teaser: this is for three people; Jade, Akuma, and dhuron. Jade cause the fic is a lemon, Akuma cause it's 2x1, and D cause he wanted a PWP.

note: 'The Outer Limit' doesn't belong to me, it's a club in my town. VEiN, Submethod, and Shun are local bands. Fidget is mine. Any other OC is mine. (this is what I have written thus far... )


Heero barely kept from wincing as loud music assailed his ears. He looked up at the building that had once been Cinema South, taking in the gawdy coloring and outrageous designs. The Outer Limit was supposed to be the hottest club in town; everyone was going there. So here he was -- Heero Yuy, silent student, all around good boy; never drank, smoked, had sex, nothing that could disqualify him from being a 'good' boy -- waiting in line to get in.

"Eigh' dalla," said the burly bouncer. The man's black arms swelled with muscles and his face growled obediance. The large man's looks did not phase Heero who fished out the alotted amount and was all but shoved through the doors.

Inside, Heero looked around at the four rooms, trying to decided where best to go. Three of them blasted defening music with the bass topped out; but the fourth was quieter, playing the more mellow and sedated songs of a band called Shun. This appealed to him more, the less painful sound of a mellow beat.

Once inside the room, Heero paused, looking around at the bodies writhing about the room. Some were up dancing while others were seated on (or more like sprawled, tangled, or falling off of) the plushy couches and other comfortable surfaces that lined the walls of the room.

"First time here?" a sultry voice asked from his side. He turned and found himself eye to eye with a redheaded female with the oddest silver-green eyes. "Well?"

Heero nodded, glancing up and down the scantly clad body. The girl couldn't have been old enough to have gotten in; her form screamed underage. She was petite, small breasted and wide-eyed. Her skimpy outfit clinging to her childish curves and bone white skin, the black of her tiny shirt and leather pants highlighting her baby-soft features. If he'd liked girls, she would have been arousing, but as he did not 'swing that way,' she was nothing more than another pretty face, eye candy.

"Since you chose this room, I suppose you're looking for a good time?" she stated more than asked, raising a copper eyebrow and letting a slow, sensuous smile creep onto her caramel lips. Again, Heero nodded, not catching the double entendre. "Great..." she said sliding a hand up Heero's arm. She squeaked as a long fingered hand wrapped itself around her small wrist, reeling back to lash out at her assailant.

"Leave him be, Fidget," the boy said. He chuckled as her eyes widened in recognition and she glomped onto him.

"Duo! Mou! You're late! I didn't think you were coming!" Fidget pouted pulling away and mock glaring at the slender brunette.

The boy, Duo, chuckled again -- the sound like the laughter of the wind over a meadow -- and shook his head. "You worry too much... Tell Hilde I'm not gonna be in there till Submethod goes off stage and they begin to set up..."

"Ok..." she said, turning to leave. "And Duo?"


"Don't make us wait 10 minutes before you decide you've tortured the audience enough..." she said, sweet voice carrying an undertone of acid.

"Go, Fidg! Before I decide we can do without the keyboard player and have the Bouncers kick your ass out!"

She smiled sweetly, brushing past Heero. He frowned as her hand slapped his ass in passing. Then she was gone.

"Sorry 'bout that man," Duo said, turning to face the dark haired boy. "She, uh, likes to make the new comers feel welcome..."

"Hn," Heero grunted.

"So, first time here? That's a duh. Hey, you wanna dance?" Duo asked, smiling at him.

Heero shrugged and nodded. It couldn't hurt, after all, that's why he was here in the first place.

"Great!" Duo chirped, dragging him out onto the dance floor.

They stood apart, twisting their bodies to the music. Heero'd never danced like this before, he knew how to waltz and slowdance, but nothing like this. He decided to watch Duo and mimic his movements. Before long his focus was no longer on the boy's movements, but the body itself.

Duo was slim and pale, smaller than Heero himself was, but only marginally so. The boy was dressed in mostly black, giving him a ghostly appearance. The baggy pants hung low on the slender hips, almost to low for modesty's sake; just a hint of chestnut peaked from the top of his underwear, the thin black strips of the sides clinging to his narrow hips. [1] While the cropped Anarchy shirt road high, showing off a good portion of the flat stomach. His wrists were wrapped with leather straps adorned in spikes and other metal studs. And his long neck was graced with a spiked dog collar. [2]

All of this was tantalizing, but what had Heero gaping was the meter and a half long braid that swung behind the boy. He'd never in his life seen someone with hair that long... And that was braided! He figured unbound it would reach the boy's calves if not his ankles or beyond. Heero shook his head and leaned closer so the boy could hear him over the bass.

"You've got lovely hair!" he cried out over the thrum of the speakers; they were located right in front of one, the low notes of 'Send Them Dreams' rattling their ribcages.

"What?!" Duo yelled back, blinking his eyes open -- he had the most entrancing eyes; cobalt, almost violet in color -- and stopping the gyrations of his lithe body.

"I said, you've got lovely hair!" Heero said into his ear, inhaling the boy's scent -- summer strawberries [3] -- as he leaned in.

A smile crawled across the heart-shaped face and Duo winked at him. "Thanks," he said, casting a heated glance at the sharthaired boy. "You're not so bad yerself."



Author's notes:
[1] in case this was not clear: Duo's wearing a thong with low riding pants, so Heero can see the elastic straps that round his hips and attach the front and the back of the garment.
[2] yeah, goth boy... ^_^
[3] my fave shampoo...

Yes Hana, I changed some stuff... I might or might not keep the Dr. Pepper but... ::grins::

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