Laying Claim -- Part 1: Claiming
by Willow
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I am mean to Wu-bear a little...
"Ne Heero, what're ya doin?" Duo said.

"Typing... Duo, you're drunk..." Heero said without looking up at the violet-eyed boy.

"So wha?" Duo said, slowly sauntering over and wrapping his arms around the stoic pilot.

"Duo, go to bed, you are stone drunk..." Heero unwrapped himself and pushed Duo away.

"You don't like me one bit, do you, Heero...?" with this Duo began to cry. He was to drunk to know exactly what he was doing.

"Duo..." Heero turned around and saw the tears rolling down that gamin face. Crying? Why was Duo crying? The realization hit him, it was because of him. Duo was crying because he'd pushed him away. He didn't like to see tears and a frown mar those beautiful features.

It was true, Heero did feel something for the Shinigami pilot, but he'd summed it up to friendship. Tentatively, Heero brushed one light finger across the heart-shaped face and wiped away the tears, "Don't cry, Duo. I like you, you're my best friend..." //and something more.... I wish, but you've already got someone// he added silently to himself.

Duo sniffled, "... friends..." he said quietly, still frowning, "Aa, I guess all we can be, na?" he said to himself.

Heero, on intuition, pulled Duo to him. Duo 'eeped' at the touch, fearing that Heero might yell or hit him for disturbing his work. Heero pulled him close and held him. Duo struggled a little, then gave up and let Heero hold him. Heero stroked his back, calming him.

"Duo, I don't want to... hurt you... you're drunk and *if* we were to do anything, well... I'm sure you'd regret it... You already have someone anyway..." Heero said, soothing the still crying boy, Duo'd probably not understand his words anyway as he was drunk out of his mind.

"But, I want *you*, I love you! That's the reason I came here... so I didn't have to face him..." Big words and his thought was choppy, yep, Duo was dead drunk and would soon pass out...

"Duo, you're really drunk. I think you over did it," Heero said as the sobs subsided and Duo's breathing evened out into a sleep pattern.

"Mmmm..." was the sound he heard as Duo drifted off, sleep claiming him at last.

Heero just held the boy, cradling him in his arms. Duo was so small, so light. Did he take proper care of himself? Heero tugged off Duo's shirt and stopped. There were dark shadows against Duo's ribs and on his back. Heero knew that Duo and Wufei were lovers, each taking comfort in the other's arms (or so he believed), but had Wufei caused these injuries to this beautiful boy?

Heero felt anger stir in him. If so... well, he would make sure of his suspicions before he did anything in the way of avenging the damage. Heero managed to get the boy undressed down to his boxers and in the bed. Heero's bed, //for Duo and Wufei shared a room// he thought bitterly. //I want him to remain in my bed... forever.// His own thoughts startled him.

When he was sure the boy was sound enough asleep, he ventured from the room.

Wufei was not happy. Duo'd run off after getting drunk at the club. //And after a few harsh words from you, but he is yours and he should obey your wishes...//

He opened the door to their room and was surprised to find Heero sitting calmly on his bed.

"Heero, why are you in my room without permission?" He demanded.

"Did you do anything to Duo?" Heero asked, ignoring his question.

"What? You have no right to ask, he's not yours anyway..." Wufei said, likewise avoiding the question.

"He is my friend //at least//, I have a right to know about his well-being," Heero was not going to give in and the more Wufei refused to answer, the more sure he was that Wufei had put those bruises on Duo's body.

"He's fine as far as I know, why shouldn't he be?"

"Where did he get the bruises on his ribs?" That made Wufei start. Maybe Yuy knew, and being friends he'd probably return the favor.

"What bruises?" Wufei decided to play dumb.

"You know what bruises, or at least you should, you are his lover. They are old and faded, but can still be seen quite well. You, being his lover, should have known about them... Yet, you deny even knowledge of them," Heero saw the sweat gleam on the Chinese boy's brow. He'd hit home...

"Uh--" Heero rose before Wufei could utter anything else. He closed the distance between them in three swift strides.

"You do not deserve him, therefore I will now take him from you before you can harm him further..." with that, Heero punched him in the gut and strode from the room.


Duo woke up with a splitting headache. He slowly looked around the room and his eyes widened as he realized where he was. Heero's Room! //Shit how did I get here! Oh, man I am gonna die!// He looked down, he was in his boxers, //Awe, fuck! What the hell! How did I get undressed and in Heero's bed.//

He heard a sound from the other side of the room.

Clack clack clack clack clack --

Heero turned to look at him, Duo scrambled back on the bed. //Shit shit shit, he's pissed! How the hell did I end up here?!//

"You're awake," Heero said, walking over to sit on the edge of the bed. He frowned slightly as Duo scrambled away from him. What had Wufei done to the American pilot? Heero reached out and grasped Duo's arm pulling the boy closer to him and embracing him as he had last night.

"Wha--" Duo said, but was interrupted.

"It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, Duo. I care about you too much to hurt you," Heero looked at him solemnly, "He hurt you, didn't he? He's the reason for the bruises on your ribs."

Heero knew? How could he know? Wufei would be pissed when he couldn't find him. He should leave soon, but Heero refused to release him, "How-- how..."

"How did I know? Why other reason would you have those bruises? You would have gotten raped, you couldn't have gotten them in battle, not the way they are patterned, hence the only reason is if it was... uh..." Heero faltered when he saw tears in Duo's eyes, "Why are you crying, Duo?"

"I-- I don't want to go back to him," he said and Heero pulled him closer to him.

"Shh, you don't have to go back to him," he said, before Duo could reply he went on, "You are under *my* protection now. He won't hurt you again," this was the cue of Duo to begin to sob more violently. No longer in fear, but relief.

"How-- how did you..." he said at length.

"How did I get him to let you alone? I claimed you..." Heero said.

"Claimed me?" he sputtered.

"As I said you are under my protection. Don't worry," Heero soothed him stroking his back and rocking him slightly.

"Shh... I'll protect you..." //Ai shiteru, Duo.//