Title: Freedom
Author: Willow
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Category: Shounen ai, AT, some OOCness is possible, Yuri
Rating: G/PG (for now)
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 (not established), 4x3/3x4
Warnings: Jealous Heero... so he might do some odd things... he might/might not get a little OOC, an original character or two.
Spoilers: Series?
Disclaimer: GW is owned by some really rich, really lucky people in Japan. IE: not me. Jacqueline Arcquett and Unmei Child my own characters. Their appearances and personalities belong to me.
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NOTES: This is a Duo-smart, Duo-artist, Duo-psychic, Duo-Quatre Twin (but neither know it yet) fic saga. I don't know why I made Duo an artist, but I did so... here it is. This will be known (by me at least) as my 'first' series. Anou... first as in first time for me doing certian things. Lets see: Jealous Heero, original chara/self insertion, Yuri, D-Q twin, SDDI type... the list will increase as the series/saga/whatever goes on.


Freedom - Part 2

Duo returned right on time. Heero began to question him about the events of 'the dinner'.

Heero didn't know if he was asking to find out if they were 'going out' or he was just being polite or what. He just... had a mission. (AN: the all-important mission *snicker*)

"So?" he querried.

"So what?" Duo said working on his Physics homework.

"How... was your... uh, date?"

"It was alright, nothing special," he said idlely.

"Oh... hn."


"I just wondered..."

Duo gave him a curious look, that looked as if it said 'I know you are jealous, just admit it.' He wasn't sure if he should tell the boy about his feelings or not, but this Jacqueline situation was infuriating him.

When Heero didn't say anything more, he continued to work on his Physics.


Trowa smiled down at his little love, "... Heero said Duo has a girlfriend."

"Hontou?" Quatre blinked, "That's odd..."

"Naze?" Trowa asked, curious.

Quatre looked as if he'd begun speaking some terrible secret, "Anou... well.. it is... um..."

Trowa sat quietly, waiting for Quatre to finish the thought.

"Trowa, I'm really not suposed to tell, but--"

"Duo likes Heero?"

Quatre nodded, "Tro, how did you know?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Quatre nodded again. "And Heero likes him, too."

"Hmm..." the expression on Quatre's face took on a mischievous quality.

"Quat-love, you're not going to play matchmaker for them, they'll work it out on their own..."


"Hmmm. . . .?"

"You've exceeded you're limit of words for the day..." with that Quatre kissed him deeply, pushing the taller pilot down on the bed. With his free hand he switched out the light.


The next morning, Jacqueline walked into the lobby of the school and found herself being glomped onto by a blonde ball of energy.

"Jac-koi!" the smaller girl giggled, "I missed you!"

"Unmei, please... calm yourself. I was only away from you for a night," Jackie said.

"But, it was such a long night!" Unmei looked at her
with her cutest pouty face.

Jackie couldn't resist, she stroked the hair back from those pleading aqua eyes and kissed the petite girl on the forhead. "Sa, whatever shall I do with you, beloved?"

Unmei's eyes aquired a glint of mischief, "You could tie me up and slather me in chocolate..." her face was teasing, but hopeful.

Jackie laughed, "Later, mon petite sucre."

Unmei's eyes lit up and she hugged her lover close, kissing her deeply.


Heero's eyebrow twiched, the only outward sign of his annoyance. Determined not to let the annoyance detour him, he headed on to his class.

Only when he had seated himself did he let his mind go over what he'd seen.

That girl, Jacqueline, and a small girl who faintly resembled Quatre. At first he'd thought none of it. That was until she kissed the other girl in a 'not-just-friends' fashion.

He was upset. That girl was playing with Duo's mind. *His* Duo!

He was so enveloped in his thoughts that he didn't hear the bundle over energy enter the room until he was standing right next to him.

"Oi! Heero?! Ohayo!!!"

Startled, Heero looked up to find the smiling face of Shinigami not more than an inch from his own.

"Nani ga Omae wa hoshii desu ka?"

"Nandemo nai." [1]


"Mou ii, Heero. Can't you say more than 'hn' and 'baka'?"


"Then do. Please."


"Oh, great. Heero learned a new word." That got the boy a glare. He eeped and snapped his mouth shut.

"Don't you ever shut up? I have something to talk to you about... but not now."

Duo blinked. Heero'd said a whole sentence and that sentence had a promise of more to come. Gee, Heero was just full of surprises.


"At lunch... meet at the table by the east tree."

"Ok," Duo sat down as the bell rang. Class began and Duo was ansy for it's end. Heero had to talk to him about something. He was curious, but he wasn't going to be rude and pry it from his friend's mind. Then also, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know. Curiosity got the better of him, thought, and he found himself looking at the clock every minute. He just had to find out what Heero had to say that had cost him 2 sentences out of his limited daily arsenal.


Wufei sat on the front lawn of the school, meditating.

'Hn, there's that girl... the one Heero said Duo was going with...' Wufei noted lazily to himself.

At that moment, a blur of blonde rushed past him. He blinked as he watched -in what seemed to be slow motion- as the blonde... girl?... attached herself to the taller girl. The tall girl smiled and bent down to kiss the petite blonde.

Wufei's eyes widened and one thought came to his mind, 'Injustice.'


"Sa, Heero, wha'd ya wanna talk to me about?"

"Duo, first things first... are you and that girl... are you..." Heero couldn't find the right word.

Duo laughed, "What are you asking? If we are going together or something?"

Heero nodded, feeling a blush try to creep up his cheeks. He valiantly supressed it.

Duo couldn't help but laugh at that. He could tell by all Heero's actions that he was jealous and enraged at the thought of Duo and Jackie together. "No, Heero, we aren't together. Actually, I never had a chance," he laughed at Heero's surprised look, "She has a life mate already. And from all I could tell, they are very much in love..."

Duo hadn't actually met the girl, Unmei, but when he and Jackie had worked on his newly budding psychic abilities he'd seen the girl was always foremost in her thoughts.

This revelation took Heero aback. He almost smiled... almost, but not quite.

"Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?" Duo asked him.

"No," the answer was automatic and Heero instantly regretted it.

Duo looked expectantly at him, "So...?"

"... It's not important. Nevermind."

Heero walked back to the building, leaving Duo alone at the tree.

Duo was getting irritated. He didn't want to have to be the one to express his feelings first, but damn, if Heero didn't soon, Duo was gonna... He hated to be the first to tell. It always meant that your feelings could get thrown back in your face, even if the person felt the same way.

Sighing, Duo trudged back into the school. 'I'll show you, Heero Yuy. I'll show you how to open your mind...'



[1] Pretty much "What do you want?" & "Nothing." (roughly) Probably incorrect, but that is as close as I can get. If someone would like ot correct me, please do. I will change it.