Ok, I know I am crossposting alot...RL is a bitch...so I have too little time. This is Part 2 to my fic saga 'Laying Claim' if the ML(s) I have sent to (or you personally) haven't gotten the first part tell me, I'll be more than glad to A: direct you to where my fics are archived, or B: send it to you personally. With out further ado...

Laying Claim -- Part 2: Avowing
by Willow
Disclaimer: not mine, //...// thought, "..." spoken, *...* bold.... Sappy, umm... 1x2

"As I said you are under my protection. Don't worry," Heero soothed him stroking his back and rocking him slightly.

"Shh... I'll protect you..." //Ai shiteru, Duo.//

They sat like that for a long time. Heero didn't mind. He reveled in the feel of Duo's lithely muscled body pressed against his own. Duo sniffled a little and Heero held him at arms' length. Duo looked at him confusedly.

"Anou, Heero, I woke up here... How did I get here? All I remember from last night was getting drunk and running away from him..." Duo asked quietly.

"You came in, stone drunk. You really over did it. You shouldn't drink so much," Heero smiled warmly. Duo blinked at the unfimiliar expression, "You babble about this and that, then you got upset cause I told you to go to bed... and I held you like I just did and calmed you... you soon were sound asleep..."

"Anou... I babbled... Er --" //I hope I didn't babble too much... oh gods, what did I say?//

"Yes..." Heero then decided to confess what his heart longed to say, "You babbled... and you're babble matched what is in my heart..."

Duo blinked again, head hurting too much to really catch what Heero was saying, "What did I say???"

Instead of telling him, Heero leaned and kissed him passionately. Duo pulled away... What was Heero doing? Scratch that -- What was *he* doing? He'd wanted this, why pull away at the moment of confession? He wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, pulling the boy closer to him.

//God, I can't believe Heero wants me... but... Wufei...// he thought. But hadn't Heero said something about 'claiming' or 'protecting'? He had, hadn't he?

When they pulled apart, breathless, Duo spoke, "Anou... Heero, but I... I..." He couldn't say it... "I thought... I thought you and Relena-ojousan were... and Wu and I..."

Heero smiled, and shook his head. "A: I don't like Relena, she just reminds me of this little girl I knew once... so innocent and wide eyed, and B: Wufei will not be bothering you again... unless you want him... or unless he would like to feel more of my wraith."

What had Heero done to him? Was Wufei alright? Why should he care? Wufei never treated him right, but yet... No, he loved Heero and Wufei was... something he could *definately* do without.


Wufei regained consiousness, blinking blearily up at the corner of ceiling. He was laying in a pile of limbs at the door of the apartment.

//I must have gotten super drunk last night to have fallen asleep here.// He turned and winced as his stomach muscles and head protested the move. He vaguely remembered walking in the door and finding Yuy there, or was that a dream?

He stood and walked over to the bed and the lump of sheets.

"Duo, get up... Maxwell, wake up now!" When he recieve no response, Wufei grabbed the corner of the sheet and yanked it down. To his surprise, Duo was not in the bed... Where could the boy be?

Something nagged at the edges of his subconsious. 'Claiming' came to mind... //What?// He had a blurry memory of Yuy saying something about claiming and that he was protecting... but what? Wufei couldn't decipher the images or words in his mind.

//Yep, I got very buzzed... er plastered last night...// but that still didn't settle the matter of where in Hell Maxwell had gotten off to.

"Kisama! Where the Hell are you!" Wufei yelled at the ceiling. He decided the best way to find his lover was to ask his lover's best friend. Yuy would probably know where the violet-eyed boy had gotten off to.

First, though, he needed a shower and a change of clothing.

Wufei stripped down and started the water. He walked back into the bedroom, butt nekkid mind you, to retrieve his clothes. Wufei rumaged through the closet and drawers, seemingly unaware of his current nude state, until he was satisfied with his choice of clothing. Maxwell had taught him the art of 'refined clothing choice'.

Why had he kept the boy around? The boy was a nuisance. He always over did everything. He made you laugh when you were trying to be serious. //Aa, now I remember... He showed me how to live... but in return...// Wufei remembered the beatings he'd given the Shinigami pilot. Wufei couldn't control himself when he got that emotional and physical... he'd always think he'd become too attached to the boy and he'd hated him for that... He couldn't stand to loose him like... like Meiran...

So he'd beat him, and the boy took it, no complaints. They'd never talked about Duo's past, and the only reason Duo knew about Meiran was because of his emotional outlashing... but when he'd hurt the boy, Duo'd never flinched, like he was used to it. Like he'd had it done to him for many years.

But Wufei thought of none of this as he washed his hair and lazily watched the shampoo slide down his sleek exterior to the drain below.


Heero let loose his grip on the slender boy and looked him in the eyes. Duo's eyes were full of emotion, and among that emotion Heero could see confusion. No, he was going to let Duo set the pace, he knew Duo and Wufei had... well... but he also knew that the Shenlong pilot had beat the boy and that can cause emotional damage. So Heero wanted this to be Duo's choice and he want to talk to the boy... get him to trust him... get to know him...



Heero looked at the silver cross that was strung about Duo's neck, "Who gave that to you?"

Duo hid his eyes, after a moment he whispered, "S--Sister Helen, she gave it... she gave it to be just... just before she..." tears were streaming down his cheeks.

"Shhh... it's ok, I don't have to know... I was just curious... shhh... please don't cry..." Heero hugged the boy tight to him.

"No, I-- I want to talk about it... I want to tell you..." Duo said, wiping at his eyes. He looked up, "I want you... I need you to know... if only because, you need to know..."

"Why, other than to know why I comfort you, do I need to know?"

"Because..." Duo paused momentairly before plowing on, "I-- I'm unclean!" He blurted out.

"I know you and Wuf--"

"NO!" Duo almost screamed, "No... that's not it at all! I-- I... when I was on the streets on L2... I-- I had to eat... so..." Duo stopped and looked pleadingly up at Heero. Heero understood.

"I don't care about the past... so what? You were a prostitute... big deal... Did you think it would make me dislike you?" Duo nodded slightly, "You were wrong... nothing... could... ever... make... me... dislike... you..." Heero said, punctuating every word with a sweet tender kiss.

Tears again found their way down Duo's pale cheeks and he held the boy while he cried. After what seemed like forever Heero spoke, "Why didn't you fight back against Wufei? Why did you just take it?"

"I'm used to it... I used to fight back... back then..." Heero understood what he meant...

"Did you ever tell him?" Duo shook his head.

"No, I-- I couldn't tell him... every time I tried to open my mouth he'd hit me... but he told me of his past... I felt sorry for him, so I just took it, silently..."

"That is an oxymoron... Duo Maxwell Silent..." that made them both laugh.

When the laughter subsided he looked Duo in the eyes, "_I_ would never do that to you... NEVER! I ca--love you too much to ever do that to you..."

Duo bounced up and hugged him, "I-I l-love you too!"


OWARI, part 2


Ok, I had to redeem myself (and Wu-chan) because of what I did to him (though I think he deserved it...sometimes), but there you have it. Part 2!

Note: I think this saga sucks too, IMHO. It is gonna get better. The next part is kinda good...at least the idea for it...I hope ::crosses fingers:: that you like it...but if not...and let me explain 'claiming': the kind of claiming Heero is doing is a claiming of protection. Although Heero loves Duo deeply (at least here) he wouldn't try and force the boy into anything...especially the way I am making Wu-chan out to be...plus on Wu-chan: I figured since he lost something he cared dearly for, loved (IE Meiran) he couldn't bear to loose someone else whom he loves; although through his negligence he did...I know this is a mean thing to do to Wu (::screams:: I am rhyming!) but this is a bastard Wu fic (sorta)...I had never seen one so I wrote one! Please understand.

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