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Title: Hidden Love
Author: Violetfury
Email: Violetfury@yahoo.com or Violetfury77@aol.com
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: OOC, Sap.
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Author's Note: I'm not happy with the way this fic turned out. I hope some of you may like it though.

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Duo woke up from his sleep and glanced at the clock on the bedside table. He decided it was time he headed back to his own room. He slowly extricated himself from Heero's embrace. Lifting the arm Heero had across his chest, Duo moved away and got out of the bed. Spotting his clothes on the floor, he quickly put them on.

Looking at his love as he slept peacefully, he leaned down and kissed his lips. He couldn't resist giving Heero one last kiss before he went back to his own room. However, as he was about to pull back, Heero responded to the kiss deepening it. Duo moaned in pleasure but managed to pull away.

"Duo, spend the night with me"

"I want to but the last time I did I was almost caught. I came up with an odd excuse. The others bought it, but they thought I was a weirdo."

"I understand."

"Come on Heero, you know that I have to get back to my room. I know its difficult to hide our relationship from the others. But until we know they can accept a relationship like ours, we should keep it a secret" said Duo.

"Yeah, I agree. Especially since you want us to still live here with the rest of them" replied Heero.

"Hey, you know that I really want us to stay together here because all of us together makes me think of us as a family."

Duo walked towards the door and listened closely. He didn't hear anything and knew that the close was clear. No one was in the hallway. Just as he was about to open the door, Heero called to him.

"Duo, one moment before you go."

"Heero, what is it?"

Heero got up from the bed and walked towards Duo. He moved close to him and held Duo's face between his hands. He looked deep into Duo's beautiful violet eyes which were noticeable because the full moon cast enough light in the room. Heero leaned his face close and tenderly kissed Duo's lips. Heero moved his hands away from Duo's face and moved it to his loose hair. He ran his fingers through Duo's hair before pinning it into a ponytail.

"You look so beautiful with your hair loose. I don't want anyone but me to see you with your hair down. You're my treasure and I don't want to share you with anyone" Heero whispered quietly.

Duo's eyes widened in surprise. He never thought Heero would say something like that. But he was happy to know that Heero really cared or at least was possessive of him. It gave him hope that this three month relationship he had with Heero could actually last.

"Heero, I never knew you cared that much."

"Of course I care. Why else would I be involve with you?"

"It's just nice to hear you say that you care. Just for the record, I care about you too Heero. You're special to me" said Duo seriously.

Duo gave Heero a hug before exiting the room.


Duo burst throught the kitchen door with a smile on his face. He spotted the pancakes on the table. He quickly pulled out his chair and sat down. He helped himself to a a stack of pancakes and poured a generous amount of syrup.

"Hey Quatre, these pancakes are great."

"Thanks Duo" responded Quatre happily.

Quatre went back to talking to Trowa. They seemed animated on whatever topic they were discussing but Duo wasn't really paying attention to what was being said. Instead, he was enjoying his breakfast. However, the sound of Trowa and Quatre laughing softly drew Duo's attention to them. Duo saw Quatre's hand resting on Trowa's forearm.

Duo shifted his gaze to Heero. He noticed that Heero also noticed the scene as well. They exchanged knowing glances. Both Heero and Duo looked at Wufei to discern his reaction. Unfortunately for both of them, Wufei didn't even look at Trowa and Quatre. He was too busy reading the newspaper.


Duo was sprawled on the sofa reading a book, when he noticed Heero enter the living room. He sat up and placed the book down. Heero sat next to him.

"Heero, do you think maybe its time we tell the others about us?"

"I thought you didn't want to tell them."

"Yeah but that was before what happened this morning i the kitchen. It looks like Trowa and Quatre are involved. If they are involved, then they will accept our relationship. As for Wufei, I think he might be okay with it once he gets used to it. So what do you think?"

"All right we should tell them."

"How about tomorrow after breakfast?"


"You know I've been having a feeling all day that the others will find out about our relationship. I even had a dream in which they caught us in bed together. Can you imagine how embarassing that would be?"

"That's not likely to happen. We always lock the door."

"I guess you are right Heero."

"The movie you wanted to see is going to give now," said Heero as he turned on the television.

"That's great. I'll quickly get us some popcorn."

Both Heero and Duo munched on popcorn as they watched the movie.


Heero was in his room waiting for Duo to arrive. Duo usually arrived at about the same time every night. They both agreed that Heero's room was the best room to be together because it was the room farthest from the others. That made it possible for both of them to make some noise in the heat of passion without the fear of discovery.

Duo opened the door to Heero's room and locked it behind him. He walked to Heero's bed and climbed in next to him. He then leaned over Heero and started to kiss him. He pulled back.

"Tomorrow I will be able to spend all night in your arms. I'm a little nervous about telling the others but also a little relieved. I'm tired of us always having to sneak around."

Heero pulled Duo's head down and kissed him. They both were swept away by passion.


Wufei was in his room meditating as he usually does before going to bed. Suddenly he heard someone shriek. He flinched when he heard the annoying sound.

'Damn that noise. Oh no, its coming from Heero's room. Something awful must have happened to Heero for him to shriek in a girl's voice. Though I never would have thought him to be the type to scream like a girl.'

Wufei grabbed his sword and rushed to Heero's room.


A naked Heero and Duo froze as they heard the annoying shriek coming from the bedroom window. They looked over at the window and saw an angry Relena in a skimpy dress.

"What the hell are you doing?" yelled Relena.

"I think its obvious what we are doing. The question is what the hell are you doing trying to get inside his bedroom at night? Face reality Heero doesn't love you. Just climb down the ladder and head home" retorted an angry Duo.

"Do you actually think he loves you Duo?" Relena asked scathingly.

"I do love Duo" replied Heero.

Just then the bedroom door was kicked open. There stood Wufei ready to fight. However, once he saw what was happening he turned a deep shade of red. He muttered something that sounded like "sorry" and left.

Trowa and Quatre came to the room. Quatre, being the nice person that he is, covered Heero and Duo with the blanket that must have fallen on the floor.

"Relena you should leave these two alone. Can't you tell they are in love and in need of privacy" said Quatre.

"Leave Relena or I'll make you leave" said Trowa.

Relena left in an angry huff.

Quatre and Trowa left the room. Before leaving, Trowa pulled the door shut.

"Our secret is out. It's just so embarassing how everyone found out," said Duo.

"Don't worry too much about it," responded Heero.

"I love you Heero."

The two lovers slept in each others arms carefree. They knew that Trowa and Quatre accepted their relationship. They believed that Wufei would be okay with it once he stopped feeling uncomfortable about catching both of them the way he did. As for Relena, none of them cared about her opinion.