Title: Peace Assured
Author: Willow
Archive: GW Addiction
Category: deathfic, one-shot
Rating: PG
Pairings: 1+2, 4+3
Notes: Very dark... this was my first fic... written March 6 (yes the day GW premired in America!)... /.../ news brodecast/newspaper, <...> 'thoughts' per se... you'll understand at the end (I hope).


In the back of his mind, Heero knew what he had to do. The question was, how was he to go about it and accomplish his mission? He stared down at the sleeping face of his lover. Torn between him and the mission. <Not good, this is not good...> he thought to himself. He looked again to the glowing computer screen. The mission was his life, the mission was the most important thing. <No,> he argued with himself, <Duo is important to me, my future...> /But the mission comes first.../ a voice from his subconsious replied. He made his decision. He snipped a length of hair from the long gorgeous mane of his love...

<Ninmu ryokai...>

A small tablet was dropped into the glass that Duo always used in the morning. As it disentigrated in the water, the dark haired boy turned and left the small apartment that he and his partner shared. <Ninmu kanryou...>

Duo tossed in his sleep. Nightmares kept invading his lovely dream of a peaceful future... with *him*. He sat up, instantly awake. He looked around, no Heero. He took a sip from his glass and darkness enveloped him. /I always knew I was destined to be killed by you.../

/Seventeen year old boy died of unknown causes. Police think drugs may have been involved.../

<Ninmu ryokai...>

Heero entered a small office belonging to the Winner family Corporation. Quatre was making a round to that office that day. “Ne ne, Trowa! Wanna go to lunch after this?”

“Aa,” the taller boy relpied, then froze, his eyes going wide. His body fell limp to the ground. The blonde boy stood staring in shock, then presently joined his lover on the cold tile floor. <Ninmu kanryou...>

/The young Winner family heir and his companion were gunned down this morning making rounds of the Winner’s Earth Corporation.../

<Ninmu ryokai...>

Wufei stood atop the high rise building of the Preventor’s headquarters. <Yuy is the one committing these atrocities, I just know it...> “And if he is doing it then I’m next...”

“Aa,” Wufei turned to look into the cold stare of the other boy, “So you think you go it figure out, na?”

“Yuy, why? Why did you kill the others?” Wufei said, barely keeping the rage out of his voice.

“Why, Wufei? Because this is my mission. The mission is my life...” Heero said in a sadistic, yet sad, tone.

“The war is OVER! We’ve achieved peace! You and Duo were happy, Quatre and Trowa were happy! But... but...” he broke, tears streaming down his face, “You KILLED THEM! YOU KILLED THOSE YOU LOVED! YOU ARE UNJUST, DISHONORABLE!”

“That was my mission... and now my mission will come to a end. We will all be together once more... in Hell,” Heero grabbed Wufei around the neck, “Let’s go there together...”

<Ninmu kanryou...>

/Two teenage boys committed double suicide this afternoon. The two boys, along with the 3 killed earlier today, were pilots of the Gundam MSs that ended the war. Their loses will be widely morned.../

The five doctors sat and nodded to one another. “Now peace is assured... until the next time...”

<Ninmu ryokai...>