Title: Gundam Wing à la Relena

Author: Willow

Archive: GW Addiction; otherwise: yes, please tell me.

Category: POV, shounen ai, angst?, other (sap?, romance?, who knows!)

Rating: PG (for now)

Pairings: 1x2, DxR, RxH, implied 4+3


Warnings: none unless you count a nice, fangirl Relena


Spoilers: Series, Episode Zero

Disclaimer: I don’t own GW, and will not tolerate being sued when I’m not making anything off of this. This is purely for entertainment and I hope you enjoy.

Feedback: Please? This is really something different for me and I hope you will tell me what you think. Sucks? Great tell me! Good? Yup tell me! Tell me! Ok, get it?

NOTES: Before you read - This is Relena’s POV of the series and will get into detail about everything she sees and feels during it. If you cannot tolerate Relena, atleast try and read because this is different that any Relena I’ve ever written (even Len from GI:60 or Lena-chan from SoCal). This is written kind of like a journal, but I hope it’s not too bouncy... I’m trying to flow with the episodes.

Barb - italicize thoughts ‘...’ please.

Further notes will be at the end of the part/fic.


And So It Goes...


When I first met him he was lying on a beach clothed in a space suit. I knelt beside the prone body and removed the helmet. I was shocked by his beauty; his dark lashes resting on soft, tan skin, the gentle whisper of his breath across slightly parted lips, all this and more held me entranced and I was startled as the cobalt -- no, prussian eyes flittered open to stare at me in shock before he jumped up and skittered away from me like a scared puppy.

“Did you see?” he gasped at me.

“What?” I asked, not understanding what he meant. Did I see what?

“Did you see?” he repeated, giving me no clue what-so-ever as to what he was asking about. His head suddenly jerked to his left as sirens filled the air. “Shit.” And he was off. I watched in rapt amusement as he knocked out the EMTs that were rushing down the metal stairs to assist him, then stole their vehicle.

“What a person...” I whispered as I watched him speed away. I knew then that he was different, something special. There was just /something/ about him. [1] “My name is...” I began, lifting my hand from where I had it clutched to my chest, gesturing as if he were there to take my hand and shake it. “My name is Relena Dorlian. What’s yours?”

The next time saw him my heart nearly failed. There he was at the front of my class; the tight uniform pants clung to his well muscled legs (as well as other portions of his very developed lower body) like a second skin and his smoldering fire-blue eyes glared up at the student body from under wild brown bangs. The teacher must have instructed him to introduce himself -- I know then as I know now that he wouldn’t have done so unless told to -- for he spoke. “Heero Yuy desu,” he said, his slightly nasal voice deep and sultry -- and I’m sure it was completely unconscious, like breathing.

I watched as the teacher indicated for him to take a seat -- in particular, the one next to me -- and he tromped up to the desk and seated himself with ingrained grace -- nothing natural there, or if it had been natural it had been trained to be perfect and thus negating the natural beauty of the movement. I smiled sweetly.

“Hello. I’m Relena. Please to meet you,” I paused, scanning him for a sign that he would respond. Nope, no such luck. I continued my little welcome speach. “If you ever need anything, feel free to ask.” I watch him for a moment before turning my attention back to the teacher, who was enthusiastically reciting a poem. I believe it was called ‘Ode to Spot.’ [2]

A couple of days later I decided to invite him to my birthday party, hoping to befriend the silent Heero and make him feel more comfortable here at Romefeller High. My mistake.

“It’s an invitation to my brithday party tomorrow,” I said handing him the folded white envelope -- I’m so glad Mother did not make the invitations, I hate pink -- smiling. “I’d enjoy it very much if you would attend,” I watched him closely as my followers -- silly twits that they were.. I love my friends, but they can be so dense -- began to applaude. He lifted the envelope to about eye level, not looking at it, and ripped it in two.

“Hi-hidoi,” I gasped as I watched the pieces flutter to the cold stone of the terrace, tears gathering at the corners of my eyes.

Surprisingly, he walked past me and wipe the tears from one eyes. I looked at him and our eyes locked. “Because... I’ll kill you.”

I watched him as he walked away, shocked. For my act of kindness, I got threatened with my life. Nice one. I know now that I should have kept my distance, let him come to me of his own will if he wanted, but I was young and a fool, wanting to befriend the quiet boy. The wind lifted, whipping my skirts around, as if his words and passing by had been some momentous occasion. Who knows... maybe it was.

The next time I was to encounter him, I found myself face to face with a pistol, the metal gleaming in the dying light of day.

“Relena,” he said softly, his Japanese accent rolling the sylables in a verbal caress. Something glinted in his eyes and I could have sworn it was the pain of uncertainty, but he shook it off. “You’re in over your head,” he said. “Goodbye, Relena.”

A gunshot rang out and I clamped my hands over my ears, kneeling down in fear. I watched as he turned and the bullet caught him directly on the shoulder. Him? But hadn’t he been about to shoot me? I looked up and saw a dark, black clad figure cloaked in the dark of impending night. A long, glittering rope of chestnut gold trailed from beneath a ballcap and the figure tilted its head to peer with glowing eyes from beneath the brim.

“It’s pretty obvious to anybody that you’re the bad guy here,” a hearty tenor sang our cheerfully. I realized that the ethereal creature hidden in the dark of dusk was a boy... a soldier, like Heero. “Are you ok, ojou-san?”  He looked up at me, the twilight casting a warm glow across his delicate heart-shaped face, and I saw, with a shock, that his wide eyes were the most entrancingly beautiful shade of violet-indigo.

I found myself watching detachedly as Heero dove for his gun again and was once again fired on by the anti-hero. I placed myself between the two, my mind reeling. This was wrong. They should not be fighting one another. I did not know then why that thought had run through my mind, but I knew that it was true and important -- little did I know that I was right, in more ways than one. There was something in store for them. Something big. It was like the stars and planets had aligned for them... but I’m getting ahead of myself with the story.

I ripped my party dress -- Mother could buy me a new one -- and used the strips to bandage the gunshot wounds. I heard the forlorn voice of the braided boy mumble something.

“So now I’m the bad guy? Ch’...” Suddenly, his watched beeped, drawing his attention. His eyes widened -- if that was possible -- as he looked at the black band. “Huh, I must’ve miscalculated the tide,” he muttered. I turned to look out into the ocean, but a flare of light blinded me. “Sorry, lady,” the dark boy said, holding the flare above his head. “’S better you not look, then my savin’ ya woulda been for nothin’.” An American, I guessed by his accent and bastardization of both Japanese and the English language, which told me he knew both fluently. [3]

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Heero take advantage of the boy’s distraction and launch himself at the missiles -- torpedeos? -- he’d been loading when I joyfully interupted him.

“Shit, man!” the boy cried out as Heero jumped up onto the weapons. “You’re injured!” Leave it to an American to state the obvious... well, obvious to normal people... I don’t think Heero knew/believed he was injured.

“That’s my mobile suit,” he yelled, peeking his tossled head from behind the torpedoes. The longhaired boy didn’t hear him as he continued to unload his gun at the Asian. Heero slammed his fist into the control pad -- at least, I assume it was a control pad -- and the explosive devices rocketed off toward the pair of emerging mobile suits.

As they impacted I heard the boy whisper. “He knows gundanium’s impact tolerancy... that means he’s the mobile suit’s pilot...”

The boy -- I later found out, and from Heero no less, that his name was Duo -- dragged Heero’s limp body out of the water and his voice, as he spoke, caried with the solomn words an infinate sadness...

“Take him to a hospital quick, ojou-san,” he said, “I don’t want to see another like /him/ die in my hands...” (Later I would find out that the ‘him’ Duo’d been refering to was a childhood friend that’d died in a plague -- wasted away in the six-year-old’s small arms.)

Sometime later, while Heero was in the hospital -- strapped to a table in a huge observation room -- Duo showed up again, blasting out a side of the building to break out the captive pilot. Looking back I have to laugh at myself...

I watched the two boys plummet from the top floor, straight down. Or more accurately, Heero plummet and Duo drift down like a dandilion seed on a warm, spring breeze. I couldn’t help but scream his name, “Heero!” Yes I was pathetic. But he was the boy that fell from the sky once already and I had no intention of letting him smash face first into the ground after making sure the braided boy didn’t kill him -- which I realized at some point that Duo’d never hurt him (truly hurt him), let alone kill him.

As pathetic as my attempt was, it worked. He yanked the cord and poof! The shoot flew open and he slowed his descent enough to where he wasn’t going to be a grease spot on the craggy outcropping over the beach. I watched as he roled to a stop, my heart thudding in my chest. ‘I hope he’s alright,’ was my only thought. And miraculiously, Heero stood and, with a little aid from Duo, walked away from his second fall to earth.

I smirked as I watched the two boys head off away from the hospital, Duo’s arm under Heero’s shoulder. ‘Cute,’ I thought... and wondered why and what I meant. Another thing to decipher later, Major Sally Po was talking to me about something... I think it had to do with the fallen hero. [4]

Their missions continued without my watch while I was stuck in outerspace, but that didn’t mean I didn’t know what they were doing... Pargan kept me informed of their activities -- from assignments in class to missions. Silly? Yes, but what better is there to do when you’re stuck at a diplomatic meeting and not aloud to leave the hotel room? That time really sucked, my father dying and all... and I was depressed for a while after, but things like this happen... No, don’t get me wrong, it hurt when he died, but I’ve gotten used to people dying... this is war.

After that little encounter with Dr. J -- that guy seriously creeped me out -- I returned to earth, to Mother and my home. To a mass of reporters who wanted the ‘inside scoop.’ To hell with them... To take my mind off of all the shit that was going on -- yes, little miss sheltered Relena can curse -- I delved into my ‘spying’ on Heero and Duo...

It seemed that my ‘spying’ was going to be double... Heero ended up back at Romefeller High and Duo off... somewhere... I decided I’d look him up and try to arrange for them to be at the same school next time... Yes, I’m actually pretty good at hacking and a few other things of the sort... What can I say? I get bored.

So Heero was at my school and, lo and behold, it was a school dance! Fun... yeah right. Ok so I wanted to go, but not for the party. No, I knew Heero was leaving -- hell, I’d been the one to set it up! -- and I wanted to dance with him.... Let me get this straight, I’m not interested in the boy, but who in their right mind /wouldn’t/ want to dance with him at least once? So I walk up to his room and find a gun in my face -- this is getting to be a regular occurance, almost like a greeting.

“You’re leaving?” I say, more than ask, but with the questioning inflection that lets him think I didn’t know for sure, that perhaps I could disuade him from his departure... Like I wanted to. I wanted to be able to watch the two boys together, interacting....

He just grunted, still aiming the gun at me.

“I won’t stop you,” I told him. “But it would look suspicious if you left before the dance....” ‘Just one dance, Heero,’ I thought. ‘One... please...’

He seemed to think this over and, to my relief, he lowered the gun... Tossing it in his suitcase he nodded and followed me out to the party.

I dragged him out onto the dance flow and noted distractedly that my little groupies were gushing over the two of us dancing. Bakas. It was great, being that close to perfection... he was smooth on his feet, flowing with a grace I didn’t think he possessed, what with his mostly mechanical movements. But there we were, the two of us, dancing like there was no one else... Actually....

I watched Heero’s distant eyes and /knew/ he was thinking of someone else... Perhaps someone with striking indigo eyes and a long rope of chestnut hair? Who knows....

Suddenly -- damnable OZ timing -- the roof was blown sky high and the students scattered, running in all directions with no purpose. Heero broke out of his trance.

“K’so....” he muttered, then off he ran.

I heard my little clique screeching in fear of the metal giants as they huddled tightly together. Idiots, I swear! I ran to them, stupid as they were they’d get themselves killed needlessly...

“Hurry! This way!” I said, stopping in front of them and kneeling.

“Relena-sama...” they sighed. Ok, I hate that.... I really hate that...

“Go, that way; you’ll be safe.” Off they went. Good. Less to worry about. No, where’d Heero go?

I watched as the Gundam rose up out of the trees, it’s mesh camoflague falling away as it readied for battle.

The Aries attacked and Heero valiently fought them off. Belatedly I realized that he was protecting me! Why? Yes, I was being stupid... There I stood, in the middle of a mech battle just waiting to be squished... Definately stupid, but hey, I wanted to see this battle... and close hand was fine by me... Why do I court death? I don’t... Heero does. [5]

So he was protecting me. Great. He was taking from his battle to ensure my survival.. Just peachy. Then -- here it comes -- he notices me and turns -- ignoring the battle, the Aries -- the giant mech looking at me. That was eerie, I have to admit, this giant robot staring down at me. Wooh! Shudder! But, yeah....

He seems to be deciding on something.... It must have irritated him for he whirled and impaled the last Aries before turning back to me. I stood there, silently asking him to do as he wished... I felt the woosh of his shield as it pass right by my head. He can’t kill me. Why? I’ll let him, so why can’t he?

Something clicks then and there.... I’m innocent by him... I’ve done nothing to merit death and he has not been given a /mission/ to kill me! ‘Ha!’ I laugh to myself. What irony.... I ask for death and he simply cannot give it to me. Ah, well... I live on... I get to continue my ‘spying’....

Heero left and a few weeks later I hear something on the news, something that shocks me to the core...

OZ and the Alliance were having some peace talks at the New Edwards base when the Gundams showed up... all five of them. Well, Heero ended up blowing up a shuttle that was carrying all the Alliance’s pacifists! I know he didn’t mean it, he couldn’t have.... this is Heero Yuy we’re talking about here! So the Gundams became outlaws... I didn’t pay much attention to the other three Gundams... just where Heero and Duo went...

Over the next few weeks, I followed any and all signs of them. I think I startled the crap out of Duo popping up all the time, as I did. He seemed a little perturbed that I found them every where they went. It was cute, really, his befundled look as I would walk up to Heero. Yes, I mostly concentrated on him, but I did watch the braided wonder out of the corner of my eye... you never knew what Duo would do, it was fun to watch.

So there I was, hiding behind some bushes at their latest hide out... St. Mary’s Academy. Both of them were in their basketball uniforms or gym clothes -- you never know at some schools -- sweat dripping off of them as they drove the ball down court with speed unequaled by any ordinary player. Swoosh! Heero dunked the ball with a certain flare. He shook his unruly hair as he landed, sending droplets of sweat glittering around him. Drool! (I did say I wasn’t interested in him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look at him and his gorgeous body, etc!)

I watched as Duo bounced over, jovial as ever, and placed a hand on Heero’s shoulder. “Great game, Heero!” he said, grinning from ear to ear, his indigo-violet eyes glittering with mirth. “Hey, c’mon, wave to your fans...” I resisted the urge to laugh, thus revealing my location, as I saw the small put-out look that crossed Duo’s face as Heero just walked off. He really was adorable.

The more I watched them, the more I could see... something... developing between them... mostly from Duo, but sometimes you could see it in Heero too... I didn’t know what it was, but it was something I wanted to see more of.

I crept over to another bush to watch them as they talked near the railing.

“This is a good idea, changing schools when we have to move... kids our age are supposed to be in school, right?” Duo said. It seemed he could be talking to the air -- and more than likely was -- for all he cared. Heero spared him a brief glance and something made the air sing in electricity for that one moment that the cobalt eyes laid upon the indigo-eyed boy. Then, as quick as it came, it was gone and Heero was once again ignoring -- or appeared to be -- the chattering boy.

“What’s the idea?” Heero asked, surprisingly taking part in the conversation.

“I’m just trying to act normal,” Duo replied, looking out over the cove.

“You stand out.” I had to agree with Heero there, the boy did stand out... he was gorgeous and had this energy about him that drew people to him instantly. I’ll admit I never act like he’s there, but I enjoy being around the boy... he makes people feel alive...

Duo turned, crossing his arms over his chest. “You wouldn’t be so suspicious is you didn’t act so secretive...” He leaned forward. “Why don’t you just chill out a bit and have some fun as a student?”

“Leave me alone,” Heero said standing. I saw something flash across his ocean blue eyes, but it was gone all to quickly.

“And stay outta your way, right?” Duo finished for him. Heero looked up at him. “The two of us are goin’ after the same thing. You can’t hide it from me... I can see it in your eyes as plain as day. Whaddya say the first one to destroy that ship wins?”

Wins what? I was curious to know... the scene was getting tense... I decided this was as good a time as any to make my appearance. Dusting off my skirt, I stood behind a tree on the walk and meandered over to them. Duo blinked at me, his heart-shaped face startled, but not surprised -- if you get my drift... I think he was getting used to me showing up out of nowhere. “Heero...” I said.

“Hn,” the cobalt eyes glared over my shoulder. ‘Staring off into the middle distance’ or just ignoring me, either way.

“How’ve you been?” I ask, not expecting an answer. “Well, I just thought I’d drop in and see how you were. Pargan is waiting for me, so I should go. Later, Heero.” And I saunter off. For some reason I know this will not affect him in the slightest, but I do it anyway. [6] I look back at them from my horendus pink limo -- I‘ll definately never let Mother pick out my car again, yeck! -- and smile as Duo makes some comment and Heero looks out over the ocean. [7]

I visited them three times at St. Mary’s, well... twice, if you don’t count when the little ojou-sama’s that attach to me at every school informed me that they’d transfered -- I knew that they’d put in transfers, I was seeing if they’d already vacated the dorms... which they had.

I continued to track them. The two fought together, as partners... I wondered if that was planned or coincidental... It didn’t really matter... They ended up at St. Augusta’s School a while later. I ventured there once before they transfered...

I got out of my nausiating pink limo (I really have to have it repainted... black’s a nice color) just as they were heading to class. Damn, not much time... but I stayed there watching until they entered the building. Not long after, they transfered again... this time not to a school... they ended up on a very tough mission...

When I heard that Heero’d self-destructed I was in pain... “No!” I screamed, or thought I did... I think it actually came out as a whispered plea.... ‘No no! You can’t die! Little prince fallen from the sky can’t die until...’ Until what? I wasn’t sure... I was beginning to think it had something to do with Duo... Why? Don’t ask me... There was something there I didn’t comprehend yet...

A month and a half later I got a letter from one of the victim’s familys... It said something about Heero Yuy and I was over joyed... I traveled to Antarctica to find him...

When I got there he was battling Zechs, which I had found out was my brother (who’da thunk?)... I tried to talk to him, but I really don’t think a tiny voice can be heard over the roar of jet/rocket engines.

This is where my story gets vague, so please bare with me....

I heard that Duo’d fallen in with one of the other pilots... a little blond... He’d taken Heero’s self-destruction really bad and he didn’t yet know that Heero was alive... I grinned at that, the boy would get a shock.

I also heard that OZ had captured all of the scientists who’d created the Gundams and were planning on using their insane genius to create new weapons of war. Those turds!

Despite OZ’s alienation of them, the pilots returned to outer space and I was shocked to find that they’d captured Duo. Those bastards... I watched as they beat the unconscious body as it hung lifeless between two burly guards.... How dare they! I wondered what Heero’s reaction was.... was he angry at thistreatment? Or did he feel the need to kill the boy since he was now a liability, having been captured?

Later I was to find that he’d rescued Duo and... SHOCK! They’d gotten together. Yup! Heero and Duo were officially a couple after the taciturn boy rescued the chatter box from OZ hell! I nearly cheered when I found that out. But that was a good deal later....

Like I mentioned, I didn’t keep track of the other pilots. I think Trowa infiltrated OZ or something, Quatre went crazy with the Zero System... boy was that a mess! Wufei was doing his own thing, feeling weak and unworthy... They’d all come together again and I’d be there to know, but that was a long time in coming.

Let’s see... Heero tried to destroy those weapons OZ had the scientists working on, but ended up getting captured.... Wufei followed after his Nataku was demolished in battle, then Duo got captured again -- I was told that this was so the scientists could finish the new Gundams, but I think he just wanted to see Heero again. Wufei later told me -- after I asked -- about what happened, since I knew Duo’d gotten the shit beat out of him -- again.

“Yuy went to his side as soon as he thought I was asleep. He cradled the boy to him, whispering soft words and placing chaste kisses along the battered brow... It was... a touching sight,” he said, gauging my response. I think I shocked him when I smiled and said I was glad.

Meanwhile, I crashed a few OZ parties and ended up with a ‘care-taker’, Noin. She ended up draging me to Cinq and having me teach some classes, give some lectures.... about Total Pacifism -- what a crock of shit... but it pleased people, so I did it.

I didn’t see them for the longest time, months.... I sat in my palace in Cinq with my little preening princesses and talked of peace.... I tell you, it was boring! Shit-fire, these girls were so shallow water ran off them! [8]  There were a few who didn’t act like the polished aristocrats I mostly taught.... and I enjoyed listening to their conversations... You learn a lot from world wise people...

“.... and I could not believe it.... He reached under Hideki’s chin and...” giggle “... lifted the slack jaw saying ‘Cutie...’ [9] It was so adorable! They’re so cute together...” The blond with the sparkling glasses said.

“Too bad Hideki is a normal hetero lustful teenage boy...” the brunette with extremely long hair and a soft face said, snuggling against a red-head’s arm.

“Yeah, we’ll just have to make someone up for him... Since Hideki’s definately /not/ yaoi!” The red-head beamed at the girl beside her before immitating what they’d spoke of. “Cutie...” she said and giggled.

Well, that was certainly interesting.


“Don’t call me that,” I bit out. Yes, yes... no no, but I get damned tired of that... that and pink are driving me up the walls! I feel the need to claw some curtains. “Look....” I turned to look at a slightly flustered and mildly peeved red-head.

She cocked her head to the side and her shaggy bangs fell into her grey eyes... slightly reminiscent of Duo. She glowered for a second before brightening... yet again reminiscent of Duo. “Ne, wanna join our conversation? You seemed to be listening in, so I just thought I’d ask, R’lena-san.”

I smiled at her, she was naturally charming... again, like Duo. Where they seperated at birth? [10] I nodded and took a seat.

“We were discussing guys we like....” she paused, dramatically, grinning. “To see together...”

Well, I’d never really thought on that... Yup, sheltered... I thought on that a moment before realizing some of my thoughts seemed to lead that way... the thought chains tagged ‘Heero’ & ‘Duo’... or more accurately, the thought /chain/ tagged /’Heero & Duo’/. I grinned at her and joined the conversation, telling them about the two....

Not long after I had joined in the girls’ circle, a new girl from Romefeller joined our classes.


She was tall and blonde. Beautiful, really... Her eyes were the oddest shade of periwinkle tinted with lavender... Very beautiful indeed.

“Relena-sama...” She cooed, and some how that didn’t bother me... perhaps it was the way it rolled off her tongue. “I truly adore you for allowing me to study here!” She glowed as she spoke, her gestures grand and elaborated.

“It’s nothing, Dorothy, and, please, call me Relena.”

“I simply cannot! You’re my heroin!” I blushed. Dorothy went on to speak of the war and other things, some related to me, others not.... I found myself thinking less about Heero and Duo and more about Dorothy....

Not long after she arrived at Cinq, we became lovers... I spent most of my free time with her... It was one of the most pleasurable times of my life.

I was so absorbed in Dorothy that I was very surprised when Noin brought Heero and a blond haired boy to my palace. I tried to act like I always did, and I think I may have outdone myself.... Ah well.... So Heero and Quatre -- that was the blond’s name -- stayed in Cinq.

I could tell that Heero hated every minute of it... I spoke to Quatre about it and he didn’t know anything... Not really. I asked him if he’d seen Duo and he said it had been about a month since he’d seen the boy.... and even longer since Heero’d seen him, I guessed. I wondered if that was what was making Heero so restless....

Eventually, they both left... Quatre to find Trowa and Heero.... to battle... They’d defended me and my country while they felt the need... Frankly I didn’t care... I was interested in seeing Heero and Duo together.... It made me smile to think of them together.

Not much happened between then and the end of the war. The Gundams once more went to outer space and the battles for the Earth and the Colonies began....

I met a girl that knew Duo while I was captive on White Fang’s ship.... my brother and lover held me captive there.... Don’t ask how I got there, it boring and I don’t care to explain.... just know I was there... in outer space... with the battles raging about me! It was exhilerating.... Back to the girl... Her name was Hilde and she’d met Duo when she’d captured him... I find it very amusing how the boy managed to get himself caught... he’s so stealthy! So there she was, telling my things... She was stealing information to help the Gundam pilots.... She was a sweet girl... Well, she and I both got off the ship, eventually... but she got injured and I felt for her...

Finally the last battle was upon us... It wasn’t fair that I didn’t get to see Duo and Heero interact on the ship! I really wanted to, but he went into battle just after he liberated me from the ship....

So the battle raged on and in the final moments, as Heero was shooting down the last piece of Libra... ready to die... I /KNOW/ it was Duo’s voice that brought him back to us! I know it! And as we all know, Destructo Boy survived....

After the war, I spent a large amount of time with the couple.... just doing things, bowling, partying, it didn’t matter.... I got to see them together... Like talking with those girls, it was a sick fascination... watching the two of them.... As I watched I could see the love radiating off them... it was in every movement, every turn... every “accidental” caress... It was intoxicating!

I have to tell you, I am naughty... Eventually, I rigged the room in my estate that they stated in... I wired it with cameras and I videoed their... activities... Yup, little sheltered... perverted Relena.... Yup yup yup... And I and Hilde watched them before we did our own little activities....


Owari: ‘Gundam Wing à la Relena’

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Author’s notes:

[1] ::chuckles:: Can anyone guess?

Grim: He’s feyer than a fairy? ::get’s thwapped:: What? It’s what the ojou-sama’s said! ::grins::

Shi-chan: Not yet they haven’t!

[2] For my dear koi-chan. There ya go, fish.

[3] I feel that if you want to butcher a language, then you -must- be fluent in it. [Other than when you are learning that is....]

[4] Excuse the joke, I just had to.

[5] ::giggles:: Da? Take it either way, it’s meant both. ::smiles::

[6] Who said Lena chose her pink crap? ::grins:: I personally think her fave colour is blue, but that’s me.

[7] Anyone guess what they’re talking about/looking at?

[8] I thought that was funny... So shallow they curved like a lens? ::grins::

[9] Maho Tsukai Tai.... I dunno the guy’s name, so I used one from History Class... ^_^

[10] No, not a MarySue... Just me... ^_^ This is what my friends notice and say.... ::giggles::