Pairs: R+1, 1x2
Warnings: Relena-bashing/singing, shounen ai/yaoi
Rating: PG-13
      Band: The Cardigans
      CD: unknown ('Love Fool'? 'The Cardigans'? It's off their first CD.)
      Song: Been It

Been It
by Willow

The war was over and Relena had invited all the Gundam pilots to celebrate. The boys looked about the small bar-like setting that was one of the lower ball rooms.

"This is.... nice," Quatre said looking around the room. On the stage, set at the front of the room, was a small karaoke system with a wide, flat screen TV.  Duo was eyeing the bar with thurst in his eyes, but Heero's firm hand on the boy's shoulder had him under control.

"Welcome, welcome!" Relena said, walking out of a door that was hidden by the velvety drapes. "I'm so glad you all could make it!" Her joy was geniune, but it was centered around a certain blue-eyed Gundam pilot. "Please, enjoy the bar and the small party... I didn't invite many people, just a few of the other people instrumental in winning the war.

"I thought that was just you, koi," Duo whispered into Heero's ear. Heero shot the boy a glare and nudged him in the ribs.

Soon, more people arrived and began to settle around the small tables. When she was sure everyone she'd invited was present, Relena took the stage. She smiled at her guests and spoke into the mic. "Welcome, all of you. This party is to thank you all for you help in achieving peace! I hope you enjoy yourselves..." she smiled sweetly. "There will be karaoke and a live band later! So.... shall we get started?"

Duo, with Heero's permission, raided the bar, bringing back two glasses of.... something and shoving one under Heero's nose. "Here," he said, smirking. Heero winced at the putrid smell, but decided to take a sip.  He was surprised to find it tasted far better than it smelled.

They cheered as Quatre took the stage and began belting out some old love song, his glassy eyes focused on Trowa.... Duo noted that the boy had a few empty bottles lying on his table.... 'So much for non-alcoholic,' Duo thought.

Sometime later, Relena decided to take the stage. The semi-sultry beat started up and Relena latched her eyes onto Heero's as she began to sing.

"Baby boy, your face is pretty and your life's a toy..."

Duo knew this song! He also knew that no matter what Relena wouldn't get Heero... but it sure would be fun to play up to his love... He grinned as he stood up and trapsed up to the stage. Relena gave him a dirty look, but continued singing.

"Master man, I'm never better than your latest plan..."

She was wary of the boy on the stage with her. She didn't like having to split her attention between the two, but Duo was up to something. Her eyes widened as Duo walked to the back of the stage and returned with a microphone.... She glared at him as he flipped the #2 switch on.

"Poor Tony, what are you gonna try to be?  Where are you gonna go without me now?"

She watched in horror as Duo stood beside her, looking for all the world as if they'd planned this out – him singing this song with her.

"I've been your mother, I've been your father.  Who can ask me for more?"

She didn't like the way Duo's mouth curved into a smirk... She knew he was getting ready to cut in.

"I've been your sister..." Relena sang, then.....

"I've been your mistress. Baby, I was your whore. Who can ask me for more?" Duo smiled as he sang the lines. His eyes danced as he looked over at Heero. The stoic pilot just stared at the two on stage.

"Superstar, I've tried to educate your childish heart."

Relena sneared as she sang the line.... Duo knew the song well and knew just when to cut in.... What was it with this American? He was looking at Heero like....like he had the hots for him......

Relena gasped. Could that be it? She knew her Heero didn't swing that way, but she hated the 'rivalry.'

"I've made your bed and I was in it when your faith was dead...."

She watched aghast as Duo sauntered down the steps of the small stage and walked with a sexy sway of his hips over to stand in front of /her/ Heero.

"Poor Tony, what are you gonna try to be?  Where are you gonna go without me now?"

He sang sweetly to the man in the chair. Relena watched in horror as Heero mouthed 'nowhere'.....

"I've been your mother, I've been your father.  Who could ask me for more?  I've been your sister, I've been your mistress, Baby, I was your whore.  Who could ask me for more?"

Her mouth dropped as Duo straddled Heero's lap, Heero's hands coming up to cup Duo's buttocks.....

"Sweetiepie, I'm your personal pro, you know, you know what number to try, when to cry...."

She nearly fainted as Duo rocked his hips when he said 'personal pro'.... She wanted to cry watching Heero react to the boy like he enjoyed it.... She felt her heart sputter as she realized he wouldn't be reacting at all.... if he didn't like it....

She switched off her microphone and stomped out of the room... The night had not gone in anyway as she'd planned. She cast a final glace at the lude display, vowing that she'd get Duo back for this...

"I've been your mother, I've been your father.
Who could ask me for more?
I've been your sister, I've been your mistress,
Baby, I was your whore.
I've been your mother, I've been your father.
Who could ask me for more?
I've been your sister, I've been your mistress,
Baby, I was your whore.
Who could ask me for more?
You can ask me for more...."

Not long after, and with everyone completely oblivious to, Relena's departure, the song ended.... The guests watched transfixed as the two young men engaged in a tongue war, quietly they politely exited the room...all but the other two young men who were nearly naked
in a  corner.