Title: Freedom
Author: Willow
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Rating: G/PG (for now)
Pairings: 1+2/2+1 (not established), 4+3 (established?, unknown as of yet)
Warnings: Jealous Heero... so he might do some odd thinks... he might/might not get a little OOC, an original character or two.
Spoilers: Series?
Disclaimer: GW is owned by some really rich, really lucky people in Japan. IE: not me. Jacqueline Arcquett is my own character. Her appearance and personality belong to me.
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NOTES: This is a Duo-smart, Duo-artist, Duo-psychic, Duo-Quatre Twin (but neither know it yet) fic saga. I don't know why I made Duo an artist, but I did so... here it is.


Freedom - Part 1

Duo looked down at the page before him. 'Who'd a thought that I was an artist... 'sides me of course...' he thought as he looked at his accurate (very accurate) drawing of his comrades.

A passing student just happened to glance at his drawing... noticing that he had no model...

'He drew all that by memory?' the girl thought. 'He's real good.' she smiled. "Um..."

Duo looked up to find a pretty girl looking at him. "Hello." he said.

"Hi, I just noticed your drawing... 'tis very good." she said smiling broadly at him. She was not too tall, maybe a couple inches taller than himself, long brownish hair (well it couldn't really be called brown for if she turned one way it looked red and if she turned another it was blonde) that hung to her waist, and grey-green eyes in a heart shaped face... she was fairly reminiscent of himself.

"Thank you..." he said.

"Jacqueline... my friends call me Jackie," she said.

"Thank you, Jackie, it is just a picture..."

"Actually, it's not. Well, it is, but it's more... right? You drew it from memory... and they are quite detailed... You are good, real good... Are you planning on being an artist?"

Duo shook his head. He'd hoped she'd leave after the compliment, but she was more like him than he'd first assumed. She was potential trouble. Oh, she was a nice girl and all, but she had his knack for curiosity and putting her nose where it didn't belong.

And she knew all of this. He could see it in her eyes.

"No, I just like to draw... for myself, mostly."

"Oh, that's a good reason," she smiled pleasantly.

What was she trying to get at, he thought. She wasn't playing the Game, but she was mimicking it so closely that it made him nervous. Sure, she was a nice girl. The kind any nice boy would love to have... any nice boy that was interested in girls that is. Which Duo wasn't. Just what was this girl doing?

Jacqueline smiled and continued to talk to him. Oh, she knew his preferences. She could tell. It also helped that she was psychic. She knew who he was and what he was. And she wanted his help.

"Um... what was your name?"

Duo realized that he had not introduced himself. Quatre would have smacked him for his lack of manners. "Duo... Duo Maxwell."

"Duo... I would like to talk to you more... about art. Will you please meet me after school? Onegai? At the park?"

Duo found himself curious and thus nodding.

"Good. I really want to show you some of my work!" she smiled happily at him. 'Please, please help me...' she thought at him.

Duo blinked. For a moment he could have sworn he'd heard her speak again, but her lips hadn't moved. 'What the... never mind..."

She saw confusion in his face as she walked off towards her desk. He'd heard her, she was right to have picked him.


Duo made his way to the park, with Heero in tow. He'd had a run in with Heero and the others about his actions, but he'd firmly told them that it was a school thing. Heero'd mentioned that if it was a set up, Duo'd never know because of his raging hormones. Duo's resisted the urge to tell him just where his 'raging hormones' were directed and suggested that Heero come with him; as 'a friend'.

Heero had nodded and followed when the braided boy'd turned and left.


Jacqueline was waiting when they arrived. She almost glared at who he had in tow, but kept her smiling friendly face in check.

Duo explained that Heero was going to study with him as he sat on the bench beside her. She'd just nodded and begun to talk about shadings and the right tint for certain lighting effects until Heero moved off to the small grove of trees that lined the walk.

'Duo... there is something I must talk to you about... not art. I cannot talk about it in front of your comrades. I know he is just being protective, but I have to speak to you and only you.'

Duo could have sworn that that voice was in his head--

'It is... please, help...'

"Would you like to meet for dinner tonight? Before you go to study?" She said smiling pleasantly.

Duo found himself nodding, he could tell something important would come of whatever she had to tell him -- and that Heero was doing his damnedest to listen in. How he could tell this, he didn't know, he just could.

"Sure, Jackie, I'll just tell Heero to meet me back at our dorm around 7... that gives up plenty of time for dinner, na?" She smiled and nodded in response, he was quick. She found herself again thinking how glad she was that she had chosen this one instead of the blonde.

Oh, the blonde was just like him. Open minded and was able to do this, but... was he willing. To take the risks that it involved. The risks to his friendships, the risks to himself? She hadn't thought he would be, so she chose the other candidate. Soon the poor boy would know all about what she was, what he was, and what the 'help' that she so disparately needed was.


In the grove, Duo tried to tell Heero of his dinner plans. 'Tried' being the key word. He was only moderately successful.

"No, Duo, you are not gonna--"

"Heero, it is to keep up the act... you know, normal High School student... or had you forgotten *that* part of the mission?"

That pissed him off, Duo thought, when will I ever learn to keep my big mouth shut?

To Duo's amazement Heero growled, but did not deny the fact that they were supposed to... act normal. Duo was just doing his part to fit in... as much as the loud chatter box could (which was quite well, in Heero's opinion, but then he was slightly biased).

Solemnly Heero agreed and with a cheerful wave, Duo spun on his heal and was off. Leaving a seething Heero in his wake.

Something about the situation bothered him. Duo and that... that girl. She was a nice girl and all, but he didn't like it. A small part of him made it's way to his consciousness, suggesting that it was because what he liked was with what he didn't like.

But Duo'd said it was for the mission, and the mission was all important.


Jacqueline watched Duo out of the corner of her eye. He was a fine boy, so courteous. She wondered if he was normally this way... She decided he was, at least moderately so, and continued walking to the restaurant.

Once inside, they were immediately seated in a private room, alone.

"Duo, the reason I need your help... and yours alone, for your friends, not even the little blonde psychic, can't help."

"What makes you think I can?"

"You have a strong character... the ability that lays latent with in you also will help in the future. Because of all you have been through, you are more willing to help those in need, am I wrong?"

Duo just stared at her for a moment, trying to decipher all she'd just said. He blinked, "Power that lays latent with me?"

She smiled, a real genuine smile. Duo had no idea how he knew it was any different from her other smiles, but it was. "You, me boy, are much like that little blonde you hang around with." She knew she was avoiding answering straight out, but she knew he was quick enough that he'd get it almost immediately.

And he did, "You mean... I'm psychic or something?"

She nodded.

"How? And if this all you had to tell me, why did you not tell me back there?"

Yep, quick, she thought. He's even better than I gave him credit for.

"How, cannot really be explained... not yet at least. And, no, there is more... I just haven't gotten to it yet." He made a motion for her to continue, "Ok... Romefeller is into the mobile dolls business and all, but they aren't controlled by remote, like was thought..."

Duo tried to interrupt, but she pressed on, "... they aren't manned either. No, they are controlled by people from a control room." She paused.

"And that means what? So, they are piloted from afar." He shrugged.

Sighing, "No, it's not like that either. The people piloting them are psychic... like you... and your friend... and me. They are slaves, Duo. Romefeller doesn't care how they are treated as long as they are alive to pilot their precious machines against you and your fellows."

This made the boy stop. Slaves? Duo shivered internally. That brought back memories that were to remain forgotten. After a moment, he said, "What can I do to help?"



Next part: Duo has a girlfriend?! The Gundam pilots are shocked, one in particular. But what about this girl? Why is Duo spending so much time with her? Jealousy and the mission, in the next part of Freedom.