Title: Captured 3/3
Author: Violetfury
Pairing: 1x2
Warning: Angst, Duo torture, OC, harsh language
Disclaimer: Gundam wing doesn't belong to me nor do the characters. Zedric and Laxton belong to me.

" " dialogue
// // thoughts


Zedric grabbed Duo's face and ruthlessly kissed Duo's resisting lips. Duo struggled against the Commander's hold and managed to move his face away.

"Get the hell away from me" said Duo angrily. Violet eyes though dull with pain narrowed menancingly. Duo knew the more he fought, the quicker he used up his energy. He had to come up with some sort of plan instead of just wasting his precious energy which was gradually leaving him as the blood flowed from his body from the wound on his thigh.

"Struggle all you want my pet, but you won't escape your fate" said the smirking Zedric.

Deciding to come up with a plan and in order to conserve some of his strength Duo ceased struggling. He gave the impression of surrendering.

"I see that you finally have decided to not fight me. It's better this way. That way we can both enjoy the experience. This could be quite a great experience for the both of us. Who knows? You might even grow to like it enough that you can stay here from your own accord instead of as a prisoner" said Zedric.

Zedric proceeded to unbutton Duo's shirt and explore his chest. He glanced at Duo's face and noticed that the beautiful prisoner had his eyes closed. He slapped him hard on the face in order to get his attention. But it failed to get a response from his captive. He was getting angry because he liked his victims to be aware of every moment of their ravishment. He liked watching his victim's reaction to the violation of their body and their feeling of utter despair and hopelessness. But above all he liked how it felt to receive pleasure from violating their body as he destroyed their spirit. At that moment, he felt like he owned them completely and that nothing can ever break that hold he has over them.

// Eureka! I know what I have to do. I can thank Heero for showing me this.//

Duo tested how tight the handcuffs were. They weren't that tight but they weren't loose enough for him to slid one of his hands out from it. Duo thought that Laxton did a crummy job of loosening the handcuffs. He felt like kicking his ass. But he decided to think about that later. Right now he had to focus at the matter at hand. To put his plan into action.

Duo freed his hand from the handcuffs by doing a trick that Heero taught him. He jammed the thumb of his right hand out of its socket and slid his hand free. He reached into his braid with his uninjured left hand and took out his mini thermal sycthe. He was able to do all this without Commander Zedric being aware of it. The Commander was too busy struggling to remove Duo's belt. He was having a hard time because Duo designed that particular belt with the purpose of being difficult to open unless the person knew how the mechanism worked.

"Shit. How does this damn thing open? I guess I could just use my knife to cut the pants off. With the amount of trouble I'm having, the prize better be worth it and he will pay for delaying my gratification by having that damn belt" said the frustrated Zedric out loud.

"You are going down. No one tries to assault me and get away with it. I'm going to send you straight to hell," said Duo. He had his scythe behind his back and didn't let on that his hands were free. Duo was confidant that he could defeat the scoundrel.

Zedric laughed. "You are so hilarious. And here I thought you passed out. My my aren't you a feisty person. I like that. There is no way that you can defeat me. Just save all that nonsense for someone who cares."

Zedric was foolish to believe that Duo wouldn't be any problem for him because of the amount of blood he lost. He failed to use sound judgement. Not that he really had any. The biggest mistake on Zedric's part was failing to make sure that Duo was securely bound. That mistake in judgement on the Commander's part will prove to be his downfall.

Duo let out an evil laugh which got Zedric's attention away from what he was doing. As he took his eyes away from Duo's belt, he was so shocked to see that one of Duo's hand was free that he froze for a second. That's all it took for Duo to quickly use his left hand with the scythe to slice Zedric's neck cutting through the jugular and most of the tissue there. Instantly Zedric was dead and fell upon Duo's body. Duo grunted in pain as the dead weight fell upon him.

// I feel weak. I've got to get out of here. But in my condition, I'm not sure I will make it that far. Even if I do manage to escape from this cell, I will most likely be captured by the other soldiers. Damn Laxton for abandoning me. I thought he would help me escape. That stupid ass. I hope the others come to rescue me. I wonder if Heero's worried about me. Wishful thinking on my part. I don't think he feels the same way I do about him. Well I can't really be thinking about my feelings for Heero now. I've got to get my thumb back into its socket and remove this dead carcass off of me. It's heavy and spilling all this blood on me. Then I should get out of this cell and make my way to the infirmary and eliminate all the soldiers there. Then I can patch up my wounds and have a chance in getting out of here.//

Duo took a deep breath and slowly released it. He was trying to gather enough strength in order to accomplish the task he has plan. Looking down at his right hand, Duo popped his thumb back into its socket. Duo let out a yelp at the pain. Having now use of both hands, Duo was able to push the commander's body off of him and took the gun the commander had on him. He slid away and tried to stand. He managed but his right thigh was hurting him a lot. He had to drag his right leg as he walked toward the door. He opened it and glanced around the hallway. That's when his body gave out on him. He was too weak to remain on his feet so he collapsed on the ground. The handcuff dangling on his left wrist made a clinking sound as it made contact with the floor. Duo fought against losing consciousness but was not successful. The last thing he heard was a series of explosions before he was enveloped in darkness.


"Heero calm down. We had to hold you back. The OZ base was engulfed with flames. There was no way we would have risk losing you by allowing you to go inside that burning inferno" said Quatre.

"I had to find Duo. But now I won't know if he perish in the fire or was taken elsewhere" said Heero.

"Think positive Heero. Duo may be alive safely away from the the clutches of OZ soldiers" said Quatre.

Heero just looked at Quatre and then directed his gaze towards Trowa. Heero gave Trowa a death glare before leaving the room. He didn't want to listen to Quatre's speech on positive thinking. He also didn't want to look at Trowa. Whenever he glanced at Trowa he felt his anger stir up. Right now all he wanted to do was mourn Duo in private.

"He still blames me" said Trowa.

Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowa and said "It's not your fault. Heero is just trying to find someone to hold accountable for what happened to Duo."

//I know its not my fault that Duo was captured. I didn't deliberately withheld information. But I know Heero doesn't see it that way. Having Quatre at my side makes me feel at peace with myself and happier than I've been in a long time. I'm glad he's an important part in my life. It's too bad Heero never let himself get involved with Duo. I think he regrets that and fears now that Duo might be dead he won't get a chance to be with Duo.//


Duo slowly opened his eyes and scanned his surroundings. He was in some sort of hospital. He looked down at his bare chest which was bandaged up. There was some pain in his right thigh and he noticed that it was also bandaged up. All of his wounds seemed to be taken care of.

// Where am I? How did I get here?//

The sound of the door opening made Duo look at the person who entered the room. He never expected to see that blond hair woman. He was so stunned to be here in the care of Sally Po.

"Good. You're awake. I have taken care of your wounds. I'll take your vital signs and then you can ask me anything you like" said Sally Po.

Sally took Duo's temperature and blood pressure. Everything seemed to be normal. When he first got here his leg was in bad shape. She removed the bullet and then had to give him antibiotics to fight the infection. She also had to give Duo a blood transfusion because he lost a lot of blood. He developed a fever and luckily it went away. It's good to see that he was going to make a full recovery.

"Your vital signs are good."

"How did I get here? How long have I been here?"

"You were brought in by a former comrad of mines. Laxton was in better shape then you were in. He said that he rescued you and destroyed the OZ base. He left two days ago. He was stubborn as aways. Once I said that he was in good shape he left. As for how long you were here, you've been here for a week."

"That long. Have you been able to contact the others? They must be worried about me."

"I've been too busy taking care of both you and Laxton. Plus I don't have the phone number or know your current residence."

"I'll give you the number. Just contact the others. I really want to see them."


Heero was the last person to enter the room to see Duo. He let the other pilots come in ahead of him. He wanted to go last so he could think over how he would convince Duo that he loved him. No matter how hard he fought against it, he was unable to stop himself from loving that braided man.

"Heero. I'm so happy to see you. You won't believe it. That trick you showed me on how to remove a handcuff worked. You should have saw it. I think if I didn't loose too much blood I could have made my way out of that OZ base. So Heero when did you realize I was missing?"

He looked at Duo as he talked. Once he stopped, he didn't bother to answer that question. He leaned down and kissed Duo's lips and was rewarded when Duo returned the kiss.

"Duo it took the fear that you were captured and endangered for me to finally admit how much you mean to me. I love you Duo."

Duo was so happy. He gave Heero a kiss and a hug."I knew I loved you the first time I layed eyes on you. I know I shot you but you have to admit you had it coming. But I waited and hope that one day you would feel the same way I did about you.

"Never doubt my feelings for you Duo" said Heero as he embraced Duo.

<Three months later>

Heero and Duo were seated in a restaurant enjoying dinner when Duo spotted someone he recognized. Heero saw who Duo was looking at and wonder who he was.

"Why are you looking at that guy over there Duo?"

"I recognize him. He's Laxton. Remember I told you about that one soldier in the place that wasn't really bad. That's him over there."

At that moment Laxton looked over at the table Heero and Duo were at. He went over and decided to find out how Duo was doing.

"Hello Duo. It's good to see you made a full recovery. You were soaked in blood when I found you."

"Hi Laxton. Heero this is Laxton."

Heero just nodded his head in greeting and Laxton did the same.

"What made you come back and save me? I always did wonder about that. Especially since you were so adamant about having a better chance at escaping without me."

"I couldn't leave you behind. I felt guilty about that. But when I was able to get my hands on some exlosives, I knew that I had a good chance at escaping and that's when I decided to go back for you. Plus you remind me of my younger sister."

Duo made a face at that last comment. He didn't like being reminded of a girl. "Thanks for saving my life."

At that moment Duo spotted Relena. "Hell. I can't believe she's here. It's almost as she follows us."

"Yeah. Relena is a nuisance" said Heero.

Laxton looked over at Relena. "You guys should get going. I'll keep her company until you are safely away."

Heero and Duo exited the restaurant and would have been followed by Relena if Laxton didn't intercepted her. "Hello Relena. You're famous why don't you tell me a little about yourself. I've heard some very interesting things about you."

Relena's cheek were red in anger. She hated seeing her Heero with Duo. She knew that one day Heero would dump him for her. She looked at the guy that stopped her and decided to tell her life story.

Laxton tolerated the babbling until he thought he gave Heero and Duo enough time to leave. Then he got up and made his excuse and left. He couldn't believe that girl actually thought that Heero would one day marry her. From what Laxton had saw, Heero and Duo would most likely remain together forever.