Title : Enemy Mine (Enemy-mine)
Author : Willow
Archive: GW Addiction, DF's, otherwise: yes, just ask me.
Type : Series
Teaser : Duo is a young OZ pilot, the best... He has been trained to counter the pilots of the dreaded Gundams. He meets up with one on the battle field and his life begins to spin out of control.
Spoilers : None.
Warnings :
Keywords : AT, shounen ai, OOC
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Began: 05.Nov.00
Posted : 08.Nov.00
Revised : 17.Apr.01
Note: ~~~~~...~~~~~ indicates flashback.


-Chapter 3-

"I can't believe he's the same kid..." Quatre said as he and Trowa walked to the mess hall for supper.

"Mm, he's changes so much for the boy we once knew," Trowa said, "Even if we only knew him for a scant few days..."

"Yeah," Quatre sighed.


Five children, young boys the age of five, sat in a circle. The group was playing some game of roll the ball, all giggling and enjoying the game.

"Sa, 'ey Quat?" Duo said, blinking large violet-blue eyes at his friend. "We're gonna be 'eroes like all 'ems in t'a movies, righ'?"

"Right, Du-chan... that's what the doctor guy said," Quatre smiled at his companion. Duo was from near about L2, the American colonies, and he'd live on the streets since before he could remember. Perhaps that's what charmed the Arab so, was his innocence yet lack there of. His dialect was adorable, too.

"Na, 'eero? Ya e'er notice ar names match ar Gun'ms?" Duo giggled, he was happy with himself for noticing.

"Aa, that is how they identify us," Heero said, his voice icy.

"Mou ii de, 'eero, yous dun' 'ave tae be so mean..." Duo said with a very adorable pout.

Quatre laughed, "It is true, Du-chan..."

"I know, but's 'e dun' 'ave tae be so mean..." Duo said, leaning heavily on his dialect. When around the doctors he spoke in a more refined manner, one in which he'd been trained. But around his friends he slipped back into the comfortable warmth of his normal lingo.

The group giggled at the put out look on Duo's face, enjoying their time together.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the building. The boys scattered in all directions trying to shield themselves from the blast.

Oz soldiers rushed in in masses, taking advantage of the madness they'd created. The children ran, but unfortunate for Duo he did not run fast enough.

"'Elp! 'Elp mae!" Duo cried as two soldiers dragged him off by his arms. "Ple'se! Ple'se 'elp mae!" The boy was frantic and tears streamed down his cheeks.

He was thrown in the back of an armored truck and taken away. Never to return.

The other children came out of hiding once Oz had left. Quatre looked off sadly in the direction of their departure.

"Du-chan..." he whispered as a single tear tracked it's way down his cheek.


"Hey, Trowa? Do you think he remembers us? Do you think he will?" Quatre said, hope in his azure eyes.

"I will not lie to you, Quatre," Trowa said, voice devoid of emotion yet not cold, "The only thing we can do is hope and work toward that end..."

Quatre sighed, he'd known that, but he had wanted to confirm it from an audible source. "Aa, it is all we can do..."


"Food?" Duo questioned. 'Oh great... he's gonna either treat me real well or poison me,' he thought, mentally sighing. "Sure... why not... No use starving myself..."

The boy at the computer didn't move, or cease in his typing.

'So am I gonna have to get it for myself?' he thought, 'What was the point in asking then?'

At that moment the door opened and the blond boy, Quatre, walked in with a tray of food.

"Hello, I'm Quatre..." the blond smiled, "Sorry about earlier... I hate putting people out like that..."

"Wha?" Duo was confused. Yes he remembered the boy, but what was he babbling about?

"Let me rephrase... I am psychic... I had to knock you out to get you from the room without resistance... so I, uh, tapped your sleep center and caused you to go to sleep for a little while..." Quatre smiled, warmly.

"Oh..." Duo said. He looked at the food and found that he felt he sound be polite to the boy... he didn't know why, "Thank you, Quatre-san."

"Mm," Quatre nodded, "but you no need be formal, Duo-kun, we are all equals here... please, just call me 'Quatre'." Quatre mentally reminded himself to refrain from using 'Du-chan' or hoping that the boy would call he 'Quat'.

"Aa, thank you, Quatre..." Duo said, bitting into the sandwich. He blinked, it was his favourite... PB&J. 'How in the world... oh wait, he's psychic...' Duo thought, smiling at the boy to let him know he was enjoying the meal.

"Quatre, would you mind taking watch of him? I have an erand to run," Heero said, turning from the computer.

"Sure, Heero-kun," Quatre smiled. Duo wondered if the boy was ever unhappy.

After Heero'd left, Quatre turned to Duo.

"Duo-kun, did they tell you our standing?"

Duo nodded.

"Did they tell you the past?"

Duo shook his head 'no'. But then he knew his past... right?

"Will you permit me to tell you of it... and be open minded as to what I am telling you? Please?"

Duo found that he could not refuse such sincerity, so he nodded.

"Duo, about ten years ago the scientists got together a group of five young boys, all five years of age or close to it. These boys were to be trained to fight for the freedom and rights of outer-space. All of their names were numbers, in one language or another. All the numbers associated with their Gundam. The boys: Heero, old Japanese for one. Pilot 01, Wing Gundam. Trowa, a variation on the word 'trois' which is French for three. Pilot 03, Gundam HeavyArms. Quatre, French for four. Pilot 04, Gundam Sandrock. Wufei, the Manderin root word 'fei' meaning five. Pilot 05, Gundam Shenlong. And last, Duo... name being latin for two...." Quatre paused. Duo looked at him a guarded look on his face, "You were to be Pilot 02, Gundam Deathscythe. We all knew you, Duo. We all were friends... When we knew you, you were happy to be a pilot of Gundam... in fact, you pointed out the connection of our names and Gundams..."

"Oh, really..." Duo said, he was still not convinced.

"Yes, really... And no, I have not been snooping around your brain... That is against my ethics... Would you like me to continue?"

Duo nodded.

"Let me tell you what I know of you from when we were five... You were an orphan, living on the streets since you could remember. You never knew your parents or had family besides a friend on the streets named Solo. You were picked up by the doctors because you were a five year old kicking ass in a street fight..." Duo blinked when the blond cursed... it just didn't seem like him, but Quatre plowed on, "You had long hair, to about your waist and were very proud of it... it was your one vanity..." Quatre fingered a lock of his short hair. "You were my best friend... I was really scared when I got here... my family had sold me to the doctors for reasons unknown to me... you were here already... and you befriended me immediately, no questions asked.

"One day, we were all playing a game and suddenly something exploded and we scattered... we all ran... but... you... you didn't make it... they carried you off and I never saw you again..." Quatre wiped a tear from his eye, "We went on to train to be pilots and save outer-space..."

Duo was struck by what Quatre said had transpired. Could he believe the boy? It was a well composed story... Complete with waterworks. The blond had even known about his past, which he told no one... but he didn't remember the part about being with the others or the docs.

Quatre could see the waring emotions on his face. He was trying to find something in his memory that would cinch it. Then it hit him. "I always loved your dialect... it was so charming."

His dialect? He never used it! Ever, not now at least. The only ways this boy would know were if his story was true or he was taping a memory. He wanted to believe it was the latter, but the sincerity in Quatre's made him think twice.

"I don't know whether or not to believe you... You're a Gundam pilot, after all...."

"Look inside yourself, Duo... That is all I ask... listen to your gut and come to the right conclusion, which ever it may be." With that, Quatre stood and exited the room.


Heero was outside the door when Quatre came out.

"How did it go?" He asked, his voice icy as usual.

"Better than we could have hoped. He will think on it..." Quatre smiled at his friend. He tilted his head to the side, then smirked. "You like him..."

Heero started. "Nani?"

"You harbor feelings for him... more than friendship... I approve, it may be a way to bring him over to our side," Quatre said, then turned on his heal and left.

Heero watched his retreating back with a look of surprise on his normally stony face. Was he that obvious?


END Chapter 3