Title: Captured 1/?
Author: Violetfury
Email: violetfury@yahoo.com or Violetfury77@aol.com
Warning: OOC, Angst, harsh language in the later parts.
Disclaimer: I don't own gundam wing or its characters.


A grim looking Quatre rushed to the house he shared with the rest of the gundam pilots. He opened the door to the house and slammed it shut. He went up the stairs and banged on three of the doors and told his fellow gundam pilots that he wanted them to go to the living room for a meeting.

Quatre was pacing around the living room floor as he waited for the others to get there. Trowa arrived quickly after he was summoned. Heero arrived next followed by Wufei. They all sat down and made themselves comfortable.

"I requested all of ..." Quatre was saying but was interupted by Wufei.

"Shouldn't we wait for Maxwell to be here before starting an important discussion" interjected Wufei.

Quatre sighed and decided to tell them straight out the unpleasant news. "Duo's been captured by OZ." He then told them the location of the OZ base.

"What was Maxwell's mission?" asked Wufei.

"Duo was suppose to retrieve important data from that base. It should have been a rather easy assignment. The last time I checked that base has an incompetent commander. It's the least secured OZ base. It's surprising that Duo got captured" answered Heero.

Trowa looked at the other gundam pilots. He realized that they weren't aware of what he knew about that particular OZ base. Clearing his throat to get their attention Trowa said "The OZ base that Duo was captured have OZ soldiers who like to assault their prisoners. It has to do with the new commander on the base. He's very ruthless."

"Duo can take a few beatings. They won't be able to break him easily" Heero stated emphatically.

"Let me clarify myself. They assault their prisoners both physically and sexually" Trowa mentioned.

"How the hell do you know that?" asked a furious Wufei.

"I make it my business to know what happens in each OZ base" Trowa responded.

"Oh no. Poor Duo" Quatre said horrified.

Heero stood up with his right hand clentched into a fist. He glared at Trowa. "Why didn't you inform the rest of us about that base?"

"It's an injustice you kept that information to yourself" said Wufei also standing up.

Trowa stood up too. He had no intention of looking up at the others as he spoke. "I didn't do it deliberately. I figured I would have been asked to do that mission. Also no one mentioned to me what OZ base Duo was suppose to go to on his mission."

"Yeah. But Duo's there now and captured. It could have been avoided if we knew all the information about that base" said an angry Heero.

"Don't blame me. If we didn't keep our mission to ourselves or only informed a selected few none of this would have happened" said an annoyed Trowa.

"Guys calm down" said Quatre.

"Keep out of this Quatre. I'm not through with Trowa" said Heero in a mean tone.

"Don't use that tone of voice to Quatre. He's just trying to stop this pointless display of aggression" said Trowa.

"Are you trying to say that worrying about Duo is pointless?" Heero asked heatedly.

"I didn't say that. You are just trying to find an excuse to vent your anger out on me. But if you want to fight me then let's get it over and done with right now" answered an exasperated Trowa.

Wufei held Heero back as he tried to lunge himself at Trowa. "Heero you should calm down. All of us are worried about Maxwell."

"Wufei is right. We are all concerned about Duo's well being. We shouldn't fight each other. Let's just come up with a plan to rescue Duo." Quatre said this as he took Trowa's arm and walked with him away from Heero and to the kitchen.

<Ding> The doorbell rang.

"Trowa I still hold you responsible for Duo being captured." Heero said this as he went to answer the door.

Wufei followed Quatre and Trowa to the kitchen.

Heero walked to the door and opened it. As soon as he saw who it was, he regretted not looking through the peep hole first.

Relena stood there smiling. "Hi Heero. I'm having a party and wanted to invite you."

Heero closed the door in her face. He had no time for Relena's inanity. He headed towards the kitchen.

As Heero entered the kitchen, the other pilots looked at him. They motioned for him to have a seat. Quatre took a sip of his drink and passed the plan that they were working on to Heero. Heero studied the plan and approved it.