Flavor of the Week by Willow
Lyrics/Music: American Hi-Fi
Pairings: R+1, OC+2, 1x2, DxR
Warnings: songfic, shounen ai/yaoi, yuri, lime, self-insertion w/bad poetry, a little humor
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~~~...~~~ = flashback
--- = scene change
[...] = lyrics


Flavor of the Week

[She paints her nails
And she don't know
He's got her best friend on the phone]

Relena smiled happily as she coated her long, acrylic nails with pink, glittery gloss polish. She stared at the delicately manicured hand appriciatively, putting on a top coat to seal her work. Carefully, she placed the glittering bottle back into its place beside the other pink nail polishes on her stand.

She stood and bounded down the hall in search of her missing beau. "Heero!" She called. She found him in his study on both the phone and the computer. She listened as he mumbled into the pick-up. It was odd, she thought, that he would talk on the phone as much as he did... seeing as he never spoke more than a couple words to her on a daily basis. But she figured it was business and let the thought pass.

[She'll wash her hair
His dirty clothes are all he gives to her]

She made the trek back to their room, noting the strewn clothing. She shook her head, the boy'd been an extremely tidy person during the war, but had become as much of a mess maker as Duo Maxwell. She sighed and began cleaning up the dirty clothes.


"Ne, Heero?" Relena said, poking her head into the study. Heero paused from speaking and glanced at her. He struggled with an statement for a moment (appearently having been caught off guard by the girl's entrance) but Relena took no notice. "I'm gonna shower, k?" He nodded and she left. If she'd been able to peer around the doorframe she'd have seen him relax in relief and fasten his pants before standing and shutting the door.


[And he's got posters on the wall
Of all the girls he wish she was
And he means everything to her]

Relena sat in the middle of Heero's study, looking at the pictures of bands... There were tons of them, covering the entire far wall. She was surprised that Heero'd taken such an intrest in music, she'd never known him to pay it much thought before... But reciently...


"Ne, Heero! There's a new band I really wanna see. Can we go?" Relen asked, pulling on Heero's arm, trying to get the boy to go to the boxoffice and buy tickets.


"Oh c'mon, Heero! It'll be fun! I'm sure you'll love them! Really!" She persisted. "The group's called 'Anges de Morte' and they're really good! The lead singer's really awesome, he's got a great voice and he's not that bad looking either..." she babbled on, not noticing that Heero'd stopped and was staring in shock at the poster for the aforementioned band. The poster showed a group of 5 people (3 guys and 2 girls) and in the center was a young man with extremely long honeyed-brown hair and the most amazing violet-indigo eyes... "So can we, Heero?"

Heero blinked at the beaming girl and just nodded, paying the man for two tickets.

"Thank you, Heero!" Relena said, glomping onto him.


She looked at the posters again. Most of them were of that band they'd gone to see, but that was understandable... they were a great band and were very photogenic... She sighed, the boy was still a mystery to her... Amongst the posters of Anges de Morte were random ones of older, more acidic groups like Metallica, GodSmack, Disturbed, and a few others she did not recognize... She finished her reorganization of her small library (six thick books and a vast number of magazines) and left the room.


[Her boyfriend
He don't know
Anything about her
He's too stoned

Duo stared at the boy he was currenty dating. The jock-type man was not really his type, he talked of nothing but cars and video games... not that Duo didn't like cars and video games, but they weren't his favourite thing in the world... He sighed, wondering - for the millionth time - why he'd ever thought he liked this guy. Sure he was a hunk, but... that wasn't enough any more...

"Ne, Du-chan..." the boy leered from his recliner. "Come 'n' gimme a kiss, sweetums..."

Duo grimaced, the boy was drunk... again. Duo shook his head solomnly and walked out of the room, locking himself into his bedroom, glad - for the innumerable time - that they had seperate rooms.

[I wish that i could make her see
She's just the flavor of the week]

Heero walked out of the house, leaving Relena trailing in his wake.

"Heero? Where are you going?"


"Where? Heero? What'd I do?"

He didn't answer. It wasn't something she did... it was something she didn't. And that was make him feel -that- way. The way he felt around a certain person... a person with violet eyes and a smile that lit up the world with it's radiance....



The doorbell rang. Duo didn't bother moving from his spot on the bed, he knew one of the guys would get it... He sighed as he looked over the music charts for a new song, but they didn't appeal to him. He was tired of this fake life, this fame that he'd achieved. He loved the band dearly... well, except for Eric, but that man'd brought Duo's wraith upon himself...


Duo was getting irritated, why didn't someone just answer the damn door. The click of a knob told him that someone had... and the slam of the door against the wall told him that the visitor was not happy to have had to wait....

Duo heard the thud of a body being laid out and then the heavy clunking of boots on the hardwood floor.. coming toward his door.


Duo blinked at the door, then slowly, fearfully, he went and opened it... What stood before him made him stumble back in surprise.


Heero Yuy stare at the startled boy on the floor, mild amusement gracing his stoney features. He smiled, extending a hand to the downed boy. "Duo...."

Duo's shock transformed into happiness as he reached out and grabbed the hand, hauling himself to his feet then fling himself into the slightly taller boy's arms.


[It's friday night
She's all alone
He's a million miles away
And she's dressed to kill]

Relena pouted as she watched paced the room. Heero was no where to be found and she was getting irritated. They were supposed to go to a movie, but the boy'd disappeared earlier, saying he was going out, and had not returned since.

She checked her metallic pink flower watch for the fiftieth time in the past 2 minutes. Eight o'clock. "Damnit!"


[The TV's on
He's connected to the sound
And he's got pictures on the wall
Of all the girls he's loved before
And she knows all his favortie songs]

They lay together on the hard matress of a cheap hotel, their sticky bodies curled possessively around one another.

Heero smiled softly and stroked Duo's silky brown hair. The boy purred softly, leaning into the caress instinctively. Sleepy violet eyes blinked at him from beneath sweaty bangs, love shining in their depths.

"Hee-chan..." Duo murmured. "... love you..." he whispered as the indigo eyes drifted closed.

Heero reveled in those words... his favorite song. He laid a chaste kiss on the pale brow and whispered softly. "Love you too..."


[Her boyfriend
He don't know
Anything about her
He's too stoned
I wish that i could make her see
She's just the flavor of the week]

Relena nearly jumped when the door bell rang. She ran to the door and yanked it open. "Heer-- Dorothy..." she blinked at the lavander eyed girl.

"Hello, Relena-sama..." the girl said, stepping through the threshold and into the small house. "Nice pad...."

"Dorothy, what are you--" she was cut off as the blonde spun on her heal, grapsed her shoulders, and pulled her into a passionate kiss. "Dorothy?" she whispered as they parted.

"Oh, Relena-sama! Forget about him... I've loved you for the longest time..." the blonde ran on about how she'd fallen in love with the Queen of the World at first sight, but Relena heard none of it, until. "... besides, he's in love with someone else... always has been..."

She blinked. "What did you say, Dorothy?"

"He's in love with someone else... always has been... Gomen, Relena-sama, but you never had a chance with him..."

She blinked again. Heero? In love with somepone else... Somehow that didn't strike her as as bad as it should have. In fact, it seemed to cheer her up... Why? She didn't know, and frankly, she didn't care. She sighed, resigned to her loss.


"Just Relena, Dorothy..."

"Lena...." the blonde smiled at her, her lavander eyes warm. "-I- love you..."

Relena smiled. "I know, Dorothy... I know." She wrapped her arms around the blonde and gave into a passionate kiss that the other sought.

[Her boyfriend
He don't know
Anything about her
He's too stoned
He's too sonted
He's too stoned
He's too stoned
Her boyfriend
He don't know
Anything about her, needs
Too stoned
I wish that i could make her see
She's just the flavor of the week
Yeah she's just the flavor of the week
She makes me weak]

As the lights fade on the theater stage, a little cat-girl walks out onto the stage, the spotlight shining down on her. She grins and speaks.

"So as our tale comes to close, sleep two couples in repose. Now when the morning light does dawn, and the loving couples thus do yawn, they'll smile the smile that lovers do, for now they've found a love that is true. Since morn doeth follow night, now we must make our flight and let the sleeping lovers lie to sleep 'neath moonbeams in the sky...."

She bows to the audience before scrambling off the stage, giggling.