Title: 3 Libras
Author: Willow
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Category: Songfic, AU, dark (at one point), Weird
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: 1x2, 4x3/3x4, 5
Warnings: Really weird, referance to rape later on... no biggy... odd as hell...
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3 Libras

[threw you the obvious
and you flew with it on your back
a name in your recollection
down among a million same]

Heero sat precariously perched on a high limb as he watched the bchestnut braid exit the car and enter the domicile. Ever since one Duo Maxwell, had moved into the house three doors down Heero'd developed a fascination for the smiling face. From all appearances Duo was an average high school girl... but in reality the boy was far beyond what qualified as normal.

Aside from the abnomality of knee length hair, a heart shaped feminine face, and a sweet alto voice, he was a very depressed and distraught person. Heero'd seen the exhibition of this depressed state more than he cared to in the weeks that followed the boy's arrival in the small town. Late at night the boy would lie on his bed staring up at the ceiling and suddenly break down into a teary fit... This bothered Heero to no end...

The sound of a door shutting and footsteps up a stair case brought Heero out of his reverie. He watched as Duo entered his room and flopped down on the bed. After weeks of watching the boy, Heero'd gotten used to the room's state of disarray though it intrigued him to wonder if the boy ever cleaned the room. After Duo'd fallen asleep to another spat of tears, Heero climbed down from the tree. 'Hn, soon I shall find the courage to speak to you. '

. . . . . .

Several weeks later, school began. Heero made his way solemnly to his destination. 'Hn, another year of boring crip courses.' He thought as he entered the gates.

"Ohayo, Heero-kun!" Cried a very happy looking blond, who he identified as Quatre Winner, heir to the Winner fortune... a friend of his.

"Hn," he said in greeting.

"Yo..." said the tall boy who'd come up behind the small blond. Heero nodded in recognition.

"How was your summer, Heero-kun?" the blond said, nearly bouncing.

'He must be on a sugarbuzz...' Heero thought watching the boy dance from foot to foot. "It was fine..."

"Oh? That's good! Hey!" The boy cried out, "Isn't that the new guy? The one that transfered in this summer?"

Heero turned his head to be greeted with the sight of one Duo Maxwell, fake smile firmly in place. Heero didn't know when he'd learned to tell Duo's real smile from a fake one... he just did.

"Hi!!!!" Quatre said, waving the braided boy over to them. Once Duo stood before them the blond boy began introductions. "I'm Quatre Winner... this..." he indicated the tall brunette to his left, "... is Trowa Barton... that over there is Chang Wufei... um, he's Chinese... so call him Wufei..." at this Heero turned to see the boy who'd come up while he was busy staring at the braided enigma, "... and short, dark, and solemn over there is Heero Yuy..."

Duo smiled at him, a real smile... a small smile, but real none the less. "Hi, Heero... I'm Duo Maxwell..." with this he extended a hand to shake that of the others. "Pleasure to make your aquaintance..."

"Aa," Heero breathed as his hand came in contact with that of the object of his lust... Cobalt eyes flashed to violet and back away again. That furtive glance, however brief, caused a scalding fire in his groin. An ache that only manafested itself when the boy was around... with in viewing distance.

Quatre smiled at the two. He looked at Heero and giggled. 'Looks like this might be interesting,' he thought, noting the bulge in Heero's dress pants. 'Very interesting...'

"Ça, tout le monde, the bell is about to toll..." he said, smiling at Trowa when he spoke the French. When no one noticed that they were being addressed he tried again, this time in English, "Everyone, the bell tolleth!"

Heero blinked, breaking his stare. 'If I keep this up he'll notice! Better to avoide looking at him...'

. . . . . .

It was third period... English... Heero hated English.

'Of all the stupid languages...' he grumbled to himself as he took his seat. A alto voice caught his attention and he turned to see Duo Maxwell take the seat next to him.

"Hi," the boy said, smiling at him.

"Hn." Heero replied.

"Such eloquent vocabulary skills... Heero..." Duo said, pausing before speaking his name... as if trying to either remember it or be suggestive.

"Such a big mouth..." Heero retored, not quite knowing why he did so.

"Touché... but did you have to be so... cutting with your statement?" Duo queried, frowning slightly.

"Hn," Heero replied, smirking slightly to himself... this would be fun.

"Sa, can you say more than a cut down or a 'hn' or shall I have to amuse myself with a one sided conversation? I wonder how in the bright Heavens Quatre-san stands to be around that Trowa guy all the time... he's so silent." Duo shivered as if imagining what it would be like to have to always converse with one's self.

"Maybe..." Heero said, teasing the braided boy.

"Ah, that's good..." Duo said...

"Duo Maxwell..." the teacher said, calling the role.

"Présent..." he responded in his best French accent. Smiling he turned to Heero, "So... what do you like to do for fun?"

'Watch you...' he thought. Although he said, "I like computers..."

"Oh? Me too... Wow, a common intrest already..."

"Heero Yuy..." the teacher called as she made her way down the list.

'Hn, two can play at his game...' Heero thought. "Ici..." he said, smirking at the brunette beside him.

The teacher looked at him, "Mr. Yuy, this is an English class... not a French class. Please respond accordingly."

Duo snickered as Heero said, "Yes, ma'am."

"Sa, wanna hang together? Ya know, get to know one another... become friends?" Duo asked, smiling genuinly at him.

"Hn," Heero said, shrugging.

Duo smiled again, "Good."

. . . . . .

The weeks passed and their friendship grew stronger and stronger. Duo would visit Heero's at least once a day and they'd go out and have fun with their other friends; Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei.

Heero sat watching the braided boy worked on his assignment of placing toothpicks in geometric shapes. The colorful sticks kept trying to roll away and Heero couldn't help but be amused as he watched Duo curse his luck and threaten the little pieces of wood with death if they didn't obey him.

"Mr. Rowlett?" the officer worker asked over the intercom.

"Yes," the insane teacher replied, giving the class an evil grin.

"Could you please send Duo Maxwell to the office please..." she said, her voice was distraught.

"He's on his way." Mr. Rowlett said, indicating for Duo to head up to the office.

"Send Heero Yuy, also, please?" the girl asked, her voice shaking.

"Ok..." he nodded to Heero and the solomn boy got up and followed Duo out of the room.

. . . . . .

"Duo Maxwell?" the lady in the office asked as the braided boy entered.

"Yes..." Duo said, his voice a little timid. Duo hated coming to the office, he always felt like he was in trouble.

"Duo, please come in my office..." she said, "You, too, Heero-kun..."

The two boys followed the women into her dinky little office. She indicated for them to take the seats oppisite her desk. Sitting down, she frowned and pondered exactly how to tell him... whatever it was she had to tell him.

"Duo... I know this will be very hard for you, but..."

There was always a 'but'... always something that would end up hurting, whether hurt was the intent or not. And now was one of those times.

"... Duo, you adoptive mother and father have opted that you be returned to state care... they gave no reason... I'm sorry..." her eyes held genuine sadness and sympathy.

Duo looked at her in shock. They abandoned him? They'd just up and left him for the dogs? He'd thought that they loved him, but this... this sang a far different tune. One of pain and sorrow for the braided boy.

Duo jerked out of his shock, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck and sobbing hard enough to shake them both. Heero just let the boy cry, rubbing his back to try and calm the violent shaking. 'They abandoned him? Masaka... but...'

"Duo?" the assistant principal, who they found out was named Dr. Holiday, asked, trying to calm him. "I have asked a family... now this is only if you want, but... I have asked a family if they would mind having another child to live with them... for them to adopt you... and they have agreed..."

"Who?" he asked, wiping at his eyes.

"Heero's family... your friends after all and you wouldn't be making that big a move..." she smiled at him.

Duo looked hopefully at Heero, "You wouldn't mind... I mean, you don't have an extra room or anything... I'd have to room with you..."

"Actually, Heero-kun suggested it, and while you were getting yourself under control I called and asked them... You can move in this afternoon if you wish... I've cancled your afternoon classes so you can make the transition or just..." she left it hanging. He knew what she meant. She was suggesting he go and get rid of the emotional tension... and he was grateful to her. "Heero-kun, will you take him home? It is a shameful thing they did, but I am thankful he has such a friend as you to help him through..."

Heero nodded to her and helped Duo to stand and leave the building.

. . . . . .

"Did you hear?" Quatre asked Trowa, looking up at the tall boy as they rounded the corner to go to their next class. "Duo's family abandoned him! They just kinda disowned him... he was adopted after all, but really!!!!" The blond was mad. Duo was his friend; the boy may have been mischievious and talkative, but that didn't meritt such a dismisal!

Trowa raised an eyebrow before it jetted into a frown of disapproval. "Hn..."

"Quatre..." said Wufei, who'd somehow snuck up behind them while they were talking. "Did I hear correctly? Did Maxwell's family abandon him?"

Quatre nodded sadly. "Yes, but the good news is... that he'll be moving in with Trowa and Heero..."

"That is good to hear... but if they adopt him that may prove irritating to Yuy."

"Why?" Quatre asked, tilting his head slightly, unable to fully comprehend what the Chinese boy meant.

"Yuy likes Maxwell... Likes him alot..." Wufei said, accentuating the word 'likes' to get his meaning across.

"Oh yeah!" Quatre said, blushing bright red. Trowa Looked at Wufei, but the Chinese boy just shrugged.

. . . . . .

Heero helped Duo settle into the small room now furnished with the extra wide bed that had originally been in Trowa's room. Trowa stood in the doorway, he was not happy to have his nice Queen size bed exchanged for a small Twin bed, but it was more necessary for it to be used here.

"Anou... Heero?" Duo asked. "We--we'll be sleeping on the... same bed?" he gulped.

Heero nodded, trying to keep his mind out of the gutter.

"Is--isn't that kinda... you know..." Duo trailed off, his face was bright red and he was twisting his hands in a very nervous manner. Heero looked at him a slight smirk on his face.

"Only if you want it to be... it is nothing more than a sleeping arrangement if you don't..." he said, his smirk growing slightly at the startled look on the boy's face. Duo was thoroughly flustered. Seeing this, Trowa decided to intervien.

"Don't tease him, Heero... I know you've your eyes set, but he just lost his family, for Christ's sake..." he admonished the prussian eyed boy who glared at him full force. Trowa spoke in a hushed voice only for Heero, "Don't give me that look Heero Yuy... I know full well what you intend to do, but, damnit, give the boy some time... then you can make your move."

Duo was sitting on the bed wringing his hands and a hankerchief... obviously nervous. Or distressed, either of which was plausable considering what had happened. Heero gave up on trying to 'pick up' the boy and decided the best he could do for now was try and comfort the fey beauty.

"What were their names?" Heero asked, curious, hoping not to hurt... he'd always been told that the best way to deal with something was to get it out in the open.

"Moore... Dawn and Andrew Moore..." Duo said, trying to calm himself.

Heero sat down on the bed next to him. He looked up at Trowa, motioning him to leave. Looking back to Duo he spoke, "Well, look at it this way... now they're just two more names among the millions you already know... nothing more... if you think of it that way then you have lost nothing and have nothing that will pain you..."

Duo looked at him. He wasn't sure if he liked the idea of forgetting people he'd spent 3 or more years with, but once he tried to think of them as just names he felt better... more peaceful... content. He smiled at Heero, his first smile since the dreadful news.

[difficult not to feel a little bit
disappointed and passed over
when i've looked right
through to see you naked but oblivious]

Duo got up and showered as he normally did, washing his hair and body vigoriously. He smiled to himself, it'd been weeks and he'd ne'er been happier. His days were spent with his friends and nights talking to Heero... He began to wish it were more than talking, after a while.

Heero watched from the doorway, his eyes tracing the outline of the naked form behind the glass. The glass hid most of the boy, but showed enough that Heero could imagine the rest with relative easy. Duo was beautiful... no other word for it.

Heero heard the glass shower door slid open and hid himself in the linen closet. He watched as Duo stepped out of the shower, his naked body glistening in the lighting. Heero felt his pants growing tight as he watched the boy towel off, his ass in the air right in plain view.

Gathering his clothes, Duo slid on the silk boxers then sauntered out of the room. Heero squeezed his aching groin once to ease the painful tightness, then took a nice cold shower.

[and you don't see me]

The water had been running for quite sometime and Duo was getting worried that they'd be late for school if Heero didn't hurry up. Just as the thought ran threw his head, the door to the bathroom opened up and a very wet Heero Yuy rushed out with nothing but a towel wrapped about his waist. Duo watched, blushing, as Heero dropped the towel and began to pull his clothes on.

He felt his groin begin to ache as he watched the muscles in Heero's lower back flex with every movement. He longed to feel the strong hands that aforementioned boy possessed running all over his body, caressing him... driving him into ecstacy... holding him tight.

Heero finished getting dressed and practically ran from the room.

"Fine," Duo pouted, "Don't say 'hi' to me..."

[but i threw you the obvious
just to see if there's more behind
the eyes of a fallen angel
eyes of a tragedy]

Heero sat across from Duo at lunch, he kept giving the boy furtive glances... trying to get the boy to catch one... and hone in on what Heero was trying to express... He tried to throw the boy all the obvious signs without seeming obvious... but the boy was oblivious...

As much as Duo enjoyed playing Heero's little game of 'catch the glance' his mind was else where today. He was distressed and in need... He needed to figure out a way to tell Heero exactly how he felt, but how? He couldn't very well come out a say it... He'd end up screwing it up and would sound extremely stupid.

. . . . . .

Weeks passed, and both boys were becoming more and more frustrated with their situation/predicament. Duo was becoming more and more withdrawn and Heero couldn't, for the life of him, figure out what to do about it.

One day, as they walked to school Heero noticed something strange on the boy's arm. He grabbed it and pulled it towards him before the boy could protest. Heero pushed up Duo's sleeve to find...

"Duo, why?" he asked as he traced a scabbed line on the boy's forearm.

Duo looked down, ashamed that Heero'd found out what he did... He couldn't stop himself.. he'd been doing it for years... It was something to ease any emotional pain... but as of recient he'd had to cut deeper to get pain enough to drown out that deep inside him... and it scared him. "I..."

Heero looked deeply into the boy's eyes. "Duo, don't ever... and I mean ever do that again... promise me this, Duo."

Duo's eyes were transfixed, he couldn't tear his gaze away from the intense stare of prussian eyes framed with dark lashes. "I... I..."

Heero waited for an answer. 'How can I get him to see...?' He thought. Then it clicked, they were practically face to face... if he moved just a little closer...

Duo found the prussian eyes closing in, and then felt warm soft lips press against his own. He couldn't think, he couldn't figure out what was goint on... so he let his body reach and his mind sit back and enjoy the ride.

Heero felt Duo kiss back, timidly at first, but when the boy discovered that Heero would not pull away he responded openly... throwing all doubt to the wind.

When they parted, Heero looked deep into the passion hazed amathyst orbs and spoke, "Promise me... Duo, please?"

"I promise..." the boy whispered.

"Good..." then mouthed, 'I love you...' against soft ears.

[here i am expecting just a little bit
too much from the wounded
but i see through it all and see through... and see you]

Duo pulled away from him, putting as much distance between him and the prussian eyed boy as possible in a few steps. Heero stepped forward to try and keep the boy from leaving, but Duo dodged his outstretched hand and bolted away.

Heero was confused. He thought that the boy would react differently... Only moments before, he'd seen the seen the passion clouding the amathyst eyes, but now... Heero watched as the braided boy disappeared around a corner.

. . . . . .

Duo was afraid... more afraid than he'd ever been in his short life. Heero'd said... well mouthed 'I love you' and that had been too much for him. He'd run, not knowing exactly why, other than that he had to distance himself from Heero... to sort this out...

He wasn't afraid of Heero... in fact, he loved Heero too, but right now he wasn't ready... he was still getting over his parents leaving him and figuring out how he felt about a certian Japanese boy... When he'd realized he loved Heero he'd instantly tried to abolish that emotion... he didn't want to get hurt again so soon... But Heero loved him too and that, for some unknown reason, scared him more than himself loving the seemingly stoic boy.

Tired of running, Duo sat down on a bench that he'd stopped next to and rested. Before long he was asleep...

[cause i threw you the obvious
to see what occurs behind the
eyes of a fallen angel
eyes of a tragedy

oh well apparently nothing ]

Heero looked long and hard for the boy who he'd come to love, but his search came up empty.

'He'll have to come home sometime...' Heero thought, as he walked in the front door. He turned to go upstairs only to be confrunted by Trowa. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at the unibanged boy.

"He's upstairs... asleep... Heero..." Trowa paused, a pained expression marring his normally passive face. "He's been... Heero, they..." Trowa shook his head then turned and began to walk up stairs.

Heero followed him, his face showing his confusion and concern. Once they'd reached the room shared by Heero and Duo, Trowa slowly opened the door and motioned Heero into the room.

Duo lay on the bed, his head and his torso were bandaged, and there were bruised covering most of his body. Heero fell to his knees beside the unmoving boy. Duo's eyes were open, but unseeing.

"He's in shock," Trowa said quietly. "They... did a lot of horrible things to him, Heero..."

Heero looked at his adoptive brother, "What... kind of things...?" He asked, not sure if he wanted the answer...

'Rape,' Trowa mouthed, not able to trust his voice. He thought of his angel and if this had happened to him, he knew it was hard for Heero... as hard, or possibly harder than if it had happened to Quatre. Trowa put a comforting hand on the kneeling boy's shoulder.

Heero once again looked on the unseeing face. "Duo, I'm sorry!" He whispered as sobs wracked his body.

[you don't you don't you don't see me
you don't you don't you don't see me
you don't you don't you don't see me
you don't you don't you don't see me
you don't see me
you don't
you don't
you don't see me at all]