Title: Captured 2/?
Author: Violetfury
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Warning: Angst, Duo torture, other characters, harsh language.
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At the OZ base, a wounded Duo with his hands handcuffed behind him is seated and being questioned. There are seven OZ soldiers present in the room including the commander. Duo tried his best to remain upbeat and positive. Or at least he remained so until he saw the way all of them except one soldier were looking at him.

'Man these guys are creeping me out. They are looking at me funny. All except the red hair soldier.' Duo quelled the urge to shudder as he tried not to think about his fate if he doesn't escape or get rescued.

The Commander had black hair and a scar on his right cheek. He was seated behind his desk and looking at Duo. He imagined how Duo would look like naked and what he wanted to do to him. His cheek became flushed with excitement. He licked his lips in anticipation. He then tried to get back to the business at hand.

"I'll ask again. What were you doing at this base?" asked the Commander.

"Hey, I just wanted to check out the base" replied Duo.

The Commander looked at the other soldiers and realized all of them except Laxton were eager to have fun with the prisoner. He thoughtfully looked at Laxton and realized that something had to be done with him. Laxton didn't looked like the type to indulge or condone the activities he and his fellow soldiers participated in. So he would have to be eliminated. He was usually abled to assign Laxton to some task that would take him away from the base when they had prisoners.

The Commander turned his gaze back at Duo. "Since you don't have any intention of cooperating we will continue this at another time."

Duo shrugged his shoulder. 'Damn if it weren't for those three officers pointing their gun at me I'll be tempted to try something. But my gun and explosive were taken away from me. I still have one weapon left. I hope no one notices where its at.'

"Laxton move the prisoner to cell block B for now" the Commander ordered.

"Yes sir" responded Laxton.

Laxton went behind Duo and hit him hard enough to knock him out on the back of the head. He then picked up Duo and hoisted him over his left shoulder. Walking towards the door, he opened it and was going to close it shut completely behind him when he heard something fall on the floor. He looked down and noticed a silver metallic object. As he lowered slowly down to pick up the object, he heard the Commander talking.

"We have to get rid of Laxton. I'm tired of always having to be on guard so Laxton won't find out about how we treat the prisoners. One day he'll find out and might report our activities to someone who might remove me from power and sentence me to prison" the Commander said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry we'll try to get rid of him. All the soldiers in this base back you one hundred percent. It will be easy to label him a traitor and order his death" responded one of the other soldiers.

Laxton heard this and was kind of shocked. Though not completely. He always felt there was something sinister about Commander Zedric. He quickly got up and placed the object he picked up in his pocket. Holding on to Duo's leg so he wouldn't fall, he quickly made his way to Cell block B.

Duo was placed on a bench. Laxton removed the object he placed in his pocket and studied it. It appeared the size of a pen. He touched the button at the bottom of it. It turned into a mini thermal energy scythe. Touching the button again and it turned back to the penlike object. He realized that this object must have been hidden in the prisoner's hair. He tucked the object in Duo's hair making sure that no one would notice it.

Realizing that he should leave the base before the plan to kill him goes into effect, Laxton headed towards the door. He looked back at Duo and realized that he should try to make it easier for him to escape. He loosened Duo's handcuffed hands a bit. He also bandaged Duo's wound on the arm in which he was grazed with a bullet. After doing all of that, he slapped Duo across the face a few times trying to get him back into consciousness.

Duo felt like someone was using his face as a punching bag. "Hey buster, stop hitting my face" said a not fully awake Duo.

"Good you're awake" said Laxton.

Duo opened his eyes wide after listening to the voice. He looked around. Then he remembered what happened. "Yeah thanks to you. Now would you mind telling me why you were hitting me on the face?" asked a curious Duo. Duo looked at the red hair soldier. He realized that he was nervous and that he wasn't his enemy.

"What's your name anyway?" asked Laxton.

"My name is Duo. What's yours?" inquired Duo.

"I'm Laxton. Well that's not important right now. You need to be awake. I just found out every soldier on this base likes to abuse the prisoners. I wish I could help you escape, but I'm considered an enemy. Soldiers will soon be after me to kill me. You're wounded and would only slow me down" said Laxton in a rush.

"Hold on a sec. You're going to escape and leave me here. Hey, I'm no liability" retorted Duo.

"I loosen your handcuffs plus you're legs aren't bound that should give you some mobility. I know you're some kind of soldier. Besides I left your weapon in your hair" said Laxton.

Laxton headed towards the door and looked back once at Duo and then left the room. He felt bad about leaving Duo behind. But he didn't think that both of them together would have been able to escape alive.

"This damn well sucks" said Duo to himself angrily.

'I should really think about what Heero would do in a situation like this. I wonder what Heero really thinks about me. I'm not sure if he considers me a friend or something more. Or maybe he thinks I'm nothing but a nuisance. I really can't figure that guy out.' Duo thought rather sadly.

The door slammed open making Duo jerk in surprise. In walked the Commander. He closed the door and locked it. He smiled at Duo.

"Now I got you all to myself. I can't believe how lucky I am to encounter such a beautiful guy like yourself as my prisoner. I will definitely enjoy having you" said the Commander in a husky voice.

"Hey you stupid bastard there is no way in hell I'll let you have me. I'll kill myself before I'll ever let you touch me or better yet I'll kill you" yelled Duo angrily.

The Commander laughed at that. "I think that not only will I have you but that I will make you beg for mercy before I'm done with you. I like it rough especially with a pretty boy like you".

"Like hell you will" retorted Duo.

The Commander walked towards Duo. "Remember my name. I want you to always remember the name of the man who tamed you. My name is Commander Zedric."

Duo watched the Commander Zedric approach closer to him and kicked him in the groin as hard as he could. He watched him go down in pain. Duo then quickly try to aim a kick on Commander Zedric's head but was stopped. Zedric pulled out a gun and shot Duo in the right thigh. Duo went down in pain and lots of blood came out of the wound.

'This can't be the way it ends. I won't let it be. I'm Shinigami I can't let myself be a victim. I have to protect myself or die trying.' Duo thought frantically.

Commander Zedric came up. Still in pain but angrily punched Duo in the face and stomach. "You will be very sorry for what you did to me. I'll make you pay." He punched Duo again in the stomach. He watched Duo's blood ooze out of the wound and create a puddle on the white floor. Duo's face lost some of its color.

Commander Zedric placed his face against Duo and licked the side of his cheek. He purred as he said "Now that you are weak there is no way in hell that you can stop me know."