Heero's cooling shoulder) the camera travels over his shoulder to where Relena, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei stand, looking down in respect and sorrow.

It continues out the window and up into the bright blue sky. As the music fades Heero's last words can be heard echoing... "Until the next life... I'll be waiting... with arms wide open."]



Author's Notes: For the reincarnations I used their normal names for the sake of preventing confusion (sorry PnM, but that is your job not mine). I hope you liked it. I know you have been waiting long enough for it. I finally finished it (yes, it is very different than the teaser... I had to change it! Don't ask why: Creative license.) Again another long-ish fic from me. 6-7 pages.

Please! Please! Tell me what you think! This is the first set of !!!major!!! fics I have finished! This is my pride and joy! Let me know if you think it is a worthy fic.

Thank you for reading... Please tell me what you think of the series... I hope you enjoyed it.