All Over You
By Willow


Standard disclaimers apply.


[Our love is like water

pinned down and abused

for being strange]

I feel your hands on my skin. The feeling washes over my skin, something akin to fire starting to coil up in my stomach.

Did you know that I love you? I hope so.

You know what else? I've seen the side-ways looks people give us. They don't like the fact that two boys are in love... or at least in a relationship.

I love everything about you. Your cold stare, you hands as they search out every part of my body, the feel of you pinning me down and screwing the hell out of me. I'm yours. You have me; mind, body, and soul. Forever.

[Our love is no other

than me alone

for me all day]

I've never felt so intensely about anyone in my entire life. You know that you are my first and only love?

I could remain like this all day. Just you and me, laying here. Cuddling. Fucking. Anything, as long were together.

I love the way I can coax a rise out of you. Watching you squirm under torment when I hit your ticklish spots. Teasing you into arousal.

I love the way you watch me sleep. I love how you can be so intently focused on me.

I love you for all things; small and big. Simple or complex.

Do you feel the same for me? You must cos you wouldn't do the things you do otherwise.

[Our love is like water/gangels

pinned down and abused]

Did you know that I watch you afterwards? You fall asleep almost immediately, so I have my chance at watching my love.

Everything you do, it washes over me and keeps me happy. Like the way you surprise me; dragging me into a closet for a quick kiss or taking me out to dinner. Anything and everything.

Did you like your Christmas gift? I think they will come in handy. . . I can't wait till you cuff me to the board and take me. Or should I take you?

No matter what you do to me, I'll always be yours. I pledged myself to you, 'member? Mind, body, and soul. So take me, abuse me, do whatever you like to me; just love me.

[All over you, All over me

the sun, the fields, the sky]

Remeber that one time? When we went on a picnic? That is my favourite memory, you know. You, that day you cheered me up when I was down and you made me yours that day. Under the sun and the sky, in the field by the lake.

We raced and when we were hot, sweaty, and out of breath we went swimming. Then, after the wonderful picnic you made, you really are a wonderful cook, you showed me how much you love me.

I love that memory. And we go back there from time to time, reliving and adding onto the memory.

You make my smiles real. You are my life and love.

[I've often tried to hold the sea

the sun, the fields, the tide]

You love me, I can feel it in each beat of our inpassioned sex. Iie, not just sex, LOVE.

You know it's been a year? Since we got together, that is. A year to the day. I have something planned for you tonight. Yep, this is my turn to show just how much I love you.

When you wake I'll be gone, but don't worry. I am off to make preperations. See! There's a note on my pillow. It tells you just where to go.

I've got it all layed out.

The field, the lake, the sky (yes, the weather it gorgous today, almost as gorgous as you!), the picnic. Everything.

You made me yours one year ago today. . . and by the day I love you more dearly.

[Pay me now, lay me down]

You show up, punctual as ever. This is going just as I planned.

Just wait, love. . . our time together is just beginning.


Skin on skin, two lovers becoming one. Two fated souls reveling in their love. The moonlight plays off their sweat beaded skin. Moonlight and shadows intermingling in an endless waltz of light and dark.

The only sounds to be heard in this night of love are the sweet murmurs of crickets and whispered words that only lovers share.


Happy sap for those who asked me to write HAPPY stories instead of all those ANGSTY ones I have been writing. Sorry, dear sappy readers, for neglecting you. C&C please, I'd like to know what you all think. This, like many of my other fics, was written in a short period of time. . . so. . . (Written before I left for camp. . . )