This is a series that contains anything I dare throw in here. Sex, masturbation, violence, S&M, bondage, sap, WAFF, OOCness, anything. Be wanred that this is YAOI PORN basically. Ever watched late night HBO or Cinamax? There are shows that have no connect except the title, that is what this is (some may connect, but mostly this is an 'all sex no plot' story). This is a fic/let series of short stories revolving around 2 characters (or more) who enjoy boinking/porking/the horizontal mombo (whatever you wanna call it) very very very much. This series does not contain sweet love, but more of a good swift fuck! Hold onto your hats, ladies (and gents) as I take you on a whirlwind trip through the sexified world of my favourite Gundam pilots.

Pairs: 1x2/1x1/2x2 (randomly)
Warnings: any and every warning applies
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. Not the song, not the characters, nothing, get me? Please don't sue.

Hurts So Good
Fic 1: A Cure for Boredom
by Willow

Hurt so good
Come on Baby, make it hurt so good
Sometimes love don't feel like it should
You make it hurt so good
-- John Cougar Mellancamp, 'Hurts So Good'

Boredom can be the shit. It really can. But sometimes it can be as fun as being with someone else, except not as satisfying.

And seeing as Duo was very bored, alone at the safehouse, and the silence was beginning to grate on his nerves, he had to do something about it. So, without further ado, he trudged off to the bedroom to make use of the crisp white sheets of his lover's bed.

He smiled at the militaristic way that Heero made the bed, the sheets tucked nice and tight against the matress. It would be fun to mess that up. Slowly, as if he was putting on a show (and perhaps he was, just in case someone was watching), Duo began to strip.

Slowly, sensuously, Duo teased his shirt up and over his head, eyes closing. The toned muscles in his taunt, sunkissed chest flexed against the soft skin as he moved his arms above his head. His pecks rippled as he brought his arms down to his waistband, popping the button and teasing the zipper down millimeter by millimeter. Removing his hands from the now undone pants, he tangled them in his bangs, raking the chestnut hairs back from his sweaty face. He rocked his hips forward, imagining he was showing off to his Japanese lover. He licked his lips as he ran one hand down his chest, teasing a nipple before slipping it down into his black silk boxers. He pushed down the material and let his aching arousal spring forth in all its dripping glory.

"Nnnn," he moaned as he stroked himself lightly, teasingly. He ran his other hand down the back of his head and down his hair, snapping the band at the end. The chestnut rope slowly unwound and spread about him like a rippling waterfall of chestnut silk.

A smile quirked his lips as he used both hands to push his jeans and boxers to the floor. He stepped out of the pile of material and got on his knees on the bed. He gyrated his body sensually, feeling the chill of the air-conditioner caressing his passion heated flesh. Indeed, all he needed was the thought of his beautiful Asian lover and he was hard and hot, ready to be slammed to the floor/bed/anything and fucked fast and hard.

He moaned Heero's name as his hands reached down to slither up the insides of his muscled thighs, teasing the tender flesh before clamping onto their intended target. He rubbed his thumb over the slit at the tip of his weeping need before pulling down with his caloused hands. He groaned as the slight roughness of the caloused pads sent deliscous shivers all through his body, centered in his groin. He began to stroke in earnest, his pattern eratic and driving himself crazy. Harder and harder, faster and faster he pumped until he exploded, his passion coating his hand and the once crisp sheets.

For a little he lay there, panting. Then he lifted his fingers to his lips and sucked them clean, wishing it were Heero doing it for him, drinking of his passion. After about five minutes, he crawled off the bed, chuckling at the disshevled and sinful state it was in, and slid back into his clothing. He smiled happily as he shut the door and wandered off back to the living room. He couldn't wait till Heero got home.....