Type: Series
Teaser: Duo is a young OZ pilot, the best... He has been trained to counter the pilots of the dreaded Gundams. He meets up with one on the battlefield and everything falls into place from there.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None yet, PG-13
Keywords: AT, shounen ai, OOC
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Began: 05.Nov.00
Posted: 07.Nov.00
Note: ~~~~~...~~~~~ indicates flashback.


Enemy Mine (Enemy-mine) by Willow

Chapter 2


Duo awoke -- his head pounding -- in a small, dank cell somewhere underground.

"Mou... Where am I?" he asked no one in particular. The walls seemed to converge on him as he once more dropped into the abyss of unconsciousness.

"He's tough," a blond said as he carefully knocked the boy out by triggering a node in the boy's mind. His being psychic helped them more often than not, as was the case current.

"Yes... he's the one..." Heero said looking at the boy.

"Nani? You mean he's the other... the one who was supposed to pilot 02?" Wufei asked, looking suspiciously at the chestnut haired boy lying on the concrete.

"Yes, the doctors confirmed this when I conferenced with them," Heero said, glaring at the door behind which the doctors sat in secret committee, allowing no one admittance to their debate.

"So what are we to do with him?" Trowa asked from his corner of the room.

"I seriously don't know..." Heero sighed. The boy was both a burden and a blessing, he thought, on one hand they could use a fifth, but on the other hand the boy was loyal to OZ and this was not good. "He's loyal to OZ, that much I know from speaking with him, but to what degree? Would he be willing to go against them if given proper motivation? And what would proper motivation be?"

Quatre looked at his friend, "Obviously you have a lot on your mind, Heero-kun, for you to speak at such length."

"Aa, like what am I to do with him?" Heero said, turning a distressed look on the blond.

"That is for the doctors to decide," Trowa said, walking over to his lover. The blond looked up at him adoringly, obviously Quatre had been getting stressed as Heero over the problem presented to them in the form of one Duo Maxwell.

Duo woke, this time he found himself tied to a chair and surrounded by bright lights.

"So, he's finally awake..." cackled a voice.

"Yes, it seems he is... Shall we begin?" said a second.

"Yes, let's..." the first replied walking over to Duo. "You are Duo Maxwell, are you not?"

Duo nodded. He didn't know why, he just did. Of course he was Duo Maxwell, but why the hell should he tell them his name? Oh well, it didn't really matter since they knew it anyway.

"You were a pilot for OZ?" the other crony asked.

'Were? As in past tense?' Duo thought. 'Oh God they're gonna kill me! Past tense, past...' His thoughts were frantic. But again he found himself nodding.

"Duo, let me tell you some of the truth..." the mushroom headed professor said as he began retelling the tale of Duo's past, along with the general mission of the Gundam pilots.

After a small eternity, Duo sat gaping at the doctors seated around him. The story was so vivid and gory that Duo found it hard not to believe their tale. But being the dedicated OZ soldier ... like he was ... he force himself to believe not a word, but only that it was a fabrication meant to break him from OZ and coax him into joining forces with the Gundam pilots.

"Do you understand our fight, Duo?"

Understand? Yes, he understood the fabricate lie that had been funneled into his ear. Believed? That was another thing.

"Will you join the other pilots and take revenge for what was done to you?" the mushroom-headed professor -- whom he was informed, was Professor G, creator of 02, the Gundam Deathscythe ... asked.

Duo's head shot up and he glared pure hatred at the doctors. "Never! I'm an OZ pilot! My loyalty is to them!" he spat.

Sighing, G stood up, "We'll just have to find a way to convince you then... Quatre?"

Just then a blond stepped through the door. G gestured toward Duo and Quatre nodded. Duo looked at the slight boy, wondering why they'd called such a weakling to remove him when his world went black.

The boy slumped in the chair and Quatre sighed. He hated repeatedly doing this to the boy, but it was better to prevent the boy from doing harm to himself or others.

"Did it go well?" he asked the short chubby instructor as he helped heft the limp boy onto Quatre's shoulder.

"No, he wants nothing to do with the Gundams... I only hope we can make his see instead of... our other choice..." he said, evading naming what that choice was.

Quatre shuddered at the thought of erasing the boy's memories and creating in him a false loyalty to the colonies and the Gundams, but if it had to be done then it would be.

Thanking the instructor, Quatre left to return Duo to his cell. Just as he was about to lay the boy down on the soft dirt Heero stopped him. "Nani, Heero-kun?"

Heero looked at the boy in Quatre's arms. Quatre wasn't weak, but he couldn't carry any of them for long. 'The boy must be very light,' he thought. "Place him in my chamber... it's nicer in there and I can guard him..."

Quatre scrutinized him for a moment. Then shrugged and handed the boy over to his comrade.

Heero had been right, the boy weighed next to nothing. Carefully he lay the boy on the bed and turned to work on his mission statements.

After a few hours the boy began to wake. "Unh... where...?" Duo groaned, propping himself up on his elbows to look around.

"Hn. You're in my room," Heero said, continuing to work on his laptop.

"Naze?" Duo blinked, "I thought they'd throw me back in that basement..."

"You can be better guarded and watched if you are with one of us at all times. We're taking no chances with you," Heero stated.

"Oh..." Duo said. 'Great, I'm being watched like a hawk for that outburst... I'm really a baka... if I'd kept my mouth shut then I would've be able to get out of here a helluva lot faster.' He chided himself.

"Hn, are you hungry?" Heero asked glancing at the boy.



END Chapter 2