And So it Begins - Part 1
by Willow
Pairings: 1+2+1, 3+4
Warnings: slight shounen ai, violence
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[Intro - POV]
I have no individual thoughts. I am engineered to follow orders, not think on my own. I am a heartless being that kills without remorse.

Why, you ask? Because I was trained to be that way. Many people thought the old training techniques of the past were abandoned when the new century turned and a time of change fell upon the World. They were right, for the most part. But here, in the Colonies, the techniques were revived to create cold killing machines to annihilate the enemies of the Colonies. Scientists brought in the best and the brightest children from all five LeGrange points to be tested... to see if they were strong enough to live through the training. Out of five hundred test children, five survived.... those five were to become the Gundam pilots.


Part 1: Reason

LeGrange Point 1 - Colony D32560 - AC 184

Dani poked his head around the corner and, rubbing sleep out of his large cobalt eyes, looked down stairs. He'd been awoken by the adults yelling down stairs and had wanted to know what was going on. "'Kaa-san," he murmured, when he saw his mother get slapped and fall to the ground. He watched as a man walked up to her and, placing a large metal object to her temple, she collapsed to the ground, a red pool expanting about her prone body. [1]


LeGrange Point 2 - Colony T55690 - AC 185

Tristan watched from the street as the only place he'd ever known in his short life, burned to ashes. He blinked indigo eyes as the woman caught in the flames screamed, burning to death in the fire. His young mind could not comprehend what exactly was going on and he soon found himself being held against a suited chest and carried away from the building.

When he woke he was in a white room in a large bed. He looked around, wondering what had happened and what was going to happen... then, soft lids slid once more over violet eyes and he drifted into sleep. [2]


LeGrange Point 3 - Colony X18999 - AC 184

Tritan watched his older sister comb her hair as she readied to help their parents with the first act. He was really happy that he was now old enough to help out at the circus. He loved the animals and the acts his parents and sister put on for the spectators, but since he was so young he'd never been able to help, until now.... It was his fifth birthday and now he was going to get to do a juggling act... with knives. He was so psyched that he'd bounced about the tent thanking his parents until they'd sent him off to help his sister change into her costume.

Catherine smiled at him, her warm azure-lavander eyes twinkling happily at him. Her statement changed to one of pure horror as she looked over his shoulder. Following her gaze, Tritan turned around just in time to see his father felled by an onslaught of machine gun fire. His emerald eyes widened and misted over as he tried to run to where his parents lay. He fought as Catherine wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held him to her. [3]


LeGrange Point 4 - Colony B98276 - AC 184

Bastian watched from the shadows as the desert marauders once again invaded the small village he lived in. They did this every so often, but this time it was different... this time they were slaughtering innocent people. He watched in shock as his mother and father were caught in the melee and struck down. "Mama! Papa!" he shouted, but his tiny voice was lost in the ruckus of the massacre. [4]


LeGrange Point 5 - Colony L93479 - AC 184

Li watched as he betrothed battled against her instructors. He was awe-struck by her grace and beauty and vowed he would love her all their lives. He watched as his Nataku fought with the precision and accuracy that was beyond that a four-year-old should possess... but she possessed it none-the-less. She would be a glorious warrior for the colony.

He watched as she knocked an elderly instructor back. He fell against the wall, sending a shiver up the structure. Before Lee could blink the entire roof of the center dome came crashing down and all those within it's walls perished. "MeiRAN!!!!!" Li cried out as the dust settled. Tears began to trickle down his bronzen cheeks and he sank to his knees. [5]



End Part 1: Reason

[1] I'm changing the names to fit so I can play with this in later parts. Dani is kinda the Japanese version of Danny.
[2] I've always loved this name... Tristan and Christian... ^_^ Not ripping it off of Chibs.
[3] I kept with Tritan due to... lack of creativity? ::grins:: It just worked.
[4] I love this name too... Bastian.. Like from 'The NeverEnding Story'... I dunno any Arabic names.... I forgot the one I did know... but it was definately not Q, so....
[5] Again, unoriginal, but I don't know many Chinese names...
[6] Figured out why this part's called 'Reason'? You'll see... the next part is called 'Selection'.
[7] Got a titled for this fic? I need one!