Title : Enemy Mine (Enemy-mine)
Author : Willow
Archive: GW Addiction, DF's, otherwise: yes, just ask me.
Type : Series
Teaser : Duo is a young OZ pilot, the best... He has been trained to counter the pilots of the dreaded Gundams. He meets up with one on the battle field and everything falls into place from there.
Spoilers : None.
Warnings :
Keywords : AT, shounen ai, OOC
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Began: 05.Nov.00
Posted : 06.Nov.00
Note: ~~~~~...~~~~~ indicates flashback.


Enemy Mine (Enemy-mine)
-Chapter 1-

Duo lay back against the seat of his MS. He smiled at the screen infront of him, which showed the approach of a white demon: The Gundam 01, Wing Gundam. He could taste the pleasure of the battle.

"This should be fun..." he said to himself as he readied for the confruntation.


"We have four pilots ready to be trained, but the fifth has been abducted. OZ got to him first," said one grainy old man as he looked about the confrence table.

"02 will be without pilot. Can we succeed with only four?" asked another.

"We must. The fate of outerspace dependes on it," the tall, bald doctor said with conviction.


"Gundam pilot, submit to OZ's rule and you will be left unharmed and given a place among OZ's ranks... revolt... and I shall have to destroy you..." Duo said, his voice even, but he thrummed with hunger for battle.

Static crackled and a voice replied, "We'll see about that!"

"Ah, the demon speaks..." Duo grinned, "Tell me, demon, why do you resist us?"

"Because... OZ is just planning on taking over by military force... with that there is no peace... I will fight for the peace that is so desired!"

'OZ is thought in the wrong?' Duo thought as he listened to the other pilot. 'No, he just wants me to give up so he can destroy the new world we are building!' With this thought Duo launched an attack on the Gundam. "If you desire it so, then fight me till the death! For that is the only way you shall get through me!!"


'This pilot carries such conviction...' Heero thought as he dodged the repeated attacks. 'He's good too...'

"OZ pilot, this battle is pointless and will only end in one of us dying uselessly... end your struggle now... there is no need for us to go on with this..." Heero said, trying to convince the boy -- he knew it was a boy with the voice -- to halt his attack.

"Like hell I will! All you want is to take over the Earth so outerspace will reign supreme! I hate outerspace! All it ever did was take away all I ever cared for! OZ gave me a place, dare I ruin what I have? What so I do not die? I am willing to die in battle a hero than to surrender and lose everything I ever gained!"

'Such STRONG conviction...'

"Then what is your name, that I may know who I battle against."

"Duo... Duo Maxwell... and yours?"

'This boy is smug and selfassured, everything a Gundam pilot should be...' Heero thought, "Heero Yuy."

"Nice to meet you, Heero Yuy, now I'm afraid we must continue this--"

Heero cut him off, "Would you allow a real duel? Of swords and skill?"


Duo blinked, the other pilot was offering a gentleman's duel, dare he take it? He was, after all, skilled in sword combat as well as hand-to-hand (his personal choice), but to duel in such a fashion?

"I accept. A duel of sword and skill. Now?" Duo said.

"Yes," came the nasal grunt of a reply.


"What?!" Lady Une screamed. "A gentleman's duel? They're going to battle sword to sword?"

"Yes, ma'am. That's what Maxwell reported he was doing," the young officer said, trying to back away from the irate Colonel.

"He and I shall have words! See to it that he sees me immediately once he has returned... if he returns." With that, Lady Une stalked off.


Heero watched as the boy jumped down from the hatch, sword in hand.

The boy, Duo, was short with short, military style chestnut hair. As they approached each other wearily, Heero noted that the boy had the oddest shade of violet-blue eyes.

Then shook hands and bowed.

"En guard!" Duo said, settling into a defensive stance.

'Hm... he doeesn't take the offensive... He has a more submissive tone about him, although he is so strong willed,' Heero thought as he took up his stance.

They eyed one another for a moment, then, sensing his opening, Heero lunged.

The boy parried easily and side-stepped out of his path.

"Fun... you're making it too easy on me, Gundam Pilot," Duo chuckled.

It was the single most pleasing sound Heero'd ever heard in his life. For a moment the Perfect Soldier was awestruck, unfortunate for him Duo picked this moment to take the offensive. He danced out of the way, but recieved a nice cut on his arm for his inattention.

"K'so!" he said, dancing back a couple of paces.

Still chuckling, Duo said, "Mou... you should pay more attention when battling an enemy..."

'I was paying attention... just not to what I was supposed to be doing...' Heero thought as he plotted how to take the boy captive... keeping him relatively unharmed... The boy was valuable... if they could just...

"Lay down your sword, boy. Lay it down and no harm will come to you... Surrender, let it go and live..." said a booming voice from Wing's external speakers.

Duo was so startled that he dropped his sword, Heero took the opertunity presented to him and tackled said boy, applying pressure to a point on his neck... knocking him cold.


END Chapter 1