Catagory: short
Warngings: aloe...

Cure For The Itch by Willow/Shi-chan



"Hn. What?"

"It itches! Ow! Don't scratch it, that hurts!" Click. "Hey, what's that?"


"Ooh, ahh... that's cold... feels good... Oooo..." Shiver. "Do you know how erotic that is?"

"Hn." Click.

"Hey... Heero?"


"Thanks... those misquitos really ate me up!"

"Yes... who would have thought you were such a tastey morsel."

Blink. "Heero?"


"Did you just make a joke?"


The End!


::grins:: What'd ya think of my short? Hm? Inspired by the three misquito bites I got sitting outside for 2 hours last night! (Three... I'm impressed so many got through my defenses!) ::grins:: oh and Duo shivered because Heero blew across the aloe stuff he put on his skin... ::grins:: You know how you do that and it feels sooooooo good? ::grins:: And erotic! Ja ne!