And So It Begins
by Willow
Pairings: 1+2+1, 3+4
Warnings: slight shounen ai, violence
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Part 2: Selection

[Intro - POV]
Five LeGrange Points. Five scientists, all mad. Five hundred children for them to paw over and poke until they came to a descission. One child from each Point would survve the testing... that child would be considered the best and be trained to represent the Colonies in their war against OZ.... It didn't matter to them that these children were bearly old enough to read and write... It didn't matter that they had been torn from their homes, their familys (if they resisted) killed, their whole lives erased.

No, the only thing that mattered was revenge. Revenge on OZ for the death of the Colony Leader, Heero Yuy. Revenge for the enforced isolation of the Colonies, the restricted trade, the taxes levied and tariffs tacked on to everything from air to the Colonists' very lives!

So the scientists acquired 500 children from the five Points, choosing ones that had had past experiences with death and/or hard living; children that had proven themselves highly intelligent and cunning; children they could mold to create the perfect soldiers to battle against OZ in their War....


LeGrange Point 1 - Main Operative Colony - AC 186

Dani watched with cold blue eyes as the children were taken from the holding cell and herded like animals off to the testing rooms... His face was as cold as his icy eyes; none of it's former light shown through in his once shining, cherubic face.

"Lot 3," a man called out.

An icy shiver ran up his spine as his number was called. He knew that, since his lot was being called, that none of the others had survived and that made him hesitate.

"Lot 3," the man called again.

Sighing sadly, Dani got up and walked with the hundred other kids out the rusted metal doors and down the dimly lit hall to... his doom?


LeGrange Point 2 - Colony T55690 - AC 186

Tristan glared for all he was worth, but the men still bore down on him, cornering him and... before he could make a run for it... shoved a cloth rag into his face. He collapsed into the awaiting arms.


LeGrange Point 2 - Main Operative Colony - AC 186

He blinked around him, trying to figure out where he was. He looked down to see a number had been stamped onto his hand. He wondered what the blue smudge meant....

"Lot 2," an icy female voice called out.

'2' was that his number? He looked at his hand again... seemed so. He stood, wavering only a little, before he ambled over to where the white coated lady stood with her clipboard.

As all the rest of the lot gathered, Tristan took a final look about him. He sighed, popping his thumb into his mouth before trudging after the woman, who had begun the walk down a grimey hallway. [1]


LeGrange Point 3 - Colony X18999 - AC 186

Tritan fought the strong arms that were dragging him away... he didn't want to leave. He watched as his sister tried to protest, but he yelled, stopping her.

"Cathy! Save yourself... if you fight them taking me, you'll be killed! Save yourself! I'll be back for you! I promise!" Tritan said, smiling one last time at his sister before he was roughly shoved into a vehicle and blindfolded. [2]


LeGrange Point 3 - Main Operative Colony - AC 186

Tritan waited patiently for his lot to be called, he knew from the screaming that some, if not all, of the children who went in were dying. It was a sickening sound, death. He could only pray to whatever god there was that he would survive... he'd made a promise to his sister and he intended on keeping it.

"Lot 5," the bearded man yelled from the graited door. Tritan sighed and followed the group.


LeGrange Point 4 - Main Operative Colony - AC 186

Bastian recoiled as wave after wave of pain and death rolled over him as his group approached the pit laden door. His insides hurt from clenching up and he was sure there was nothing left in his stomach...

The stench of sweat, bodily fluids, and death wafted down the hall and Bastian nearly retched as it asailed his nostrals. What in Allah's name could they be doing to the children in there?

He'd soon enough find out...


LeGrange Point 5 - Colony L93479 - AC 186

The Dragon Clan was more than willing to be rid of the burden that Li presented. The boy was reclusive and pure poison to deal with. Ever since the death of his betrothed, the boy'd curled in on himself and spat lyrical curses at anyone who dared to venture near.

So when the Colony's Master scientist had asked for him, they'd been more than happy to allow them custody and whatever else was necessary.


LeGrange Point 4 - Main Operative Colony - AC 186

Li swung his fists wildly, attacking the men carring him away to the room that reaked of dead bodies and pain. He hated them, hated his family, and most of all he hated himself. Hated that he was so weak that he couldn't fight them off, never mind that he was all of six years old.

His slanted black eyes took in the sight of the rusted metal door and he wonder, faintly, what went on behind it... he would recieve his answer soon enough....


End Part 2: Selection

[1] Tristan is 3 years old. OK? IE 2 years younger than the others (sans Tritan).
[2] Tritan is 5. 1 Year older than all sans Tristan.